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  1. Okay I've gone though so many axes and similar tools like meat cleavers (mainly for chopping trees to build into plank walls) that it's made me think "Why can't I sharpen this stuff?". Okay so here's the gist: What if you could sharpen bladed weapons/tools to make them last longer? Like sharpening an axe with a stone or sharpening tool? That way the axe could last longer before it breaks. I was thinking sharpening and keeping them weapon sharp can give it temporary invincibility to wearing down or it could reduce the rate at which it wears down with use. If it's the former, there could be a hidden or visible sharp bar that when it goes all the way down the weapon starts to degrade again with use and it's time to sharpen it again. If it's the latter the weapon still loses condition as well as sharpness with use. Sharpen tools can be fount in hardware stores, sheds, garages, anywhere where tools would have to be present including in the factory I'm staying in in Riverside. You could also find a rock to sharpen though it wouldn't sharpen as well as a sharpening tool. Different sharpen tools have different degrees of sharpening. Keep in mind this is different than merely repairing a weapon which merely brings it to working order again. Repairing doesn't increase durability/slow the rate at which it degrades with use. Having to find or make axe after axe gets really tiring so makes sense to make the ones you have last as long as possible. Heck if I could do this I probably would've spent more time building the Scenic Grove Trailer Park wall (and possibly had it done by now) rather than looking for chopping tools. The result of me not having it done by now led to a meta event of gunfire which caused this to happen around 27:37: Yeah my worst fear of that gunfire attracting the zombies from the forest to the west/south west CAME TRUE. But I digress! Anyways until then your best bet is to have many chopping tools on hand as possible even if it means making them from stones, sticks, and rags a.k.a. a stone axe.
  2. I think adding Glock 19 and new weapons to the game can make the game better. It is better to use everything without mods.
  3. Right now the only things a crowbar can pry are wooden window/door barricades. So I was thinking they should also be able to directly pry open windows, doors and even car doors so you can get inside without having to break anything or look for a key! I think this pry mechanic would be some skill based ability like hotwiring a car and it'd be highly leveled up with the burglar occupation too by default. As for how other characters would level it up I think it would be by attempting to pry things again and again. Any character could do it if they had a crowbar but it'd take time to be able to do it efficiently and successfully. I think a pry operation could start by having a crowbar and right clicking what you want to pry and selecting the option to do so. Like hotwiring it'd take some tries and time to do it successfully. A slimjim ( previously suggested) would be better for cars though. This would make the crowbar more valuable than just a basic melee weapon that pries off wood barricades.
  4. Is there any new weapons that is silent and easy to use?If there isn't any then I'd suggest a weapon that is suitable for killing the zeds silently such as bow or crossbow.other benefits of this weapon is it could also be used to hunt down animals silently instead of using guns that may attract more zeds into your area.other silent weapons such as blowpipe is also good with a sedative(Anesthesia?) ammo in case you didnt wanna kill the animals and want to farm them instead.I sure hope devs team would read my suggestion and consider to put it to test. Tysm!
  5. Hi, I think that the addition of more instruments in the next build/patch would be very useful for the player, for example: a cello could be used as a great weapon (but it’d be very heavy!), a tuba, a bagpipe or a flute could be used as a distraction, A double bass/contrabass could be used as a barricade, a bassoon could be used to knock out a zombie (if you use it like a club) PS: It’d be nice if you made instruments a bit more common! I always like to have an instrument or two other than a guitar or bass guitar on my playthroughs! ~~~A committed player
  6. I'm creating a weapon mod, and I came across the fact that I don't have a weapon model, it's transparent. How do I fix this? Weapon script DEV6-Firearm.txt
  7. What if in the game you could make official firearms (including ammo) as opposed to makeshift zip guns? I was thinking the player could come across some houses with machinery used to make firearms and ammo. Basically an at home workshop for guns. They existed back then in 1993 as well as today in real life so it would be fitting to come across a house with a workshop for guns and ammo the player could use. The player could have a gunsmith occupation to make use of the machines more readily with the right skill level than with other occupations. The player would have to get resources to put into the machines to make the guns and ammo such as steel wood and smokeless powder. Then the player would put the materials in each machine and progress turn them into guns and ammo until they were finished. Such machines would include drill presses, milling machines, lathes, stampers, etc. The player could also come across gun factories to use to make guns and ammo as well as use the already finished inventory of them. You can't always find a nearby gun store or police station and looting cars, homes, dead bodies as well as zombies for guns and ammo usually doesn't yield much not to mention it's tedious. That's why as a survivor it makes sense to make your own guns and ammo!
