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Found 27 results

  1. I was thinking this would be a neat idea for an unlockable skill or some such. It would not be without consequence (You lose the whole car) but it would be a GREAT "Oh, this situation isnt looking good!" tool/ weapon. Imagine the carnage, Imagine the usefulness, imagine the FUN!!!!!!!!! KABOOOM
  2. This going to be a slew of ideas, I'll group them with similar ideas This is going to be very long so if any of this seems too far fetched/ game breaking, just skip it. I don't mind I'm also sorry if this any of these ideas were addressed somewhere else Loneliness and Bonding —Add a loneliness moodle (e.g. lonely<isolated<feeling desolate<desperate for attention) causes unhappiness similar to boredom —Can name items for different effects (e.g. naming a weapon can slightly increase resistance to panic [you are more confident with the weapon], tools can be named for increase speed/efficiency (minor though) you can find and name houseplants, fish (get them at a supermarket, place a tank found in the store in your base and carry the fish in a plastic bag or bottle), and eventually dogs as well. In the case of fish and houseplant you will need to spend water for watering and water changes/cleaning, and fishes would need to be fed certain foods (fish pellets at the store, fish bait from foraging) and perhaps fertilizer for the houseplants. These would fulfill the loneliness moodle if you don't have, or don't want to be around other players/NPCs. Each living thing would have different levels of effect (houseplant<fish<dog/cat), and if you don't care for them they will die and you will get a decent hit to your unhappiness with a similar in proportion to the living thing's loneliness modifier. Same with tools and weapons if you lose (leave it alone far away for too long) or break it. —In order to prevent players from naming everything for a bonus, they would need to use the tool/weapon for a while (I don't think this should apply to pets and houseplants since getting them should be the challenge) (damaging the item making it more costly to name unless you can repair) and you can only name one from each category (tool, melee weapon, gun, one fish tank with a max of 3-5 fish [maybe, less for a fish bowl—and making it harder to clean—] a handful of plants, and maybe 1-3 dogs). Houseplants and fish 6 months after should be extremely rare, maybe you have to catch the fish or find a pretty wildflower in order to have a something with a similar, but less effective property. Weapon Inspection, Condition, Improvised Weapons, and Possible Throwing —Weapons should have an inspection action like tailoring clothing (this could already be planned). However, there could be a "structurally weaking damage" wear type. For example your bat has a crack in the handle, the bat is still in good condition barring the obvious, this crack has a certain percentage or number that can cause the whole weapon to fail when in use. It may be mitigated by certain repairs, but most likely it won't completely fix the damage (you'd better finding a new one or making one if you want perfect). If it has a critical fail when the overall condition is still high, it would surprise your character causing increase panic (at least when using it fighting zombies). It would also make named weapons more likely to break. To not make weapons completely infuriating, they would have great conditions overall and break "normally" less frequently. —There could be the possibility of making some normal items a last-ditch-effort weapon. Chairs come to mind as a medium damage weapon with high stamina demand and very slow animations/swings. Maybe make the Chair able to keep zombies away from by readying/aiming, but this would also use up stamina fast (increasing with the number of zombies). Any item with some heft/pointy end that can be handled effectively can be included as an 'Improvised weapon". —The ability to throw weapons would be a nice feature to give variety to combat. You can throw spears, single handed blunt weapons (maybe two handed), and bladed, each with a different effect. Non-bladed weapons would "DONK" and maybe knock the zombie over with about the same damage of one hit with the same weapon. Bladed weapons like a hatchet or a knife would stab /chop into the zombie doing more damage (perhaps a few swings) with less knockover effect, and spear would be powerful but at a higher cost (they break easier used this way, have very little knockover effect, and have a much smaller chance of hitting the head—the only time it does reasonable damage). Each weapon may also have a chance to hit effectively (going up with a skill). If the check fails the weapon hits the zombie with the handle or some other ineffective spot and does very little if anything. This could be done with improvised weapons as well (think "Dudes of Hazmat" with the cans). Motivation, Willpower and Moodle changes —Could there be a motivation system in place? If one is bored, then one wouldn't be motivated to do tedious work like crafting certain items, tailoring, etc. Other moodles could have effects on different tasks, but the main effector of motivation would be the unhappy moodle. The unhappy moodle doesn't really have a major effect that really burdens the player. When depressed, the character won't want to do most actions (basically anything that the player has direct control over: moving, fighting, and looting with the same slow looting/organizing debuff wouldn't be affected). This represents the character starting to give up. It makes the mental moodles more effective especially unhappiness, which i would say should be one of the major survival moodle. Maybe (distracted, unmotivated, apathetic, vegetative) it could also be a form of "focus" from doing too much mentally straining activities. The higher the unhappiness, stress, or boredom the faster the moodle sets in. Plus, it could also make you feel more fatigued as a form of being unmotivated to move. —However, I don't think control of the character shouldn't be given up. No hard locking action when you would think even when depressed your character would still perform the action. This is where "Willpower" would come in. Whether this would be another moodle or some unseen number like nutrition. It would allow the character do things outside of their natural ability, including doing things that they aren't naturally motivated to do. This would be a precious commodity that would be hard to recover as you would need to have no negative effects or maybe positive effects like a "satiated" moodle for unhappiness like "content". *Note: I don't want to bombard everyone with 126 gallon-load of new moodles especially when so many of them have little difference so if any of these ideas could just be added to pre existing moodles that would work too —Stress maybe could have a chance to send you into extreme panic (i.e. a panic attack) the deeper you are into that moodle. I also believe there could be more separation from panic (fear), being its own gnawing dull pain (stress) when it comes to the effects of game play. As said above it would increase the chance to become panicked, and make it so that it becomes harder to get rid of panic. It could be more like boredom in the sense that it causes panic rather than causing a drop in damage and accuracy. Either panic or stress (I think stress) could have a paranoia effect making sounds like zombie moans, rustling while in the woods, and other sounds that could be hear in a normal dangerous situation (if stress is chosen then it would give other effects beside causing panic. —Hunger, I think, shouldn't kill you so fast rather it should cause loss of fat and muscle. This would make a obese and overweight traits worth less points, though. the loss of muscle would result in the loss of strength and fitness. Making hunger less lethal (you will still die after several days as dying after weeks would take too long), but a very detrimental moodle to have for the long run. hunger should also be a little harder to satisfy —Wet moodle shouldn't cause a cold and only effect would be getting warm is harder and freezing is faster. However, I think colds should, along with other possible disease (like norovirus that causes a faster loss of hunger) should be contracted in a normal way, through fomites and food. Being dirty would cause your character to pick up disease more often, and maybe eating food without clean tableware would increase the chance getting a disease while eating with tableware would decrease it (though chips and the like wouldn't have the same effect as cooked and fresh food). This could make it harder to prevent colds and other diseases. (clean hands means a clean body) Survival changes —Survival tools seem to be too unrealistic. A stone hammer, as it is, would be wasting time with trying to attach a handle to a stone. Instead a stone by itself or maybe knapping a stone with another stone would make a hammer stone would be better. It could have a chance to hurt your hand like furrowing with hands, and would be still inefficient maybe even more so. However, the axe is the complete opposite. An axe would take forever to make irl. It's not just tying a stone with a knapped edge onto a stick. There is two different types of stone axes that I can think of: celts and grooved stones (pictured below). both involve either finding a good shaped stone or knapping a stone into a shape that can be polished down into a head that has a sharp edge with the same polishing technique. This takes a long time. Even the Acheulean hand axes used by our ancestors took a long time to make with a lot of different skills needed. The only way I can think of making an axe/ axe like tool quickly is by polishing and knapping a stone into a easily held wedge that can be used as a handaxe or a chisel, but this wouldn't be able to cut down a large tree as I guess that would take days. In the survival crafting menu you can knap two stone to make hammerstones and crude stone edge (chipped stone). In order to make a axe head or the chisel I talked about you would need to have water/ be near water and have the chipped stone and another stone (though sand is usually used, but that could be too much) so that you can polished the knapped stone into an axe head (which stone axes would be better than chisels, but worst than modern axes. —Another change would be to make a forage only fire starter that is even weaker/inefficient than the notched plank and a sturdy stick. Man-made wood would be easier to work with (flat board easy to drill into and a smooth stick would be easier to handle), but you could definitely use sticks to make a similar friction fire. Perhaps have it called a fire plow (since it is another type of friction fire starter type that would make it distiquable from the hand drill method) you can make the fire plow (the stick) the fire stick (for a lack of a better name then "board") out of sticks. For balance it'll break quickly, and will not make fires very well unless with a skill, maybe. Just something for the survival nerds like me. (most of this comes from experience) Thanks for any consideration. I'm open to any discussion about these ideas.
