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  1. Players, please reply this opinion, i really wanna PZ become better, as you wanna!
  2. When you fight with several zombies, one or two standing and one creeping, you will most likely hit a non-dangerous lying and you will be bitten by a faster standing zombie. I quit the game several times because of this - I'm not imprudent, the game decides for me what I want to do. Finally, make different buttons for different hits, and different buttons for interacting with the WINDOW, for example! A character costs a couple of VERY IMPORTANT seconds before climbing. Change "hold E" to another key, give us a choice, please!
  3. im agree- pipe reach zombies longer then it had to. You can fix it in weaponitems.txt in media/scripts folder
  4. what is "the vault" ? im from russia and know, vault is place where you can hide from bombs..))
  5. Is wall rendering fixed? because I didn’t see zombies near the walls
  6. SmallFixfromDoctorWho.zip
  7. and someone knows where in code i can change damage of pipe bomb? it didn't kill all zombies in 1m from it.
  8. don't know is this bug was in previous version, but now i notice it, that makes move sensor useless
  9. Devs, annoying bug : no mags, no attachments for pistols, no attachments attached to founded weapons..
  10. Find my fix at the same title as your
  11. Yes!, PLEASE FIX IT, DEVS! PEOPLE dies
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