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  1. in the server list it shows only 5-6 servers with a ping of 300 and the checkboxes do not really change the situation, while earlier half an hour ago there were 20+ servers, one of which I added to my favorites and now I see it in the list in the favorites but not in the general list ..
  2. I confirm. dup found - total: put the thing in the container, and take it at about the same time - voila, you took ONE thing BOTH players. Including a backpack with loot inside the cabinet is duplicated. Needless to say, with such an error, I don't want to test anything else in multiplayer. The author of the topic, you can correct the title to "duplicate all things" and not just food, you look, the developers will pay attention.
  3. A long as firepit texture have higher resolution and most of textures in the game, fire looks pathetic.. 8bit ?) In game files I finded better fire texture. Maybe it should be replaced? "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\media\textures\FireFlame.png" so, and screwdriver have familiar red icon texture on model is for some reason is blue? i just recolored in a few seconds to match icon. pls add.
  4. so i just edit this. pls check all changes by notepad++ compare plugin StaticModel should be WorldStaticModel items_radio.txt
  5. My english not enough good, so im showing it on video. Check video timecodes.
  6. item WalkieTalkie3 { Type = Radio, Icon = WalkieTalkieCivilian2, Weight = 2.0, DisplayName = Premium Tech. Walkie Talkie, UseDelta = 0.009, UseWhileEquipped = FALSE, DisappearOnUse = FALSE, TwoWay = TRUE, TransmitRange = 4000, MicRange = 5, BaseVolumeRange = 12, IsPortable = TRUE, IsTelevision = FALSE, MinChannel = 25000, MaxChannel = 300000, UsesBattery = TRUE, IsHighTier = FALSE, WorldObjectSprite = appliances_com_01_32, Tooltip = Tooltip_item_Radio, StaticModel = WalkieTalkiePremium, (should be WORLDStaticModel) AttachmentType = Walkie, } item WalkieTalkie2 { Type = Radio, Icon = WalkieTalkieCivilian, Weight = 1.5, DisplayName = ValuTech Walkie Talkie, UseDelta = 0.008, UseWhileEquipped = FALSE, DisappearOnUse = FALSE, TwoWay = TRUE, TransmitRange = 2000, MicRange = 5, BaseVolumeRange = 10, IsPortable = TRUE, IsTelevision = FALSE, MinChannel = 50000, MaxChannel = 200000, UsesBattery = TRUE, IsHighTier = FALSE, WorldObjectSprite = appliances_com_01_24, Tooltip = Tooltip_item_Radio, StaticModel = WalkieTalkieValue, AttachmentType = Walkie, }
  7. (strikethrough is the lines that missing in vanilla or wrong) WorldStaticModel = item TrapMouse { Weight = 0.3, Type = Normal, DisplayName = Mouse Trap, Icon = Mousetrap, Trap = true, MetalValue = 2, WorldStaticModel = TrapMouse } and walkietalkie3 haven't model in my game
  8. it happening on a lot of another surfaces.. ^(
  9. yep, sorry. in new game without mods its don't lose..
  10. but we have 3 types of rag- dirty, normal and sterile. Maybe so.. not clean water should make normal rags..)
  11. yeah, mods. version is last. ill check it without mods
  12. it happened with me too. default.txt latestSave.ini logs.zip options.ini sounds.ini console.zip
  13. but you need be able to sew these shreds on cloth. So report should sound like "you cant sew dirty rags to cloth"
  14. you can't clean your rags in not clean water.it would mean use it for wounds, and that infect a wound by dirty water. this not seem like BUG
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