  3. Ever since I first used the spear I've noticed a discrepancy with the animations. Two of the animations are a straight stab and the remaining one is a sort of sweeping slice attack. I always thought it was odd how I could stab two zombies standing about a meter apart with the same spear thrust. Hitting two zombies at once with the sweeping attack makes sense, but not with the stab, unless it's the critical thrust and the zombies are standing in a line. I'm not sure what the best way would be to execute this, as weapon swinging has only ever belonged to the left mouse button, but it's still worth looking into. Picking off stragglers? Get in there with a decisive strike. Trying to keep a group of them back? Go for a sweeping strike that divides the kinetic force of the swing between two targets and doesn't leave you open to getting bitten.
  4. I've just about clocked my 24th hour on the current IWBUMS build, with 100+ prior plus a handful more from the Kate + Baldspot versions. I'm really enjoying the new mechanics and features so far; the following is a bunch of things I hope to see changed/added. Beyond the list of commonly suggested suggestions (Some of which I will be reiterating), I'm somewhat ignorant of currently planned features and content, so I apologise if any of this already is. Likewise I'm going to ignore developmental constraints and engine limitations for the time being and present everything as I'd like to see it. Where stats and numbers are concerned, in most cases I'm pulling them out my arse for examples' sake. Anything marked with *, even I think might be too complex to be worthwhile Sandbox - Weighted "Random" Zombie attributes, and/or zombie type definitions & Loot Rarity options This is probably the most simple suggestion here, and the one I feel most strongly about so I'll start with it - the customisation options regarding zombies are quite limited. In short, I'd wish for the player to be able to weight each attribute to their pleasing. For example, I could choose for 5% of zombies to have the ability to navigate + use doors, while 10% are sprinters, 20% are blind, etc - making them unpredictable, without having an overwhelming number of zombies with or without X and Y properties. As for zombie type definitions, you create several rulesets and again, weight them for incidence. For example, my Type 1 Zombie constitues 80% of the population, and I go with the standard lore for them. For the remaining 20%, my Type 2 Zombies are weak, blind sprinters with a hightened sense of smell, but they are unable to pass on the infection. This could go so far as to be targeted to existing zombie types, eg. the player could choose for firemen zombies to always be strong, police zombies will always have better eyesight, military zombies will always be sprinters etc but I digress. The same could apply somewhat to vehicles. For example I'd like to be able to set parked cars to either have 0 fuel or 10-100%, and in generally fine condition, but are almost certainly locked and alarmed - While survivor vehicles will be beat up, either out of fuel and/or too damaged to start, and never alarmed Also, being able to allow zombies to use (melee) weapons would certainly be interesting. As for loot rarity settings, I'd like to see them further divided; "Weapons" into Melee, Firearm, Ranged, Ammunition ; "Other" into Medical, Crafting, Books, Electronics etc. Food is fine as it is I suppose. Sound This was pointed out in another thread, but there's quite a disconnect between the sounds the player hears, and those heard by the zombies. Doors opening and closing are, as far as I can tell, completely silent as far as the zombies are concerned, but early on I remember being very hesitant to touch them because I hear them. For this case, the player could have a toggle to open/close doors quietly, taking longer to do so in the latter case. More importantly, I find that it's practically impossible to tell how far north/south a sound is coming from, while East/West seems easy enough. The sound of gunshots seems to travel much further than the player hears. Sounds produced inside or from behind buildings & obstacles are muffled for the player, but I can't tell if this is the case for zombies. If it isn't, I'd hope that changes. Firearms - Dirt vs Condition The most common cause of a firearm malfunctioning beyond mishandling is dirt and debris entering the action, rather than outright damage. Simply enough, firearm condition would take a loooong time to degrade unless they're directly damaged (And the more degraded its moving parts, the quicker it will damage its self) - but firing them, crawling through woodland with them on your person, dropping them and splattering zombie guts all over them would all contribute to increased dirt. At low levels, just water can be used to clean it. But for a seriously gunked-up firearm, it'd necessitate disassembly, cleaning with water and tools, and re-oiling. If we want to go really into depth with it, as if we weren't already, you wouldn't just be able to duct-tape the working parts back into functionality. Rather, you'd be able to strip the components from compatible weapons in the same fashion as the vehicle mechanics currently work; My M16's bolt is damaged - I need to find (or manufacture, good luck?) another. My shotgun's stock is cracked - That I can fix with wood-glue or duct-tape. Where applicable, mechanics, metalwork and carpentry skill would factor in. Suppressors Yes, it's been suggested many times (even by myself) and somewhat definitively shot down, but while I'm here I'd like to reiterate why I think they'd be a positive addition, while addressing some of the misconceptions around them as applied to Zomboid. To get that bit out the way first: A suppressor does not make a firearm truly silent - far from it. All the mods that include them, to my memory, had them completely nullify the volume of a shot. This is uninteresting from a gameplay standpoint in addition to being almost entirely unrealistic. So with that said, what is the need for suppressors in the game? Currently, firearms are in a weird place. In reality, they'd probably be one of the most valuable tools attainable, or at least would appear to be as evidenced by how high novice players especially tend to place them on the priority list. Throughout most of the game however, they're practically irrelevant especially as weapons. If you're in a situation bad enough to warrant their use, firing a few shots is almost always going to make it even worse - the only real exceptions being very remote areas. Ultimately, firearms' utility boils down to them being an on-demand loud noise that can be used to kite zombies away from your intended destination. That is until you've stockpiled enough guns, ammo and if MP/NPCs, people, to use them to clear out the entire cell's worth of zombies that will be attracted to the noise. How would I have them work? -* The noise of a shot is divided into two components - The report (The gunshot its self, the radius surrounding the shooter in which the shot is heard) and the bullet (Noise in direction of fire, extends beyond distance of report radius) - To (poorly) illustrate: - The best suppressor reduces the volume of the report by up to 70%, the distance it travels by up to 60% - dependent on calibre. In other words, the already-quieter and weaker guns would get the most volume reduction; the louder and more powerful a firearm the less benefit a suppressor would convey. - *Subsonic ammunition (where the "standard" round is otherwise supersonic) can be used to decrease the volume of the noise generated by the bullet, whether or not it's suppressed - *at the cost of range and/or damage. - Military/commercial-grade suppressors can be found. Extremely rare, most likely found in military storage/NPCs/zombies - Absolutely minuscule chance of spawning in homes or already attached to firearms - Several levels of improvised suppressors can be crafted, contingent on Metalwork and Mechanics skills - possibly necessitating a skill magazine too - *Military/commercial suppressors