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  1. That's great feedback, thank you so much - I totally forgot about that crazy XP boost, I will fix that - I will play with the crossbow properties more, sound included....I don't want them to be too loud though, just wanted to add a bit of an edge - Adding a pistol to the recipe is a great idea!!! - Yeah, the whole quiver thing is bugging me, unfortunately at the time tI did not figure out how the weight reduction is done ( the item property didn't do anything ) - XP gain will be significantly reduced - I wanted to add attachable addons but I currently don't have
  2. I pushed a small update to resolve the container issue and nerf the crossbows a bit Aiming Perk OnHit modifier reduced - So the per level improvement on your hit chance is less than before Make crossbows more unique, giving each crossbow a specific use case rather than simply Repeater > Heavy > Wooden crossbow Wooden Crossbow General usage crossbow for stealth operations, medium range Damage slightly reduced Makes a bit of noise (will attract zombies in short range 10m) Heavy Crossbow Long range snipe crossbow, long range Makes noise
  3. I'll look into it. I fixed the container bug and I'm currently testing some chances to the crossbows to balance them a bit and make the three crossbows a bit more unique so that you don't just go to the next 'better' crossbow but decide which crossbow to use based on the situation and your game style.
  4. ... same Problem here, I need to put Containers in hand or on back to get the stuff inside. Playing GOG Version 33.20 @Iorneagle: Are you still uploading updates to bitbucket.org? not sure if it is related (from Zomboid Console): Loading: C:/Users/ganya/Zomboid/mods/ZomboidXBow/media/lua/client/ZXBFixAction.lua require("ISFixAction") failed Loading: C:/Users/ganya/Zomboid/mods/ZomboidXBow/media/lua/client/ZXBISInventory TransferActionDecorator.lua Loading: C:/Users/ganya/Zomboid/mods/ZomboidXBow/media/lua/client/ZXBInventoryPage.lua Loading: C:/Users/ganya/Zomboid/mods/ZomboidXBow/media/
  5. I will move it to the steam workshop in the future. I will also consider the recipe. However I am currently very busy with two kids under two so I won't make any significant changes to the mod (except when it gets broken due to game updates) in the next 2-3 months. I will however come back and add more features as well as add it to the steam workshop and make balancing changes in the future. Also: I check in on this thread once or twice a week and answer PMs immediately.
  6. Update pushed Let me know if you have any problems
  7. Didn't forget but release got delayed....just saying 2 under 2
  8. I will update it this weekend. Had a lot of stuff going on in the past couple weeks (including a newborn ) so I only occasionally looked in here. Should have a working version by Monday
  9. Are you near a campfire? You need to be near a campfire
  10. I agree. Especially the Repeating Crossbow is very strong once you have a certain level of Aim. Maybe I'll look into the Aim modifier and make it so you hit a bit better early on but the improvement curve is less steap...meaning you won't destroy everything at level 5 The other thing that is supposed to balance crossbows is resources. Unfortunately, I was too generous when I introduced feathers, so I will probably balance this. You are supposed to destroy a group of 20 Zombies once you have high level Aim but you should be limited by resources so you can't just Rambo through the world To e
  11. That's pretty easy. I was using Hydrocraft recently and thought about an integration but I'm pretty busy at work and currently don't feel like coding once I'm home To support Hydrocraft feathers just modify the existing recipe To something like this:
  12. Well you didn't post it under help For weaker zombies you could do this: However I'm not sure when OnZombieUpdate is called, you'd have to experiment with this. The alternative would be to increase the damage that weapons do. For the highly resistant weapons you could just reset their durability on each weapon swing For XP multiplier just set the one in servertest.ini (or whateveryouserveriscalled.ini). 10 would definitely give you arcade mode. For insane zombies modify the zombie config file whose name I just forgot but it is in the same folder as you servertest.ini
  13. Do you mean the recipe I posted above? If there is no number defined, the game considers that a "1". That means it uses 1 unit of the drainable object, or destroy the object if it's not drainable, or create 1 object as the result. Fixed it tonight Changelog Version 1.1.1 Bugfixes [MP] Zombie corpses will no longer get added one bolt per player carrying a crossbow on the serverRepair Kits are using up charges (5 charges per Repair Kit)Fixed typo in bolt recipe so that TreeBranch is now a valid substitute for WoodenStick
  14. Cool that is a bug then. The recipe needs to define the amount that is drained I guess. I'll address this in the next version.
  15. This is AWESOME!!!! Thanks guys. IsoPhysicsObject here I come
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