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  1. I have solved this bug. Please refer to this quoted post.
  2. I have discovered the problem, and solving it is incredibly easy. It applies to any Map at any time. Loot Tables have two settings: the Room Class and what furniture they spawn in. In all of the Vanilla rendition Loot Tables, they are set to spawn in one, and only one, class of furniture. Say, for example, the "SHELVES" class. There are multiple different kinds of shelves, and "SHELVES" is only one. Any Map that does not put that exact shelf in a designated Room Class gets screwed. PZ does not have an overarching group of furniture classes. Rather, each item that spawns
  3. This is still occuring in the newest IWBUMS version. The bug has been corroborated by other users as of October 2020 AD. It has also been corroberated in a Vanilla rendition Map. I am submitting further information there and here.
  4. Here's a recollection of this same Bug in other locations. There is either nothing in the shelves at all, or the wrong type of Loot.
  5. Okay, so I am re-submitting this bug because it was not fixed in the V41.45 rendition. Here is another example, in an entirely different Map with completely different Room Classes.
  6. I should note that [url=https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/29900-books-and-only-books-spawning-in-specially-designated-room-classes/&tab=comments#comment-296028]I reported this same issue last September[/url]. It's not just upper cuboards. It's all sorts of things. Here are some examples.
  7. You are wrong. Loot spawns randomly, by the game. It's not the map that is broken. Custom Maps and Vanilla rendition Maps both use Loot Tables. Every Room has a Room Class. The Room Class governs what can and cannot spawn in a Room. LUA Tables set the spawn rates and spawn chances of every item in the game independently of any Map. If it works in one Room, it works in all of them. It seems that a lot of the Loot Tables are tied to only one class of shelf, leading to this. It happens with and without Mods.
  8. Seconded. Before Build Forty-One, the one-shot KO would be done when the zombie makes the grabbing animation right up at you. Now, it doesn't work.
  9. Seconded. I see this all the time, even in custom Maps.
  10. Compounding this issue, I have found a Library with a specific class of shelves that spawn books by default (see above). The problem? None of the shelves are spawning any books you'd normally find in the Library. Only five or six Default Books and a few Skill Books spawn. I checked every shelf, and they were all mostly devoid of books as well. You will see the issue in the image attached to this post.
  11. I think that might be the case. Although it wasn't an issue when I was reporting the bug, subsequent testing caused the engine to hit zero percent. I apologize, but I might have reported something working as designed. I hope you aren't angry at my error. Still, that shouldn't spit out the key.
  12. To my knowledge, the School Bus is a Vanilla rendition vehicle. While I have plenty of custom Vehicles and the Vehicle API (e.g. the addition of the RV and a Delorean, etc.), the School Bus has no changes to its sytem and is, in all aspects, a normal PZ vehicle. While I was able to break free from a pile of zombies while testing, the entire time I was trying to escape, there were zombies on both sides of the bus. They were screaming at me. I tried to turn the wheels of the bus, and the wheels did not animate when I made the turn.
  13. I have successfully reproduced the bug. You will find the video of the bug attached. clip0080_ok5sJI7z.compressed.avi
  14. Good evening. I just lost my character to a really bizarre and frustrating glitch. I was in a School Bus surrounded by zombies, and have been running them over in a desparate attempt to escape. Suddenly, the bus stopped. Now, this may have been due to the engine breaking apart, but that turned out not to be the case because the bus restarted and proceeded to move when I pressed the movement keys. The bus reaches about one RPM and less than five miles per hour, switches to drive, and travels about two or three feet before the key pops out and the bus stops. I
  15. Good afternoon. I want to create a Recipe that allows you, if you have the required goods, to craft your own Sledgehammer (among other things). However, I am unable to find any of the Items, Recipes, or documentation of all the Vanilla rendition things you can gather in the game. Where, in the Steam Launcher Program's PZ folder, can I find what I need. Thank you for any assistance you may render. Warm regards and warm bodies, -TURTLESHROOM
  16. EDIT: This is still occuring in the newest IWBUMS version. The bug has been corroborated by other users as of October 2020 AD. I am submitting further information. Good evening. I am experiencing an odd situation on a custom Map. Now, one might say to oneself, "this is a Mod issue, take it there", but it isn't. The original author of the Map has confirmed the same bug in a game on his map without Mods. In the pictures attached, you will see the issue. In these specific classes of shelving furniture, the game is incapable of spawning anythi
  17. Good evening. In my most recent "Zomboid" game, I accidentally jumped out of my running vehicle by pressing the "E" key and was unable to get back in, despite pressing it again and despite the green square being highlighted. I popped out of the car by pressing "D". Consequently, the zombies that I mowed over devoured me, and I committed an act of Save Scumming because of the accident. Restarting the game at my last back up, I showed up back in my base and walked to where the vehicle was. It was there, but the key I had left in the ignition was not present. It vanished.
  18. Good afternoon. I attempted to search through the Vanilla rendition of PZ's files to find the script that represents the White Microwave, to no avail. Much to my chagrin, it does not exist in the SCRIPTS file and is only referenced in the Translation file. The Microwave sound effect is there, but for the likes of me, I can't see where the Microwave itself is located. The reason I want to know the answer to this is because the "Hydro Craft" Mod has several items that can spawn in cabinets that are exact, but non-functioning, duplicates of placable Furniture. For example,
  20. I actually do have one image. In my last test (this one without the "Super Survivors"), all of PZ actually completely froze up and I had to force the program to close. I pulled up the MS-DOS/Command Prompt window while I did this. I snapped a picture before I did, which looks like this: I hope this helps.
  21. Good evening. This is something I can't explain in pictures, because it's in motion. I can, however, describe it. I am also experiencing lag like I've never imagined, although I attribute that to the "Super Survivors" and my entry into a place I have not been before, which requires new Survivors to be generated. (Trying it without the "Super Survivors" enabled only caused monster lag when there were large numbers of zombies.) When I summon a horde of zombies to follow me in my car (so that I may either ignite them or run them over), the occasional event in which the ho
  22. @EnigmaGrey I think those are the same type of shelves, but colored differently. The post you quoted pointed to a Mod that a user named Snake created to fix Vanilla rendition shelves with no Sprites representing something on them. The shelves from the Map Mod I am using are Vanilla rendition Sprites. I know this because every Map on the Advanced Map uses Sprites from the Vanilla rendition, because that's more or less all there is.
  23. @Pandorea Pandorea, I am on an advanced Map that combines the Maps of most of the projects uploaded to the Steam Workshop. Consequently, the area I am in is, unfortunately, custom made. HOWEVER, every Map that was added to the Map I am playing used only Vanilla rendition Sprites. IIRC, I'm in Bedford Falls on the Advanced Map, so if you run Bedford Falls and spawn there, you'll see it.
  24. UPDATE: I have found another user who has pinpointed similar shelves to the ones I have encountered. Perhaps they are the same thing?
  25. Yes, I've tried it with hammers and saws. Yes, I've used the actual Pick Up and Disassemble tools. No, the thing can't be picked up or disassembled.
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