are caliber-specific. Crafted suppressors are generic until attached to a firearm. - Suppressors have durability; The more they degrade, the less effective they are (But they will always keep a firearm quieter than otherwise). *The higher the calibre, the more quickly they degrade. A commercial-grade suppressor will last roughly 500 shots before its effectivness bottoms out, while a top-tier crafted suppressor will last roughly 300. - Using a suppressor increases the chance of a firearm malfunctioning and/or increases rate of firearm degradation/dirt gain through firing. *The more crude the suppressor, the greater its influence on degradation/malfunction/dirt. Even with the quietest possible firearm, you wouldn't be able to use it with impunity just because it's suppressed - it'd still be heard for a block or two, but toward the edges of that radius it might not be so loud as to overpower everything else a given zombie is hearing. So for more sparsely populated areas as well as the interior of large buildings, using a firearm becomes much more viable beyond kiting - using a suppressed gun in an emergency would stand a much greater chance of getting you out of it without attracting too much more attention. Bows In the same vein as suppressors, bows and crossbows would make for an interesting addition; Again there would be craftable and non-craftable variants. Compared to (even suppressed) firearms they'd be relatively quiet and more sustainable in terms of ammo consumption. However, they'd be much more difficult to use than firearms, with generally shorter range - though their relative quietness would allow you to gain more experience in practice. I feel like they could use their own set of skills, but that might be going overboard. - Short Bows: Short range, low damage, quietest, decent refire rate, low exertion. Crafting requires beginner carpentry. - Long Bows: Longest range, middling damage, middling volume, slower refire rate, highest exertion. Crafting requires intermediate carpentry. - Crossbows: Middling range, highest damage, loudest, slowest refire rate, middling exertion. Crafting requires intermediate mechanics, beginner metalwork and beginner carpentry. Again, the ability to craft them could be contingent on skill magazines. There could be several varieties of each type, particularly amongst "found" ones, each modifying some of those stats. For example a modern composite bow might be a lot quieter, a modern crossbow pistol might be much faster yet do less damage. I don't know much about archery, but I imagine it's even more bottomless pit of possibilities than I'm presenting here. Vehicle modification & repairs I won't go too into depth with this one, but it essentially boils down to weaponising and up-armouring vehicles. Create a plow and strap it to the front to reduce slowdown and damage caused by mowing down zombies (And humans!), bullbars to reduce collision damage, weld bars across windows and windshields to protect them (reduced visibility?), metal plating on bodywork to protect components and occupants from firearms. Would require metalworking and mechanics skills where applicable. I would like to see the ability to repair bodywork- minor dents would only require a hammer, while more serious damage could be patched over with metal sheets and such. Of course, all that added weight will reduce acceleration, max speed and increase fuel consumption. To go even further with it, you could frankensetein cars together, eg shove a V8 into a hatchback and become an accident waiting to happen. Medical & Physiological I feel like wounds are too easy to disinfect, and antibiotics are a get-out-of-jail-free card should you be unable to disinfect them. I think that for the more persistent injuries you should have to disinfect them multiple times - and regardless, that there should still be a chance of infection dependent on First Aid skill and the quality of dressings, especially if you're still fighting zombies or pissing about in the mud. As for the zombie infection, again I'm aware it's a definitive "no" for a cure, but I feel like giving the player a death sentence with no way to come back from it kinda sucks. Eating plenty could help delay it, amputation could prevent it spreading (but that's a pretty tall order considering the development implications). Beyond that, I think the best compromise would be a drug that can delay it perpetually so long as you have a supply, necessitating a sorta gun-to-your-head approach in getting your next dose. It'd have to be very rare, but maybe there could be a chemistry skill allowing synthesis of this drug at the highest level, with some difficult to acquire/sustain ingredients - in addition to allowing synthesis of disinfectants, medicinal drugs and alcohol. I've also found it a lot more difficult to lose weight in PZ than in reality - I've lost 7kg over the past two months, and as soon as I started maintaining a calorie deficit it started dropping - This doesn't seem to be how it works in-game, with some weird long lag period between not eating and losing the weight. There's no real reason a full day of not eating should not result in weight loss. For relatively minor arm and hand injuries (scratches particularly), I find attack speed is diminished way too much - Adrenaline and the instinct for self-preservation are going to take precedence over keeping such injuries safe in the face of a handful of zombies. I'd rather they diminished accuracy, with only lacerations or anything more serious affecting attack speed. Also rather than the speed of the entire process being reduced, I think it should just be recovery - so the length of time between swings/stabs stays the same, but there's no delay between starting and connecting the attack. Having wounds re-open as a consequence of fighting while injured would give this more depth too, though it could possibly be too frustrating. Improvised Armour & Tailoring As I understand it the protection system is still in its infancy, but again the depth it could go to is endless. Improvised armour could be modifications to existing clothing items, or stand-alone clothing items in themselves. Why not both, beyond the countless hours to code it all and create art? Facetiousness aside, improvised armour would be applicable to each body part that can be damaged. It could be made from all sorts - the heavier the material/larger the piece, the larger the debuffs to movement speed, exertion and/or attack speed dependent on which body part they're worn on, but the greater the protection. So you could be a walking tank but the moment you have to run you're buggered, or you could travel very light and get bitten by the next zombie you encounter, or anything in between. Ballistic protection With armoured vests already in the game and NPCs on the way (or already here with Super(b) survivors, not to mention PvP functionality in MP), ballistic protection has a role to play. Most items that can protect against scratches and bites would likely be useless in the face of a bullet - however some types of improvised (if implemented) or found armour might be better than nothing. Eg. a shot to a flak jacket might cause what would otherwise be a bullet wound to be a bruise. Having both entry and exit wounds possible would also be interesting. Traits Some traits I think should be able to be acquired through gameplay, especially across in-game years, eg. near/far-sightedness, deafness (esp. if you've been in proximity to firearms being shot). As another example, if you smoke too many cigarettes too quickly, you gain the smoker trait; If you abstain, you lose it (after a long time). I feel like athletic, strong, stout and fit shouldn't be traits at all beyond defining your character's starting attributes, and from there would be defined by diet and exercise as with over/underweightedness. Desensitisation could occur after X time in a panic state, with that time lengthened by the Coward trait and shortened by the Brave trait. Professions I feel like some of them are quite lacking - they give you a leg up compared to a