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Found 4 results

  1. ZomboidXBow Hey fellow zomboiders, This mod aims at bringing the crossbow experience to Project Zomboid. It offers a variety of craftable crossbow models and ammunition types with different properties. All of these recipes force you to continuously scavenge for resources to keep you ammunition supplies up and maintain your crossbows. As your character progresses he will get access to better recipes and crossbows will become more efficient. In the beginning you will miss often, be constantly out of ammo and probably want to go back to your Axe. But if you survive long enough to get your hands on a Repeater Crossbow with Aluminum Bolts ... Quick Features Supports Single Player and Multiplayer Mechanics Retrieve your bolts from zombie corpses. They might however break on impact Craft, carry and reload from a Bolt Quiver which adds an addtional bag slot Crossbows can break at any time. Your Carpentry and Electrician skill levels determine how likely it is to happen All crossbows support all ammo types Easily switch between ammo types by using the context menu Crossbows Crossbows behave like all existing weapons: Aiming and Reloading will increase your skill level which in turn affects your chance to hit and your reload speed. Wooden Crossbow A simple crossbow Heavy Crossbow Requires Carpentry 3 Strong crossbow that can hit up to two targets Repeater Crossbow Requires Carpentry 5 Powerful crossbow that can fire up to 10 bolts in rapid succession and hit up to two targets per shoot Bolts All bolts can be fired with any crossbow. Just have a crossbow equipped as primary, right click your desired bolt in your inventory load or set as default. Wooden Bolt Simple Bolt with high chance to break Aluminum Bolt Piercing - Allows you to hit one additional target with your crossbow. Fire Bolt Target has a 90% chance to be lit on fire. Most fun but most dangerous bolt with unpredictable outcome especially on IWBUMS branch. Don't use indoors! Requirements 3DModels 32.16 Download latest version Installation Instructions All Items, Recipes and Documentation Known issues: All crossbows use the same 3DModel and Icon Crossbow 3DModel not 100% aligned Planned Test in MP Learn recipes through Books instead of hard skill requirements LOTS of balancing and tuning Better icons/models Attachments More ammunition types Misc stuff around crossbows Feedback If you like this mod (or even if you don't) I'm happy to get your feedback, bug reports and improvement suggestions. I want this to be a balanced mod and I can only get there with the help of you guys Credit to Jab for his import/export script for 3D Models which works flawlessy and his ModelLoader Fuji for his pioneer work on how to get custom 3D Model into the game and basically giving me the chance to write the mod I wanted to write ever since I bought this game WolfClaw for his excellent 3DModel tutorial ORMtnMan and his Real Guns mod gun modding reference Livio Persemprio for testing and feedback which is so important for balancing Thanks guys! I hope you enjoy this mod, many survivors perished and half of Westpoint burned down during its creation
  2. PZ Vanilla Patch 1.4.7 (DE:EN:ES:PL:RU) Missing essential things in PZ is added, cleaning of burned ash, missing skill books, missing red and black paint, missing distributions of items and many more are all here and the list keeps expanding. The aim of this mod is enhancing gameplay but with as much vanilla feel as possible. Basically if you think something is doable in game than it should be doable (It will take a lot more additions to achieve this but read on to know what have been added). Note: All features that makes the game easier are optional (default is turned on) you can turn each component off by accessing "Mod Settings", press (RShift+s). The screen will show that Mod Setting is now Enabled. Right click anywhere and you will see "Mod Settings" menu at the bottom or near the bottom. Selecting it opens 2 options ("Item Properties" & "Special Function"). "Item Properties" will make all adjustment to the said properties to be on or off so if you click "Weight" then the screen will tell you that weight is no longer adjusted but you have to exit game and load again for this to take effect. Here is the list: Item Properties Name Option : This turns on and off item display name modification from this mod. Weight Option : This turns on and off item weight modification from this mod. Durability Option : This turns on and off weapon durability modification from this mod. Delta Option : This turns on and off item number of uses modification from this mod. Icon Option : This turns on and off item icon modification from this mod. Special function, it now contains only 1 option tho all special function that might feel like a cheat will be put here in the future: Sleep Anytime : This turns on and off the ability to sleep even when you are not tired. (Note: Changes you make using item properties will only be applied after exiting the game, special functions works instantly) We removed weights of trivial game items like ammo etc so that you will focus more on surviving. Many adjustment are made with explanations on the change. Items in game with properties that made the game harder but is illogical like canned food and paint is adjusted. Already over powered items such as plaster and vinegar will be left alone. Some minor tweak on the way recipes work like returning the lid when opening a jarred food is also implemented and explained. Added new basic recipes to boil eggs, make sunny sunshine fried egg and also to make bowl of cereal. Some basic actions are added like wringing dishcloth and bath towels to dry them. Assumption: 1 zomboid weight unit = 1kg ( because weakest character can carry about 7 and strongest character can carry about 20 plus so its assumed at least 1kg or more ). i get my weight refrence from the net and some i weigh myself using a food scale that can weigh up to 5kg. I also go to the local supermarket and hardware store to find out item weights. All weight change is accompanied by logical explanation.(as of v1.3 modification to weights, display name, durability, delta and other properties of items in game is now optional and can be switched off). ----------------------------------- Full Changelist ----------------------------------- 01. Trivial items & equipments are set to weightless (Ammo, Nails, Screws, Needle etc). 02. Non trivial items weight are adjusted to real weight if in game weight is heavier. 