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  1. As shown in the image below, the weapon condition (previously displayed as a little star icon on the bottom right of the weapon icon) is no longer visible. I couldn't find anything in the changelog regarding this specific issue, so I assume it's a bug. The weapon's condition is still normally displayed if you check it in your inventory
  2. Hi everyone, I think that weapons like bows are something that everybody thougth to include to the game. However, there are plenty of ideas for hand made weaponds, for instance, slingshots, blowguns may be, and of course tools in order to perhaps make animals skin (when animals included) and... dry them? I dont know the exact verb, but I think I could make my idea through. Slingshot are more or less easyto do, may be with lvl 3 of carpenter or sth? I'm sure people have lots of other ideas but those were the ones I thougth about. Thx 4 reading!
  3. пожалуйста, добавьте возможность носить на спине 2 вида оружия. Но только при ношении рюкзака а если рюкзака нет то только одно оружие
  4. Sorry for google translator, I hope everything is translated clearly. When I press the button to remove bullets from the MSR788 rifle in the radial menu, the character does not extract them, but turns on the animation, as in the picture. And if you try to extract it from the inventory, then nothing happens.
  5. I remember the last zomboid and an unbalanced knife. A lot of water has leaked, but there are still frankly unbalanced weapons. I think from the name you understand what I will write about. Why are axes unbalanced? - many variations (fireman, pickaxe, one-handed, made for trees, crafted ax; - high dps (in this balance it is high); - the possibility of manufacturing; - professions: lumberjack, fireman. (These professions are also unbalanced). I suggest: - Strengthen other weapons; (more professions, perks) frankly weak: crushing, spears. - Increase the cost of professio
  6. item BaseballBat { MaxRange = 1.4, at the same time item HandAxe { MaxRange = 1.4, and there are many more such examples. Almost all weapons feel longer than their model and hurt when hit literally empty. Because of this, fighting with zombies becomes either difficult (it is not clear where the optimal strike distance is) or easy, because allows you to keep zombies at a distance, although your usual weapons do not deserve it. I already asked to make different control keys for the upper and lower blow, for diffe
  7. Ever since I first used the spear I've noticed a discrepancy with the animations. Two of the animations are a straight stab and the remaining one is a sort of sweeping slice attack. I always thought it was odd how I could stab two zombies standing about a meter apart with the same spear thrust. Hitting two zombies at once with the sweeping attack makes sense, but not with the stab, unless it's the critical thrust and the zombies are standing in a line. I'm not sure what the best way would be to execute this, as weapon swinging has only ever belonged to the left mouse button, but it
  8. ok, so weapons in the newest iwbums build seem to have like NO real durability, even when the condition is full, things like the hand scythe and hand axe are breaking after maybe 6 or 10 hits on a zombie. also, suddenly knife fighting is completely impossible, instead of doing a nice one shot to the ear, like before, now you flail around pointlessly with the knife for 5 hits first? maybe i'm just not doing it right, but that in combination with the potential for losing your knife in the zombie in the middle of a fight seem to make them completely pointless, and also they break af
  9. I think many already about the need to fix the weapon, but I still did not see the answer of the developer about whether they know about this problem and whether they will fix it. There is no word about this in the news posts, and it seems to me that this does not go beyond the discussion of the players themselves. If you combine all the requirements, you get something like this : 1) accuracy. It doesn’t even immediately hit (With a police officer perk). 2) Ammunition weight. Huge, 100 grams in a game versus 4 in reality. 3) Speed recharge. With the same policeman perk, h
  10. It very less, I think it should be 5 or 10
  11. Now gun lovers can be stealthy too! I made a Mod that just adds a Silencer / Suppressor as a weapon part that can be attached to Pistols, and Rifles. It reduces the sound the gun makes by 90% and lowers max range slightly and slows down the fire rate by adding recoil time. The silencer can be found in gunstore and police station locations. Also in any crate or locker but at a much rarer rate. you can craft a home made silencer from a pipe or flashlight with saw, screwdriver and a few aiming skill points. This home made silencer does not work as well as the real one.