traitless, professionless character for sure, but I don't feel like they anywhere near fully reflect the experience someone in that given line of work would really have. For example, I'd imagine a combat veteran to be much more than 20% better than the uninitiated when it comes to all things firearm, and to have some experience with construction, greater aptitude for figuring out improvised explosives. A carpenter by trade would be able to make something much more refined than a bunch of wooden planks assembled into the form of a chair Quality of life/"minor" feature/content wishlist - (Toggle to?) Automatically drop vehicle components when removed - Wheels, brakes, suspension, seats, gas tanks, doors, windows etc. - Allow queueing of constructions eg. walls - Allow all interactions with wounds at all times (assuming I have the requisite supplies) so I don't have to wait for eg. a disinfect operation to complete before I can queue up the bandage. - Almost all clothing items should, imo, provide some scratch and/or bite defence even if it's 1-5% - Leaving car key in ignition drains battery - Skill books renamed to <Skill> for Beginners, <Skill> for Intermediates for better sorting - Maps renamed to Map of <Location> - Annotated maps suffixed with (Annotated). Eg. "Map of West Point (Annotated)" - Welding mask functions as apparrel face item - More options regarding meta events, ie. Frequency, cut-off dates etc. - Generally increase range of firearms - With the Aiming skill given by the Police profession, you can't even attempt a target across a road which I find to be silly. - Different types of belt with greater capacity - Ejecting a magazine from a firearm should not immediately replace it if another is available - Eg. I'll pick up a pistol that I intend to throw away to nick its mag, only to load one I was carrying with me into it - Fix for eating, smoking or otherwise performing animated actions that still allow you to move, the player-character stops every time they change direction. - Aiming/looking/sneaking should be able to be performed while crouched, instead of standing up to do so. - Switching equipped items via the belt possible while sprinting, with a chance of dropping it dependent on All Thumbs/Dextrous trait, and Sprinting skill - Reloading firearms possible while jogging, with a chance of dropping the mag to load dependent on All Thumbs/Dextrous trait and Reloading skill - Bandaging/disinfecting arms, torso and head possible while jogging, with a chance of failure and/or dropping/wasting the bandage/wipe/disinfectant dependent on All Thumbs/Dextrous trait and First Aid skill - A proper equipment/clothing UI, similar to the Medical menu instead of sectioning off part of the existing inventory list - More in-depth categorisation of items, eg. medical supplies, construction/crafting items etc. - The ability to "Loot/Transfer All in Category" when mousing over a given item in container/inventory - Ability to change sandbox settings in SP - Button to leave the current car's key in its glovebox - Keys spawn for ALL vehicles - but they might be on a zombie on the other side of town - or a different town - Vehicle cruise control - Wire Cutters to cut holes in wire fences - Jimmy vehicle door locks with screwdriver, pry locked doors open with crowbar - high chance of destroying the lock, room for a skill/trait to factor in - Reading in darkness takes longer, increases boredom gain - at some point it becomes impossible to read - Reduce exertion of Wood Axe, currently feels more efficient to use regular Axe to chop trees NPC/Meta/Story events - Special Forces/Hazmat teams investigating certain sites, analysing zombie corpses, downloading computer data, extracting VIPs and such - If suppressors ever get in, they'd have them, and they'd shoot survivors on-sight. Good loot on them but practically impossible to kill without an army of your own and/or severe manipulation of the zombie hordes - And that's if you even cross paths with them in the first place. - Helicopter crashlanding - would havefer a decent stock of relatively obscure supplies, at great risk. Could have some more worldbuilding/story items on board. After a given length of time, the wreck could be destroyed and its important contents recovered by aforementioned SF teams - especially if there are survivors of the crash. There could also be civilian variations, a news chopper for example. - Injured/imperiled survivor(s) on ham radio asking for assistance - Survivors intending to rob you, using above as a lure as one option So, that's a big old text dump. There's probably a lot more I could add to this list that currently escapes me. And of what's already here, there will be a lot that each of you will disagree with, but please do mention anything you would really like before you shoot the rest of it down. But beyond that go crazy, it's a lot more effort for the devs to implement any of this rambling than it is for me to think and type it up.
  5. So I've gotten used to the new combat mechanics and I find the walk speed while aiming to be painfully (usually gets you killed) slow and I think that adding the ability to hold shift to speed up would be great. Also if this does get implemented, I think that if the player speeds up while moving backwards could actually fall over if they bump into furniture.
  6. first of all, i can't use both my hands and so i use a gaming mouse, which 7 customizable buttons. 4 are for movement, 1 for crouch, 1 for Interact and 1 for run now, i really dislike that i have to use spacebar to stomp, especially when i have to quickly go back to using the mouse. please let there be an option to let the "E/Interact" key stomp zombies below our feet. also, the aiming: i often miss because i have to get close to the head and when i have to react quick to other zombies, it's quite annoying. sure it's more realistic but i bet there are real people who could stomp like that.
  7. Rather self explanatory in attachments. Only equippable after putting in left hand then right clicking and equipping on both. It wasn't caused by any mods too, since I don't got any on. It's quite gamebreaking since when you need to re-equip a certain weapon (and it's two handed) then you might be screwed.
  8. Looking at the newest blog post, I'm a little confused. Why is 1-1 combat being made easier? Zombies are already so much easier than they were a few years ago. Their animation's been slowed down and their hit registry feels off to the point I can stand in one place, let one keep doing its thing at me, and not get "hit" for a good 2 or 3 seconds. Especially on higher strength or speed settings zombies should be dangerous. If anything, they should be buffed. More pulling, clawing, punching, and tackling with the new animations, better hit responses to where if they do their animation, you get hit. You shouldn't be able to treat even small groups of zombies like a joke, but you can right now and apparently the group buffs are being dialed back. I don't think this is the way it needs to go, or maybe there should be a zed difficulty setting added that changes exactly how powerful they are more than the vague options we have now. My suggestion would be to either revert whatever nerfs or changes are coming to make individual fights easier, keep whatever group buffs there are after tuning them, and implement more concise, effective options for zombie difficulty. Superhuman strength should let them pull you down and hit you hard when they hit. Higher sense should give them better reactions. That sorta thing. I remember back in the DayZ days people complained zombies were too hard and they nerfed them big time, and in the recent game Hunt: Showdown similar complaints led its zombie-ish monsters to get nerfed into pointless distractions. I don't want that to happen with PZ. Zombies should be a threat you have to be careful with and learn to manage, not something you can easily strafe around and stunlock solo or even in groups, which you can do now. One shouldn't be instant death, not at all, but it shouldn't get any easier than it is right now.