  8. Allowing the player to knock a zombie off when being grabbed from behind would be boss. This would start off with the rear elbow strike where the player strikes their elbow either against the zombies upper head or their torso to knock them off. Kind of like in real life. Spacebar could be pressed to achieve this when the player is grabbed from behind. As opposed to mere squirming or trying to grab the zombie off. This would obviously have to be done very fast otherwise the player will be instantly killed or infected to the point of eventually dying. Also if you're holding a melee weapon you could strike that into the zombie as well! With a gun, you'd either shoot them or simply hit them. Spacebar to hit them off with the gun right click held down with left click to shoot them. Before anyone says "Zombies don't feel pain." the thing is they can still be damaged as well as jostled so unarmed this attack would operate based on sheer force with them. As for the NPCs I imagine the hostile ones would feel pain so they'd be easier to knock off. Since there are hostile players in multiplayer this attack could be used against those guys. So I'm thinking it'd take 1 to 5 hits to knock a single zombie off and definitely more than that range if multiple zombies are even possible to knock off with the attack. Less hits if used with a melee weapon and instantaneous death when shot by a gun. If being attacked from both the rear and front I was thinking the player could elbow the one in back with one hand and push the other in front with the other hand. This attack would also be done with spacebar. A similar attack could be done with a melee weapon where the player strikes the rear one with the weapon and pushes with the other hand or kicks with one foot. I've seen all these playthroughs (including my own) where people get chomped on by one or more zombies and I think "Wouldn't it be cool if you could save yourself with a rear counter attack?" No attack is perfect of course but it'd add more combat function rather than the player having no options but to lament they didn't watch their back well enough. Technically the player still does have to watch their back (prevention is key) but with this attack it doesn't have to necessarily be the end. In short, the player should be able to rear counter attack to save their back!
  9. Hi everyone, just started my first foray into modding for the game. I followed Blackbeards tutorial but encountered an issue which his video doesn't appear to cover a fix for. The weapon sits too far forward and not properly held. I compared it to the base game M16 in scale in blender as the pic shows and it should fit in the M16 hold animation pretty well but it sits way too far forward. Would anyone know how I can resolve this? How do you move the weapons position on the character? I cant post images directly so here they are in Imgur: https://imgur.com/a/Ljrid99
  10. As shown in the image below, the weapon condition (previously displayed as a little star icon on the bottom right of the weapon icon) is no longer visible. I couldn't find anything in the changelog regarding this specific issue, so I assume it's a bug. The weapon's condition is still normally displayed if you check it in your inventory
  11. Hi everyone, I think that weapons like bows are something that everybody thougth to include to the game. However, there are plenty of ideas for hand made weaponds, for instance, slingshots, blowguns may be, and of course tools in order to perhaps make animals skin (when animals included) and... dry them? I dont know the exact verb, but I think I could make my idea through. Slingshot are more or less easyto do, may be with lvl 3 of carpenter or sth? I'm sure people have lots of other ideas but those were the ones I thougth about. Thx 4 reading!
  12. пожалуйста, добавьте возможность носить на спине 2 вида оружия. Но только при ношении рюкзака а если рюкзака нет то только одно оружие
  13. Sorry for google translator, I hope everything is translated clearly. When I press the button to remove bullets from the MSR788 rifle in the radial menu, the character does not extract them, but turns on the animation, as in the picture. And if you try to extract it from the inventory, then nothing happens.
  14. I remember the last zomboid and an unbalanced knife. A lot of water has leaked, but there are still frankly unbalanced weapons. I think from the name you understand what I will write about. Why are axes unbalanced? - many variations (fireman, pickaxe, one-handed, made for trees, crafted ax; - high dps (in this balance it is high); - the possibility of manufacturing; - professions: lumberjack, fireman. (These professions are also unbalanced). I suggest: - Strengthen other weapons; (more professions, perks) frankly weak: crushing, spears. - Increase the cost of professions: fireman, lumberjack. (as a temporary measure).
