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  1. I play without mods, the game itself started before the last update. In fact, the problem was not only in the game (the virus slowed down the computer). Yes, the game freezes for me, but not as much as I wrote. It's just that I was on emotions and dumped them in this post, sorry
  2. The game started to freeze wildly, even though my pc is not weak. It is literally impossible to play it. I was almost eaten by a crowd of zombies due to freezes. What to do? Is it the same for you?
  3. They disappear even if I drop them on the floor
  4. The digital watch disappears from the inventory every time the game is started
  5. Once again, I find myself in a position that the character hits a lying zombie instead of a walking zombie and each time I get different wounds. I'm not the only one with such problems, the people I look at on YouTube are also worried about it. Will this be solved somehow?
  6. Animation is not so necessary, just wants not to turn
  7. Will the ability to kill yourself with a gun be added? In a hopeless situation, this is necessary, for example, as in the picture
  8. While playing, I found a pipe stuck in a zombie, although it is essentially a blunt weapon. Is this a bug or is it the way it should be? On a farm east of Rosewood, I noticed a cabinet with a sink standing on another cabinet.
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