  9. Hello! I've made a combat tutorial that some people have found helpful, and hopefully people here find it helpful too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JduW2fEBzI&t=881s
  10. A suggestion for improvement of Human vs. Human combat. As we saw in the bloody massacre video, now there is 3 different attacks - swing from the left to the right, direct hit to the head and uppercut. I suggest to add an option to block an attack from 1 of 3 directions - slightly similar to like Mount and Blade did (that's one of the best fighting systems, imo. Link). If defender is blocking wrong direction, while attacker hits him - he will still take damage. One thing I don't sure is how it would work. I can think of 2 ways: Manual. Determines by the direction of walking. For example, if you walk backwards it will be a down-direction block. Pretty hard for newbies, but sounds fun. Automatic. Every time defender presses "block" button the game will select "proper" block depending on attacker's attack. May be too OP, when defender spams "block", until Windows message "Would you like to permanently enable Shift?" pops-up. Both. Maybe, selectable, like current reloading option. Shields. Similar to M&B, blocks all directions at once, but requires 1 hand and tends to break. And also, some bonus for axe and other "heavy" weapons for breaking blocks. Would it be too complex? Sometimes complexity is even better, making combat something to master.
  11. I made some posts in the Hydrocraft mod thread showing the java behind melee combat and some quick thoughts on it. See here and here I am going to use this thread to summarize my findings, so others can use them as a reference. Firstly: Skill modifiers and weapon categories. What do they affect? By how much? If the weapon has the category "Unarmed", no perk related. The only calculation for unarmed is that it is capped at 0.7 damage per hit. NOTE MODDERS: This means if you categorize a weapon in your scripts as unarmed, putting max damage higher than 0.7 does nothing. These are not intuitive at all. Rather than either starting at 100% damage and increasing (bonus damage) or starting at a low point and reaching 100% at level 10 (competency), skills in project zomboid are a mixture of both. If the weapon has the category of "Blade" or "Axe", use Blade Accuracy perk (java name=PerkFactory.Perks.Axe): If the weapon has the category of "Blunt", use Blunt Accuracy perk (java name=PerkFactory.PerksBlunt): Both Axe and Blunt perks affect damage the same way. 0:30%, 1:40%, 2:50%, 3:60%, 4:70%, 5:80%, 6:90, 7:100%, 8:110%, 9:120%, 10:130% Or, to put it more compactly: Damage = TotalDamage*(0.3+PerkLevel*0.1) If the weapon is "Ranged" (not category), Aiming level affects critchance, not damage. The calculation is weapon.critchance + weapon.AimingPerkCritModifier * (AimingLevel/2) So for calculating the maximum crit of you custom guns, add the amingcritmodifier only 5 times, not 10. Lastly calculated, If the weapon has the category of "Axe" and the target is NOT knocked over. Double damage. Yup, axes do double damage to all standing targets. ORDER OF CALCULATION None of these calculations are exclusive! Furthermore, none of the melee checks actually restricts themselves to melee weapons. So, if you have a firearm (isRanged=TRUE) with the categories Unarmed,Axe,Blunt, and you attack a standing zombie, the following would happen. Get damage from weapon/wielder. If damage is more than 0.7, reduce to 0.7 (unarmed). damage *= 0.3+AxeLevel*0.1 damage *= 0.3+BluntLevel*0.1 critical chance = weapon.critchance + weapon.AimingPerkCritModifier * (AimingLevel/2) damage = damage*2 (Axe) There may be checks earlier in the code to prevent such items from existing at startup, but I know you can make these with lua. NOTE: I have yet to find any references to "improvised" in the code. I'll keep looking. Next time, Strength, endurance, push back, knockdown, and YOU!
  12. We all know that they plan to change combat system in PZ. Here is my view about how the combat system should look like in ver 1.0 I don’t want to go much into detail as I have faith in devs so ill just point main things with some explanation why I want to see them. Gear 1) weapons: more weapons to choose from is obvious thing. Machete, wrench, katana and many more but also different qualities of the same gear worn leather jacket, fine quality leather jacket, old rusty axe, sharp axe etc. You can use both of them to chop trees but the have a bit different stats. Nothing major but still tier 1 weapon will be worse than t2 (just like 5-10%). WHY? We love to collect things. All MMOs are so addicting because players like to collect things. Small stats difference will do for them to spend hours in search for that perfect weapon and still keep the balance of the game. 2) Upgrade gear: add the possibility to upgrade the gear we have. Sharp our blade weapons, balance blunt weapons, reinforce armor etc. Tie it to maintenance skill or some new kind of occupation and let us improve gear we find. The reason for this is just the same as for different gear qualities. This time is a bit less random but finding a good gear and then the right person that can improve it to finnaly get “ perfect weapon/armor” will be nice addiction for most of us. 3) More ranged weapons that use the same ammo. It’s a bit the same thins as 1) but this time impact is bigger. I just don’t like that in most cases ammo X fits only to gun Y, ammo A to gun B etc. I like the situation like we have with fuel right now, will you use it to fuel up generator, create a flame bomb or fuel up a car (on day). A rare version of gun X that use the same ammo but have different stats would add that kind of dilemma. Few Examples hunting rifle -> sniper rifle (better range), shotgun -> duble barrel shotgun (better damage, more spread), pistol -> automatic pistol (higher fire rate). 4) Armor and shields. Leather jackets, baseball gear, riot gear, chain mails etc that give us protection vs bite and scratch. I don’t want to see a easy choices about gear like riot gear is better than leather jacket. All protection gear have to have downsides. Like: it weight more, it slows your swing and movement time, you get exhausted faster, for head gear it can limit your cone of view. Chain mails makes a lot of noise when you move and fight. Os instead of picking the armor with best protective stats you will pick the best one for the situation you are in. Its another thing to collect, and another thing that give us an option. I like games with a lot of different and hard decisions to make. It will reward those that play smart. Skills and fighting. Unlocking new skill levels in blunt and blade skills will give us access to new killing moves. Each of that special attack will have own attack speed, endurance / energy cost, range, damage and cooldown. There wont be the best attack you will have to choose the right one for given situation. Cooldown is important otherwise we would just switch normal attack spam with special attack spam. Few ideas: blown down, heavy strike (slow, high energy cost but huge dmg), sweep strike (hits 3 targets in front and have pushback effect, lower dmg). 1 hit jaw stab also as separate blade skill. Some skills would be more effective vs zeds, some vs humans (like fast stabs in chest, good to kill a human but not so effective vs undead). At higher skill levels we can gain access to improved versions of those attacks (lower energy cost, lower cooldown etc). Right now IMO its to easy for non combat build characters to kill large number of zeds. Pure combat build would be viable and with new animation update combat fighting horde would be very eye appealing. Ofc leveling up combat skills can also give us passive traits not only active abilities. Some ideas about them, dual wielding weapons (dual pistol or dual hatchet), reloading while running (slower than normal but still). Small energy gain after killing zombie (to represent anger / fury). I know that Project Zomboid is not focused around combat but still combat is an important part of the game and some of us enjoy playing the game with combat build. We have a nice crafting professions, a high level carpenter or doctor are great to have in community, lets make good battle hardened fighters also a valuable community members.