03. Metal equipments like axe & hammer durability is increased to 5x the durability of wooden items. Its harder to break (not indestructable) to keep repair mechanism in use. 04. Renamed many item display names for easy inventory management and loot organizing. 05. Added new textures for some items in game to help differentiate between similar items. 06. Added distribution of items that are not distributed properly and become rare like jars, & jar lids and many others. 07. Added distribution update for rare mags like herbalist mag, cooking mag and hunting mag. 08. Added fix option to logically repairable items: Crowbar, Pool Cue, Raw Axe, Stone Hammer, Rolling Pin, Scissor, Screwdriver, Spade. Ignored trivial items (Butter Knife, Fork, Pen, Pencil, Spoon, Wooden Spear). Ignored undistributed items (Hockey Stick, Ice Pick, Letter Opener). 09. Added ability to clean up ash from burned corpses by using a shovel. ----------------------------------- Basic Activity - ----------------------------------- 1. Added functionality to Huggable toys (Spiffo, Doll, and Toy Bear) now you can hug them for happiness and stress bonus. (Reusable after 12 hours) 2. Added functionality to Simple toys (Cat Toy and Toy Car ) with similar mechanism like plushies but produces sound with very small sound radius. 3. Added functionality to Sound toy (Rubber Ducky) you can press this many times but eventually you will get bored. Beware tho this makes quite a noise and attract unwanted visitors. 4. Added functionality to Compound toy (Brick Toy) a toy that you can have more fun with more bricks but you have to play them on the ground so dont forget to clean up afterwards. 5. Added functionality to Brain toy (Cube) A toy that you can get better at playing. When you play this and solves it you get a good amount of boredom and happiness boost but if you fail you can try again but will get a minor penalty at hapinness and boredom. After you solve this you need to rearrange the toy to play it again. 6. Added functionality to Special toy (Deck of cards) that can be used to play solitaire, make house of cards, draw random card from a deck. Before playing solitaire dont forget to shuffle the card first. You will get better at solitaire the more you play it. 7. Added functionality to Special toy (Yoyo) that can be played multiple times but have a small chance of getting broken. Playing it produce a bit of noise so use with moderation. To fix the yoyo you need glue or wood glue and string. You also get better the more you play this. 8. Added playing the Pool Table that will give some bonus to happiness and boredom, after you complete a session you will not be able to play again for 12 hours. As you get better you will finish the session faster. 9. Added playing the Park Swing that will give some bonus to happiness and boredom these activities are loud and attract zombies. 10. Added playing the Merry go round that will give some bonus to happiness and boredom these activities are loud and attract zombies. 11. Added playing the park slide that will give some bonus to happiness and boredom these activities are loud and attract zombies.
  3. I posted this as a possible bug report here However, if this turns out to not be a bug but an intended 'feature' (as I am now suspecting), I'm trying to mod this to undo the change so that drinking manually from water bottles, bowls, mugs, etc. is possible even when not Thirsty (just like you can drink Orange Soda regardless of thirst). My first instinct was to make a mod that added the 'Drink' interaction to Water Bottle item (notably missing in the original code compared to that of Orange Soda), but this didn't work. I took a look in the code and found that making a mod containint a modified version of 'ISInventoryPaneContextMenu.lua', edited to remove the thirst check - as below - fixed the issue: if waterContainer then local drinkOption = context:addOption(getText("ContextMenu_Drink"), items, nil) local subMenuDrink = context:getNew(context) context:addSubMenu(drinkOption, subMenuDrink) subMenuDrink:addOption(getText("ContextMenu_Eat_All"), items, ISInventoryPaneContextMenu.onDrink, waterContainer, 1, player) subMenuDrink:addOption(getText("ContextMenu_Eat_Half"), items, ISInventoryPaneContextMenu.onDrink, waterContainer, 0.5, player) subMenuDrink:addOption(getText("ContextMenu_Eat_Quarter"), items, ISInventoryPaneContextMenu.onDrink, waterContainer, 0.25, player) end Obviously, though, modding existing files isn't the best way to go, but creating a standalone lua file to implement this fix is way beyond my understanding. I've been able to do this sort of thing before with simpler lua, as with professions, traits, items, etc. but 'ISInventoryPaneContextMenu.lua' is far more complicated than I'm used to trying to deal with! If anyone can point me in the right direction of what I need to do, I'd really appreciate it, as it's driving me nuts not being able to simply drink from a bottle of water at will.
  4. FreeSpawn 1.2 In the beginning i created this mod because i like to spawn at the Sunstar Hotel. i really like the place and i hate to travel there at the beginning of every game and would like to start there instead. This way i can prevent the Zs from destroying part of my would be safehouse like that nice glass window surrounding the dining area of the hotel. I share with you this mod that adds a few famous and also favourite places, This mod will let you: 1. Choose where you want to spawn. 2. You will gain ownership of the building that you spawn in so you gain the key of all doors connected to the outside. 3. This will also make sure that zombies are not present inside your starting location even if its "The Mall". 4. A preview of the place and a short description on its strength with harmless joke on the stuff, also your spawn location. Available starting location: 01. MD Cortman Medical 02. MD Kate & Baldspot Safehouse 03. MD Large Warehouse 04. MD Sunstar Hotel 05. The Farm north of Muldraugh 06. The Mall 07. WP Apartments 08. WP Food Store & Hardware Store 09. WP GIGA Mart 10. WP Police Station 11. WP School 12. WP Storage Lots 13. WP Town Hall 14. WP Twiggy.s Bar Here is the download link: http://pz-mods.net/gameplay/SYNFreeSpawn/ Steam Workshop link http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=604594440 Enjoy This mod will not be possible without: Blindcoder and his awesome map at http://pzmap.crash-override.net/ Version History
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