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  1. Is there currently a way to extend the Procedural Distribution to mods so that you can add your own items to the procedural lists? The relevant part in the ProceduralDistribution file does seem to be commented out.
  2. Hello everyone! Just dropping to reassure everybody that Hydrocraft will be updated to Build 41 Just keep in mind that Hydrocraft never supported IWBUMS and always released on Stable builds of Project Zomboid. There will be periodic "beta" releases on the GitHub page for those who want to try the mod before it is released on Steam as we need all the help we can get during the development https://github.com/DemolitionDerby/Hydrocraft If anyone knows how to make 3D Models/textures, we are always on the look-out for more people to assist us! As always, you can PM me or Hydromancerx if you would like to join the team
  3. Hey, I have the same issue with the massive FPS drop, also seems to be close to a high fence. console.txt is also included I have also not tested on a new game yet but it seems that I was unable to attach the starting M9 Pistol to my belt, dragging and dropping didnt work and when right-clicking on the weapon itself, the "Attach" menu was simply empty. Logs.rar
  4. Hey, Although the art is not fully update to 2x art yet, the next update will bring down the size of a lot of stuff so that it looks better with 2x textures enabled. As for the log showing « Farmoid » 2x textures found, those are not errors and simply warn that the Farmoid mod textures included are not 2x, game defaults back to 1x in this case
  5. Launching a call to artists! Hydrocraft is currently looking for artists to help contribute to the mod! If you are interested, please PM me or Hydromancer and we will send you an invite for our development discord
  6. I will still test it on my side just to make sure it’s working properly, keep me posted if it works or not with other baits
  7. Is it working with other baits?
  8. Just to help me test out, what kind of bait are you using with your stick traps?
  9. Hey, It is pretty straightforward in MP as you just need to change a setting and it will be taken into consideration when starting the server. Also, the game has a setting where "only containers with less than X amount of items" will be re spawned when spawning loot so your own containers are safe as long as they have more items that what the setting is configured for. This setting is "LootRespawn = 4," (Can be found in SanboxVars) where the container has to have 4 items or less and it will spawn again. Other settings is "HoursForLootRespawn=0" in the "Server Settings INI", pretty self explanatory. Single Player seems to be "more complicated" in the way that you have to "create a new game" with the settings you want and overwrite your old game settings with the new settings as I don't think it can be modified directly (anyone correct me if I am wrong). I did find a thread on Steam linking to another Reddit topic which seems to be addressing this exact thing so you will most likely find what you are looking for here; https://steamcommunity.com/app/108600/discussions/0/3160848559788912153/
  10. Starting a new game is recommended but not 100% required. Problem will mostly be around loot, areas that are already spawned will not respawn the Hydrocraft loot so you could just respawn the loot on the entire server and you should be good to go.
  11. @IZ2bSA80 Thanks for the download link! I completely forgot to post it. For those that are interested, Hydrocraft can also be downloaded directly on GitHub on the "Release" tab of the repository which can be found here: https://github.com/DemolitionDerby/Hydrocraft/releases Cheers!
  12. Hi, Not sure if this is going in the modding section but I assume it is a bug so I posted this here. The problem is that you cannot make a working Evolved Recipe using a BaseItem that is part of a mod. The Evolved Recipe itself and the BaseItem has to be located in a Base script Also getting errors when trying to import the mod reference in the “evolved recipe” script. Doing otherwise will just break the crafting menu. You can use items from a mod for the result and the ingredients.
  13. I mentionned this on the official Hydrocraft page on Steam but I guess I might as well do it here too as it looks more active and I thought I would say hi as well Hydromancer has granted me the honor of continuing his work. I already have started fixing the most common issues and a patch is currently available on Steam called Hydrocraft Patch. Farming works!! - no more Plowed Land I will keep updating this for the time being while Hydro gets his other stuff in order. Please tell me if there is a need for a direct download link for the patch and I will set this up as soon as I can, just didnt have the time yet to do that.
  14. Wow, I cannot believe I had missed this. Thank you!
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