  15. item BaseballBat { MaxRange = 1.4, at the same time item HandAxe { MaxRange = 1.4, and there are many more such examples. Almost all weapons feel longer than their model and hurt when hit literally empty. Because of this, fighting with zombies becomes either difficult (it is not clear where the optimal strike distance is) or easy, because allows you to keep zombies at a distance, although your usual weapons do not deserve it. I already asked to make different control keys for the upper and lower blow, for different interactions with windows, etc. The worst thing that can be with a game is when it does not act as you expect. (You want to hit a standing zombie, and you hit the ground, bend over and bite you.) It is very easy to die in the game because the character does not obey you, or does not obey the laws set by the developers. I'm not talking about the balance of the weight of objects - to hell with it, but please select a person who will deal with the balance, he does not need to be a programmer, because this is done so easily. Truly yours, fan.
  16. Ever since I first used the spear I've noticed a discrepancy with the animations. Two of the animations are a straight stab and the remaining one is a sort of sweeping slice attack. I always thought it was odd how I could stab two zombies standing about a meter apart with the same spear thrust. Hitting two zombies at once with the sweeping attack makes sense, but not with the stab, unless it's the critical thrust and the zombies are standing in a line. I'm not sure what the best way would be to execute this, as weapon swinging has only ever belonged to the left mouse button, but it's still worth looking into. Picking off stragglers? Get in there with a decisive strike. Trying to keep a group of them back? Go for a sweeping strike that divides the kinetic force of the swing between two targets and doesn't leave you open to getting bitten.
  17. ok, so weapons in the newest iwbums build seem to have like NO real durability, even when the condition is full, things like the hand scythe and hand axe are breaking after maybe 6 or 10 hits on a zombie. also, suddenly knife fighting is completely impossible, instead of doing a nice one shot to the ear, like before, now you flail around pointlessly with the knife for 5 hits first? maybe i'm just not doing it right, but that in combination with the potential for losing your knife in the zombie in the middle of a fight seem to make them completely pointless, and also they break after a couple hits as well. at this rate, you'd need a CRAZY amount of weapons all the time...... also, i get how baseball caps can fall off in a scuffle, but the motorcycle helmet at least really ought to stay on, otherwise there'd be a lot of dead bikers if their helmets popped off on sharp turns....
  18. I think many already about the need to fix the weapon, but I still did not see the answer of the developer about whether they know about this problem and whether they will fix it. There is no word about this in the news posts, and it seems to me that this does not go beyond the discussion of the players themselves. If you combine all the requirements, you get something like this : 1) accuracy. It doesn’t even immediately hit (With a police officer perk). 2) Ammunition weight. Huge, 100 grams in a game versus 4 in reality. 3) Speed recharge. With the same policeman perk, he barely reloads his weapon, as if he lacks the strength to insert ammo. I just want the developers to highlight either : -"yes, we know about this problem" or -"no, we did not know about this problem" or -"no, we will not fix it" (This is overloading my old post because I created it in the wrong category.)
  19. It very less, I think it should be 5 or 10
  20. Now gun lovers can be stealthy too! I made a Mod that just adds a Silencer / Suppressor as a weapon part that can be attached to Pistols, and Rifles. It reduces the sound the gun makes by 90% and lowers max range slightly and slows down the fire rate by adding recoil time. The silencer can be found in gunstore and police station locations. Also in any crate or locker but at a much rarer rate. you can craft a home made silencer from a pipe or flashlight with saw, screwdriver and a few aiming skill points. This home made silencer does not work as well as the real one. And lowers fire rate and max range more than the real silencer as well. Download Link - Version 1.1 Steam Workshop Though it worked fine in testing I just put it together recently and pretty quickly so let me know if you find something wrong with it and i'll get it fixed ASAP. Enjoy!
