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  1. thejord1138

    Crafting screen issue caused by Mod

    Think I fixed it, just came down to have misspelled 1 word, accidental space in another, and all is well now. I'm such a noob.
  2. thejord1138

    Crafting screen issue caused by Mod

    I cannot open the crafting menu, but I have narrowed it down to a mod I made myself, it only has three parts, a script for three items, a script for crafting said items, and images to go with the items. The first one I tested worked fine, but after I added the other two the game starts with the craft icon on the left-hand side of the screen highlighted, but no crafting window. I'm guessing the problem is in how I made the scripts, but I cannot figure it out. Here are my scripts: DC2 Weapons.txt DesperateCrafting2.0.txt