  13. Fight with your friend or a random opponent in Multiplayer mode or complete six challenging levels in Single Player mode. Get it from Play Store:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.thoughtshastra.kungfufightinggame Game Features:Single and Multiplayer game modes Choose and customise your fighter Create your own combo moves Complete 6 challenging levelsGame Trailer:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4n2xTVV-o1Y Be part of the kung fu community on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/kungfuglory/
  14. I think melee weapons should have more durability. (I know there is a post about this) Because, if you think in IRL how many times your knife or axe brokes after being used 10-30 times... I mean are there really so bad axes or baseball bats or knives which do get broken after being used for a while... Yeah, I know how weak those kitchen knifes are what you buy and so on... But if you think about hunting knife, should the name already tell that the knife is made to withstand cutting flesh and bones ? And axes.. I have one in my garage which has been used for 6 years now, and every year I use it to chop down branches and logs, and there has not been done any repair to it, and it has been only sharpened once. I don't think that person or zombies is much more tougher than a pine tree (correct me if i'm wrong). Crowbar.. Made 100% from steel... "1.43% Degradation." Yeah... Im just going to leave this here.... Kitchen knife: 50% Degradation, umm "every day i chop some vegetables and my knife just turns into dust" I cri evri tim. Yeah I do understand that the handle breaks down but how about the blade ? Can't you just take a mop and use duct tape to make spear ? Because it's annoying when the game is not about finding water and food... But about constantly finding a new weapon because previous one broke down...
  15. How is this possible, after IP banning, kicking, closing the server open option to false for a few hours, and banning at least 60 times and trapping him in a brick box (Shoutout to Extended Buildings mod ), killing him over and over again, I log on to see this from a player named "Alice". It's a lot worse around the map, but this is just an example around West Point of what I just woke up to. I'm super stumped on what to do. How are people able to mod stuff this serious for results like this? Is there a lua checker/cheater system? Is it really that easy? I'd like to know some information about it and how they are able to do this because maybe it will help in combating it. Is there a way to clean the map of items or a specific item so I don't have to pick up every item? Or a server reboot option? I'm at a lost. He's also spamming constantly and I can't mute him via chat(?).. Is there a way to disable someone from moving? Like, locking them in a sense? Because then I could just do that and they wouldn't be able to do anything.. Need suggestions from the community. (I know I can just whitelist the server, but I rather not do that, so I'm looking for any other suggestions anyone has on dealing with this kind of issue) *This has been an ongoing battle with this one guy for a few days and I'm so exhausted from dealing with a 6 year old modder who hasn't developed common sense and respect. I need suggestions before I go crazy. Haha. *Someone said I could VAC ban him? Is this game protected by VAC? If so, how do I take the steps to do that?
  16. Hello everyone, I had this idea that, as far as I can tell, doesn't appear in the "often suggested" or "definitive no" lists. It goes as follows: When using a bladed weapon, the player has the possibility of lathering it in zombie blood, making it "infectious". Hitting another player (or NPC) would mean contact with zombie blood, and thus risk of infection. The chance wouldn't be as high as being bitten, but it could still be substantial depending on the damage done. I actually got this idea while playing the walking dead game. There's a scene where a character hacks another's arm off with a bloodied axe. Even if the arm came off, the blood on the axe would have meant the infection was still there. So basically I feel like it could be a nice little trick to add. Not sure whether it would make certain weapons OP though...
  17. So! Another idea popped in the old brain of mine! Adrenaline trait- When in combat for a course of time, your adrenaline would pump! (YEAH BABY!) So you run faster for escapes for a short period of time and last a little longer before high exertion... nothing to major and this trait should be very costly being so its not over powered. I think puttin it in the game all together it would ruin it because the effect after it wore off would be your tired increases dramtically, which i wouldnt like but would have fun with this trait as a option to try. Creams loot- Im not sure if this would work or be to much of a negative but its and idea... So you been running through the forest and you hit a patch of poison ivy or what not.. Gotta loot bathrooms for the ointment now, i mean you cant tell me theres no poison oak in a whole batch of woods in KY?? Maybe you guys can help me balance this or maybe its just to much trouble for the average player.... idk just a idea guys
  18. Just a few suggestions that I think are much needed 1. Crouching: for me this is a must. No one in any real situation would just walk down the street past a zombie and it wouldnt notice them. Put in a crouching feature that lets us sneak about around town un noticed without looking like were just strolling down the street. 2.Stealth kills, its nothing like walking up to a zombie that banging on a door and doesnt notice you. But when you try to swing and kill it you either end up hitting the door or just lightly hitting the zombie or push it away. Having the ability to kill unexpected zombies should be looked at. Thats all I have for now ill update if I have any other ideas or people expand on these ideas.
  19. Well as of now all your character does without a weapon is push zombies down and stomp on there faces. So I think it would be a good idea to add unarmed melee combat against humans only. This means you would use your fists and perhaps even your feet when fighting other players/npcs. So you would be using your fists against npcs and players and pushing zombies down and stomping on there faces as you always have without a weapon. (Perhaps make and unarmed combat skill to go along with it?)
  20. So, after a bunch of stopping, aiming, clickng, and running, I realize that the waay in the game is not at all how I would kill zombies. As of now, the only real factor determining whether you live or die in combat is timing. No one would never fight in real life like it takes place in game. I say new options should be added for combat. So lets start off easy with strike position. Scroll on the mouse to poise your weapon for a high (Instant kill chance and lowest chance for knock back), mid (High Chance of knock back, medium chance of tripping, no kill potential), and low (Chance to cripple, high chance to trip, no kill potential) (Note: It would be basically the same between guns and melee, except for miss factors, kill potential, etcSo based on the previous concept, what reason would you have to try and trip a zombie? Well I suggest moves to instantly kill an of balance or fallen zombie. The downside to finishing moves would be that they take longer than a normal strike making it imposible whilst being swarmed but useful for one on one encounters.1 Step further from the bullet above, stealth finishing moves. There really needs to be an expanded stealth system, but we're not here for that are we, noooo, we're here to talk about combat. Sneak up on a zombie, use potentially the same finishing moves as above. ( I would like to clarify one point. As I continue to say finishing move I'm reminded of wrestling. I do not mean that kind of finishing move. I'm talking about curb stomping, etc.)You could sprint and using your body weight throw a small group of zombies off balance depending on strength, etc.Hop low lying obstacles, slowing down zombies to out manuever them.I have more outlandish ideas but i think I'll keep them to myself ... for now at least. Everything I've listed should be relatively easy to impliment. I say "should be" because I have absolutely no idea in the world how to program games. But yeah... thanks.