  21. ZomboidXBow Hey fellow zomboiders, This mod aims at bringing the crossbow experience to Project Zomboid. It offers a variety of craftable crossbow models and ammunition types with different properties. All of these recipes force you to continuously scavenge for resources to keep you ammunition supplies up and maintain your crossbows. As your character progresses he will get access to better recipes and crossbows will become more efficient. In the beginning you will miss often, be constantly out of ammo and probably want to go back to your Axe. But if you survive long enough to get your hands on a Repeater Crossbow with Aluminum Bolts ... Quick Features Supports Single Player and Multiplayer Mechanics Retrieve your bolts from zombie corpses. They might however break on impact Craft, carry and reload from a Bolt Quiver which adds an addtional bag slot Crossbows can break at any time. Your Carpentry and Electrician skill levels determine how likely it is to happen All crossbows support all ammo types Easily switch between ammo types by using the context menu Crossbows Crossbows behave like all existing weapons: Aiming and Reloading will increase your skill level which in turn affects your chance to hit and your reload speed. Wooden Crossbow A simple crossbow Heavy Crossbow Requires Carpentry 3 Strong crossbow that can hit up to two targets Repeater Crossbow Requires Carpentry 5 Powerful crossbow that can fire up to 10 bolts in rapid succession and hit up to two targets per shoot Bolts All bolts can be fired with any crossbow. Just have a crossbow equipped as primary, right click your desired bolt in your inventory load or set as default. Wooden Bolt Simple Bolt with high chance to break Aluminum Bolt Piercing - Allows you to hit one additional target with your crossbow. Fire Bolt Target has a 90% chance to be lit on fire. Most fun but most dangerous bolt with unpredictable outcome especially on IWBUMS branch. Don't use indoors! Requirements 3DModels 32.16 Download latest version Installation Instructions All Items, Recipes and Documentation Known issues: All crossbows use the same 3DModel and Icon Crossbow 3DModel not 100% aligned Planned Test in MP Learn recipes through Books instead of hard skill requirements LOTS of balancing and tuning Better icons/models Attachments More ammunition types Misc stuff around crossbows Feedback If you like this mod (or even if you don't) I'm happy to get your feedback, bug reports and improvement suggestions. I want this to be a balanced mod and I can only get there with the help of you guys Credit to Jab for his import/export script for 3D Models which works flawlessy and his ModelLoader Fuji for his pioneer work on how to get custom 3D Model into the game and basically giving me the chance to write the mod I wanted to write ever since I bought this game WolfClaw for his excellent 3DModel tutorial ORMtnMan and his Real Guns mod gun modding reference Livio Persemprio for testing and feedback which is so important for balancing Thanks guys! I hope you enjoy this mod, many survivors perished and half of Westpoint burned down during its creation
  22. Umbrella Mod (v0.11) This mod adds umbrellas to the world of Zomboid. Umbrellas keep you somewhat dry when it's raining. You might get a little damp, but no fear of catching cold anymore!! Use: As you find umbrellas they are closed and can be used as a very flimsy stabbing weapon. When you open an umbrella you can use it as cover from the rain by equipping it either in your primary or secondary slot. You can also close the umbrella to use it as a weapon again. This mod will only work from version upwards. It has been tested on (0014). Download from pz-mods.net Have fun!! Known bugs: You can open and close broken closed umbrellas for infinite use. Don't cheat!I'm sure there was something else that I'm forgetting... hmh..well. I guess it was nothing.Let me know if you find some!atm I'm using the OnPlayerUpdate event to launch the functions, so if you see a noticeable fps drop please contact me for a work-around. Changelog: Please feel free to contact me on anything conserning the mod or about pretty much anything else in life. Here comes the deadly small print! Muhahahahaa!! If I'm lost for at least 4 months this is up for grabs! In that case, remember to put credit where due. The zombie umbrella (poster) image is not to be distributed or used without specific permission from the author, even if the 4 months has passed. Special thanks: Kinyoshi: For getting me back on track with his code from the raincoat mod! RegularX, Kjulo: For making their mods so I could learn some lua! Aricane: For PZ-mods hosting and mods that I've used for learning lua! RoboMat: Extra-special thanks for guiding me through some of the high learning curve I've been up against and for great mods!!
  23. So i made a mod that adds a torch to the game. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1542069453 Its is basically a torch that emits light around you in a circle and it depletes overtime, now I want to be able to trow it to start a fire. Problem is I can't because it is a "drainable" item, when I change it to a "weapon" it is trowable but it doesnt get depleted anymore? how can I make it trowable and still get drained when its being used. In the picture you can see how i tried to resolve it and how its currently set up. by giving it 2 item types it turns into blooo
  24. Go to http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=519953681 for download last version Hello this is my first mod so tell me if you run into any issues or misspellings thank you ! This mod adds some guns and bags to the game. Current version 2.0 Mod Recipe : Note important : Currently implemented in the mod : To be added to the mod : Update note Fr : Video : Download : If you want to try the items the "Insert" key spawns most of the items to your inventory ("End" for AK-47) Tell me if you run into any issues or misspellings thank you. Thank to ORMtnMan for helping Ask before take or reproduce my mod ! Antize
  25. Incase anyones interested that doesnt have steam! http://pz-mods.net/weapons-items/Frostmourne/ Frostmourne.rar
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