  12. ZomboidXBow Hey fellow zomboiders, This mod aims at bringing the crossbow experience to Project Zomboid. It offers a variety of craftable crossbow models and ammunition types with different properties. All of these recipes force you to continuously scavenge for resources to keep you ammunition supplies up and maintain your crossbows. As your character progresses he will get access to better recipes and crossbows will become more efficient. In the beginning you will miss often, be constantly out of ammo and probably want to go back to your Axe. But if you survive long enou
  13. Umbrella Mod (v0.11) This mod adds umbrellas to the world of Zomboid. Umbrellas keep you somewhat dry when it's raining. You might get a little damp, but no fear of catching cold anymore!! Use: As you find umbrellas they are closed and can be used as a very flimsy stabbing weapon. When you open an umbrella you can use it as cover from the rain by equipping it either in your primary or secondary slot. You can also close the umbrella to use it as a weapon again. This mod will only work from version upwards. It has been tested on (0014). Download from pz-mo
  14. So i made a mod that adds a torch to the game. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1542069453 Its is basically a torch that emits light around you in a circle and it depletes overtime, now I want to be able to trow it to start a fire. Problem is I can't because it is a "drainable" item, when I change it to a "weapon" it is trowable but it doesnt get depleted anymore? how can I make it trowable and still get drained when its being used. In the picture you can see how i tried to resolve it and how its currently set up. by giving it 2
  15. Go to http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=519953681 for download last version Hello this is my first mod so tell me if you run into any issues or misspellings thank you ! This mod adds some guns and bags to the game. Current version 2.0 Mod Recipe : Note important : Currently implemented in the mod : To be added to the mod : Update note Fr : Video : Download : If you want to try the items the "Insert" key spawns most of the items to your inventory (
  16. Incase anyones interested that doesnt have steam! http://pz-mods.net/weapons-items/Frostmourne/ Frostmourne.rar
  17. Hello. I'm a little surprised this isn't floating around on here somewhere.... I've seen bits about adding context menus, but not something for weapon renaming specifically. I figured, since we can rename bags and evolved recipe dishes, it's pretty much already in there and just needs a bit adding for weapons. And here it is This will enable renaming weapons in inventory context menu, just like bags. Go forth and give that hammer you've been swinging around in the Exclusion Zone for 2 months a special name I expect renamed items should continue to work fine for reci
  18. -- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- -- Vorpal Weapons version 1.2.1: March 28, 2016 -- -- this is a mod for Zomboid which gives the player the chance to obtain -- unique and powerful weapons. after a certain number of kills your -- weapon will improve a property and it's name will change. properties -- that may improve include: weight, damage, knockdown, range, durability -- swing speed, etc. it's still being tested, and though it is overpowered -- by nature, i don't want to be too insanely overpowered. as i test it -- more and get feedback from
  19. Toy Gun Simulator VOL 3 download : GooglePlay Toy Gun Simulator VOL 3 is one of the best weapon games for teens and we are sure that teens will have a great time with our toy weapon simulator for Android. Since we know how much little boys love toy weapons we have decided to make this gun simulator. And we are sure that it will become one of the most popular games for boys. But, girls, also, will be fascinated with the beauty of toy guns and this free app for Android will become one of the most popular games for girls. You will see that teens will simply adore their new virtual toys. So,
  20. Sorry, it’s already at the [y] list. Please delete the topic.
  21. All right, this is mainly for the devs, but of course anyone feel free to answer. I'm pretty sure this question was asked before, so you can call me dumb and just simply send me a link to that topic. Do you guys plan to add visible secondary weapons? You already showed us the backpacks, and they are awesome! It would be nice to see our weapons beside them. For example, if you have an axe as a primary, and a shotgun as a secondary, the axe is in your hands, and your shotgun is attached to your back. Or anything like that. A knife is in your hand and a pistol is on your belt in a holster. etc.
  22. The mod is based on "Craftable Axes" by Tooks and "Broad Hatchet for Fire Axe" by Aardman55. Borrowed fashion features 3 Types of Axe Heads Craftable Axe Handles A Makeshift Axe (degrades slightly faster than the Fireaxe) A Worn Makeshift Axe (Degrades faster than the fireaxe and deals slightly less damage} A Blunt Makeshift Axe (Considered a blunt weapon, no longer using the Blade skill. Deals less damage and degrades faster than a Fireaxe) Distinction Add sprites for Axe Handle and Axe Heads. You can cut down trees. To
  23. I think we should eventually be able to craft wooden staffs not only being used as a weapon but it could also be used as a crutch something to lean on like a walking stick. Let's say you're out on a run and you twist you're ankle you can be limping away on you're staff and If a zombie gets near you, you can stop in place and prepare to take it out. The staff could also be used to fight off Npcs with melee weapons as well. You could be coming back from looting some houses and get jumped by two Npcs and one has a wrench, and another has a knife you can potentially either knock them unconsciou
  24. I always hate leaving loot behind, and seems the things left are always the flatware. Craft the flatware reinforced bats by nailing three pieces of flatware onto the tip of the bat with six nails and the hammer (only the vanilla hammer, maybe I should add my mod hammers.) The new reinforced bats stats are between the regular bat and the nailed bat. Pictures coming soon of recipes.. DOWNLOAD: Main Download (PZ-Mods) || Mirror Download (My Dropbox Link)
  25. http://www.aggressivegaming.org/newdawn/wiki/ We now have a page where you can look up all the information on any Item, weapon, craft, recipe on Project Zomboid including anything added from the Hydrocraft Mod! From the list of items or crafts click on any item or recipe name to see all the info on it. The Item page will show all the info, attributes and values of the item. And below that it will show any Recopies that require the item as an ingredient. And any Recopies / Crafts that can create said Item. The Recipe page will show all the info, required ingredients, skills and tools for an
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