  21. Sap guys ! I already made one of these on the old forums, I sadly didn't keep any trace of it. We might have lost some good suggestions/discussions in the process. Why a massive thread instead of multiple "unique suggestion" threads ? Simply because I don't want to spam threads and make some other interesting ones go down the list ; better have 1 thread I'll update than 15 new threads in which I'll get lost. I'll try to keep it as clear as possible and use a color code to point the importance of each suggestion (from "Distant future" to "needed ASAP" and "Confirmed"), keep in mind is all subjective. Those are not necessarily "new" ideas, some might be re-interpretations of other ideas or already planned features, pointing to things that are really needed (subjectively), some rebalancing ideas of already implemented features etc... There still are a few new suggestions tho. [fighting zombies] Spoiler The actual system is too easy/simple and could use a few simple mechanics to make it harder. It's actually still too easy to wreck a large amount of zombies with a melee weapon, It should be VERY DANGEROUS to fight more than a couple at the same time. A few ideas to rebalance it a bit and make it more consistent : Combat re-think http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/10978-combat-re-think-for-the-announced-big-rebalance-oflgbkybygt/ More consistent "zombie grab" and "meatier zombies" http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/10570-zombies-need-to-be-meatier/ Crawler's grab should have a high chance to make the player fall on the ground.If the player gets his leg grabbed by a crawler and try to move away from it without breaking it / killing the Z, there's a HIGH chance he will fall on the floor for a short amount of time, making him extremely vulnerable to any other close zombie(s) Same goes for sprinting next to a crawler, if he grabs you while you sprint -> you fall. Certain weapons having a chance to get stuck into zombies' skull"Bladed" and piercing weapons (axes, crowbars, knives, hammers?, nailed bats etc...) should have a chance to get stuck into skulls, maybe resulting in another fierce mashing of a key to get it unstuck before the next Z gets into the player's danger zone. If it's too dangerous and you can't get it unstuck in time, you'd have to leave it there and run away (and comeback later if you want to get it back) Weapon skills should have more "incidence"In its actual state, I'm pretty much never spending any point in any "combat skill tree", the lvl 0 is just way too efficient. If we grab an axe we're just the king of the Z world, 1 hit kill half of the time. The only weapon that makes me feel like a weak level 0 is the golfclub right now. DONE Being at arms lenght from a zombie is something you really don't want, being at arms lenght from 2 zombies is something that might get you killed. I think those suggestions might force the players to think twice before deciding to fight a group of Z, it will as well require a proper use of distance and timing (plus aiming, as always). Plus, with the new 3D characters, I think we might have some cool animations with those ;o [fighting non-zombies] Spoiler Well, with the multiplayer on the roll, this is pretty obvious an overhaul is planned, but here are a few ideas. (The 2 first ideas are kind of the same thing but with different mechanics)Lethal & Non-Lethal mods (I'll use that idea a lot in the future)This was my first suggestion on the old forums. In a RPG with moral choices like PZ, we should be able to decide if we want to knock someone out (and make him a hostage or something), just hurt him, or go for the kill. There could be chances that you fail tho... You wanted to keep him alive but that blow behind his head got him killed, or in the opposite, you wanted to kill him but failed to do so and he's now on the run with revenge on his mind. It should work as well for firearms, aiming vital parts or limbs. Player vs Player melee "Real time Turn by turn style." I know Lemmy loves TbTI was asking myself how to "simulate" a somewhat realistic fight between players without making it look like a swing fest until one of the 2 players dies (would work with NPC as well). It's still blurry in my head and hard to explain, but something along those lines. If you attack someone that is not ready to fight (ie. not holding RMB), you hit him, simple. If you attack someone holding RMB, the fight happens in a "turn by turn"-ish system, the must would be to have an "old Fallout VATS aiming style" as well. Basically the attacker gets the first turn, decides where he wants to aim (with a percentage of chances to hit : neck is harder to hit than chest, but the reward is higher etc...), and attacks while the defender decides if he wants to counter and fight or dodge and run away. Dices roll, calculations happen, taking into account players' weapons, skill with that weapon, moodles, strenght, traits etc... If no one died of a critial blow, the defender becomes the attacker and we start over until the fight reaches its end. Keep in mind this is an Isometric game, and any "action-game like" mechanism is unlikely to work in a satisfying manner imho. I think keeping a truely RPG fighting style is the way to go when it comes to PvP (or PvNPC) Turn by Turn "lockdown" should only happen for the players involved in the fight, all the other players can still do their stuff in real time. Would be cool to have an old school isometric rpg "fight animation", you know when the players are taking a fighting stance and swing into the air at each other, maybe moving around and making some noise ;o On second thoughts, nope. Shoot-outsThere already are plenty good threads with nice ideas about it, so I won't extend. Maybe I will later, if anything good and "new" comes to my mind. Traps for humans (suggestions for the future of traps)We all know traps are a planned feature, but we don't know how yet ! Lethal & Non-Lethal Traps for humans, different kind of traps (net trap, axe trap, shotgun trap, "hole in the ground" trap, "brick on your head" trap etc...)Ability to make efficient traps should be related to a particular skill (which one?)Traps should be active for people who don't know their locations (if this or that precise door/floor/window is trapped...)You should be able to warn your friendlies about the locations of your traps. Like you'd right click on someone > contextual menu > Tell location of traps, then he'll be able to walk pass them. [sneaking & Noise] Spoiler Louder noisesActual noises created by actions (opening doors/windows, breaking windows/doors, gunshots, building etc...) have a small radius. I think it should deserve a little radius enlargement ! Sneaking overhaul (ideas) :Separating sneaking (ctrl) from attacking ! numerous time I found myself sneaking past a group of zombies, and ended up hitting the door with my weapon because I was holding ctrl. [Confirmed]using furnitures & "map items" to hide yourself (under beds, in wardrobes, behind sofas, behind fences, behind cars when they're here etc...)maybe 2 or 3 different body positions ? Standing / crouching / crawling.Actions like opening doors & windows should make more noise in general, but we should have an alternate way that takes slightly longer time but make less noise (action + ctrl). Maybe even the opposite a Loud & Quick way when holding the sprint key."Map noises" (kind of related to sneaking) The idea comes from another thread, but that's what makes more sense to me :Bumping into furnitures should make noise (chairs grinding on the floor, things falling from tables/container if you run bump into them etc...) That will force the players to be careful when looting indoor if they don't want to alert nearby zombies (or other players !).Random "map related" noises, just like alarms but on less dramatic scales ! "Like no one would suspect that shelf isn't properly fixed to the wall and going through the books would break it, or that grabbing a knife on that messy table would make that bottle fall on the floor, or that a mess of tins and glass bottles was waiting for you behind that door, or even that the door hinges were old and would squeak like a scream in the night, or this window wasn't properly manufactured and would shut itself in a loud clapping noise, or the good old creaking stairs etc..."Same principle but outdoor : some more garbages scattered accross the street, broken glass, empty cans of food making noise if you step on them and send them rolling. [skills, Jobs, Traits] Spoiler Skills overhaul Suggestion that popped out of another thread : "It would be nice to see carpentry leveling not as a succession of craft-recipes unlocking over time but as an evolution of the quality of your work. Like, anyone could give a shot at building a rain barrel but a non-experienced guy would make it less hermetic (leaking), with a smaller capacity, maybe pretty weak and prone to break during storms or having its water contaminated by bacterias. Low level stairs could be ladder-ish stairs, slower to climb and weaker, prone to break under the weight of an heavy-loaded person etc... The more you level up, the better the quality of your work : thicker, more resistant, more efficient, more useful for harsh conditions. That could work for any crafting & surviving skills. A low level trapper would craft shitty traps with high risk of animals getting away, not weather resistant. the harder the trap is