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  1. So, when you block way by car- zombies do not destroy car doors and dont came through to kill player- they just stay at the place- i can't not use this exploit, but this made bases indestructible, and you can sleep in any place and time just be blocked by car, or sit on the seat side car which blocked by wall. also suggestions: * the short jeans protect as good as full length but dint deal run penalty. * pullover( sweater) with decollete protect neck as good as without decollete. * maybe add damage by feet (stomp) when you wear hard boots (army boots) ? *add decrease food weight when it half eaten *add possibility put on bags right from the ground by right-click
  2. It sounds better then "hammer" How you can extract nails with only hammer? Not all cases could be resolved by hammer- but crowbar looks more universal for disassemble. ** and why thief can start vehicle without tool? maybe knife or scredriver
  3. ouh finally i see my suggestion!
  4. парень, правильно было бы написать "almost all fuel"
  5. please make possible clean rags directly from water source - river, bath, sink... e.t.c.
  6. check the wooden floor- i think this not only my problem
  7. just look at the pictures
  8. I think you know about this problem, why the sand soil and brown soil are burn and spread the fire ? Totaly why the campfire loocked surrounded by rocks can light up the grass? Green grass. Also concrete on roofs and e.t.c . Every time i start campfire i ruine my savefile. thanks.. pls, fix. Players, reply if this problem are important too. Okay, now i checked- campfire is no ignite soil around, but i text this after then i ignite zombies corpse. This thing still ignite soil.
  9. update is always cool, im ready for new bugs )) this improvements sounds cool, thanks)
  10. they script value name still is it item VarmintRifle item HuntingRifle
  11. Varmint and hunting rifle have only clip of 3 ammo . It should be 10 and 5 i think. Why metal pipe and e.t.c. which hold only in ONE arm could be attached only on back but not on belt?
  12. on is the ability to create mods without redefining the whole subject anew, but only redefining one (or how many) variables. For example, I change the capacity of the rifle store (3 rounds, is that a mistake?) And I need to create a new method in which to redefine all variables, and when you update the game by changing the rifle, my mod makes it worse, because did not have a definition for "belt attachment". I am writing with a translator, I apologize if the text has a lot of mess.
  13. yes, the isometric cursor doesn’t really feel like something that shows where my character will hit. There is always some kind of displacement (different for all weapons and not calculable) that needs to be taken into account, and even if you stomp a zombie directly on the head, you need to stomp a little to the side to kill it. The isometric cursor does not help but rather confuses.
  14. item BaseballBat { MaxRange = 1.4, at the same time item HandAxe { MaxRange = 1.4, and there are many more such examples. Almost all weapons feel longer than their model and hurt when hit literally empty. Because of this, fighting with zombies becomes either difficult (it is not clear where the optimal strike distance is) or easy, because allows you to keep zombies at a distance, although your usual weapons do not deserve it. I already asked to make different control keys for the upper and lower blow, for different interactions with windows, etc. The worst thing that can be with a game is when it does not act as you expect. (You want to hit a standing zombie, and you hit the ground, bend over and bite you.) It is very easy to die in the game because the character does not obey you, or does not obey the laws set by the developers. I'm not talking about the balance of the weight of objects - to hell with it, but please select a person who will deal with the balance, he does not need to be a programmer, because this is done so easily. Truly yours, fan.
  15. Players, please reply this opinion, i really wanna PZ become better, as you wanna!
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