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  1. miked79


    I like the idea of the asset loader, I look forward to playing around with modding. Tho, the wait is killing me lol I better check back in a month or two. I get sad on Mondays when the goods havent been delivered yet! lol
  2. miked79

    Hot Wheels

    really nothing to say The mondoids are always riddled with animation and vehicle updates. I wait patiently for those. Keep up the good work on the vehicle physics, loving it.
  3. miked79

    Hot Wheels

    Adamantium-infused patience. I can wait...I really can. #drool
  4. miked79

    Impendin' 37

    Patience remains Iron.
  5. miked79


    sOOn very SOon
  6. miked79

    In My Garage

    soOn very very soOn!
  7. miked79

    Here In My Car

    sweet. and i sense animations very very very soon. Extremely soon.
  8. congrats RJ Still one update im waiting for that was teased quite a many months ago...Id like to see that before the vehicles But vehicles are fun toO i suppose. I sense sOon tho, very very soon
  9. miked79

    Don't dead

    wOmp woMp. Patience < Iron.
  10. miked79

    Stash in the Attic

    No news on the animated goods! But sOoon! very very sOon!
  11. miked79

    Frostmourne weapon

    Incase anyones interested that doesnt have steam! http://pz-mods.net/weapons-items/Frostmourne/ Frostmourne.rar
  12. miked79

    Roots n’ Branches

    Sooooon! Very soon ! Verry soooooN!
  13. miked79

    In-Game Mappage

    This pleases me. Im glad to see focus has shifted to SP animation build. #PatienceRestored.
  14. miked79

    Dead Territory

    Sounds pleasant! I hope its soon! Tho I remember reading something similar to this in March of last year! Fingers crawssed.
  15. miked79

    Build 36 Team up

    triple wompwomp.
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