to build, the more chance you have to make a trap that barely works or doesn't work at all. A low level fisherman would craft weak fishing poles, bad hooks, and fish would get away way more often, except very small ones. When the electricity crafting comes in, you'd have high chances of making a circuit that cuts a lot, need more fuel, high risk of fire, power outage when rainy, or simply doesn't work if you try to craft something too complicated. etc..." Also good thread about carpentry : http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/10879-a-small-building-overhaul/ Specific knowledge & aptitudes should be open only to certain jobs. I think that would enforce the need to live in a community, so players can't do everything on their own, they could still survive alone, but comfort should come from groups. I had the idea thinking about medicine, only a doctor or someone with a prior medical formation should have access to the medical skill tree (when it's implemented), and it goes for a few jobs: -Doctors > access to medical skill tree -Construction worker > access to electric crafting (when it's implemented) + construction bonus -Park ranger > tracking skill tree / outdoors man + hunting bonus ? -Policeman > aiming bonus + ? -Farmer > Farming bonus + ? A few ideas for future jobs & traits, related to previous suggestion : -Outlaw > can start any car & force doors/windows with less noise -Comedian > social skills / makes people less depressed & bored -Cook > Cooking bonus -Other / player made job > bonus of +4 for choosing traits. -Sunday fisher +3 > fishing bonus -Guns nut +4 > aiming bonus -Amateur hunter +4 > tracking ability -Car nerd +4 > can start cars -Pedestrian for life -1/-2 > don't know how to drive -Musician +3 > can play instrument for moral & group moral -Boring -2 > bores people -Lone wolf -2 > gets bored by other people etc... That would allow "multi-class" char but would still limit the fact that people can do, right now, everything on their own. [General suggestions] Spoiler deeper health & injuries sytemdeeper nutrition systemI think it's already been discussed quite a lot on the old forums. Eating properly should be essential to keep your character in good shape, and should be a "long term work" with long term repercussions. You don't die of starvation in a few days. But lacking certain nutriments will, on the long term, make your character weaker, getting tired more easily, depressed, slower to heal and more prone to diseases and wound infections etc... Being well fed and having some bonus on your character's strenght and mind should be the same. If you eat at your fill when you're hungry, and a good variety of aliments (not only chips and beans) your character should deserve a "long term" boost. The idea is, it's hard to keep a decent health in an apocalyptic environment and red moodles should be the "standard" if you're not perfectly settled or part of a well organized community of survivors. Red moodles being a standard would make the player feel the harshness and despair of a zombie-filled world. sledgehammer should weigh moreThe sledge encumbrance is way too low right now, I mean we can put a sledge in a plastic bag or a tote bag, that's a bit odd ! Plus it's a very "dangerous" item, a lot of players in MP always carry one in case they want to break-in someone's base. Moving with a big sledgehammer should be something thought through and planned, not just always carrying one around in case you need it ! It should probably weigh twice more as it actually does [12 instead of 6] NOPE 2 plastic bags = 1 garbage bags.That's pretty self explanatory ! for now we can only use garbage bags to craft rain barrels, which makes those a kind of silly valuable item. I think we should have more means to make the barrels water-retaining and plastic bags seem like a good solution, but they're smaller. Maybe raincoats = 2 garbage bags someday ? ;o Farming areas / Smart FarmingFarming can sometimes be a bit of a pain when it comes to watering and checking your plants one by one, I know that's subjective but that micro-management feels pretty annoying to me. It would be cool to have some kind of system that allows your character to execute a chain of action : filling watering can > watering plants untill empty > filling watering can > etc... Checking plants health > no disease > next plant Checking plants health > disease > spray remedy > next plant. Wearing belts (introducing holsters for knife & pistol)I was thinking belt, in their current state, are pretty useless. I know they'll be usefull to stop important bleeding (Kate & Baldspot memories), but people are not very likely to always have a belt in their inventory, except if they're wearing them ! Severe bleeding > taking belt off > tourniquet etc... Wearing a belt could also be used to hold holsters for knives & pistols. Holsters would be a quick-access container/bag (maybe a bind to draw from holster?), which would make some space in your inventory. Maybe holsters should be craftable ? [Multiplayer & Admin Suggestions] Spoiler In-game chat overhaulThe player should be able to choose if he wants to whisper, talk or shout, which would influence the range other players could read what he wrote, and the range zombies would hear it as well. Actually writting on journals / paper sheets / notesThat would be pretty awesome. You could keep a journal which other players could fine on your body or in your bag when they find your corpse. Writting it / Reading it would fight boredom. That would create some pretty deep RP and immersion as well. DONE Adding a delay when disconnecting from a server....To prevent wild disconnections and abuses. I see it coming from here, people disconnecting to save their character when they're in trouble, I already saw an ennemy breaking into our safehouse and disconnecting in the toilet to embush us later, time to get to him, he wasn't here anymore. A delay of 30s to 1min should do the trick, people would have to disconnect in safe places, which makes sense imo. Disconnecting outside in the middle of the road should be dangerous. [admin] Teleporting next to a player or on a point of the map[admin] triggering a precise house alarm[admin] Wiping/removing massive piles of corpses. [FPS drop issue][admin] Option to choose in what proportions the loot will spawn [more food, less weapons, more tools, more kitchen misc, less bags etc...]Explaination : That's all for now, I'll add more when I have something consistent, everyone's welcome to discuss and share their point of views. Keep it clean and polite as always.
  22. So we were having this discussion (that is semi-related to this suggestion) about how right now the fighting mechanics seem a little unbalanced (too easy). My suggestion to help balance this would be to have weapon maximum damage and a weapon minimum damage. No, I do not think that you should deal a random damage between these ranges. Instead, I think as your weapon condition decreases the damage it does decreases. You wouldn't have constant damage from an axe as it is used more and more. Instead, the axe blade would begin to become dull and deal a little less damage. The only weapons I could really see this effecting much is bladed weapons. This could also have a slight (very minimal) effect on guns also, as they would build up residue and degrade over use causing the bullets to come out slightly slower. Considering blunt objects, I don't really see how they would degrade to cause less damage (but if someone can rationalize it, I'm all for it). Link to discussion mentioned in the first sentence: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/7990-these-not-so-scary-zombies/page-2#entry105393
  23. In project zomboid a rather large amount of emphasis is put on crafting. Craft a molotov cocktail to thin out a horde before going in with a bat, craft bandages, craft food. This has probably been suggested before in part and is in the game in part. But I think that more craft-able weapons would be really cool. for example: Stick + kitchen knife + duct tape = Improvised spear Sock + pool ball = Flail (maybe even two of each for twice the smashing (flails are sometimes misnamed maces)) metal pipe (sticks would be too flimsy) + "insert vaguely large round metal object here" = mace These are all examples not the only ones I want added.
  24. I'm wondering why shoving a zombie over prevents it from grabbing you and pulling you down (NEO scavenger <3) and/or biting you. Any thoughts?
  25. I have a suggestion concerning downed zombies. I would like to see you be able to bash already dead and downed zombies (as in dead dead not "fake" dead) as a just in case it wasn't dead I'll smash its head to potato mash. This might add some tension to the game as the blood splatter is the only indication of a truly dead zombie. This would also get rid of the exploit of swinging the air when making sure it's dead. As a downside, this might hinder the combat mechanics in a situation where you are in a pile of bodies fighting against a few stragglers. But if it could be done in a way that the game prioritizes the "fake" dead and the "living" zombies before the corpses when executing an attack, it shouldn't hinder the combat. The second downside I thought of would be that you'd have to make sure all of the already dead bodies you find are truly dead and would have to use your weapons durability to make sure. But when/if stomping will be added you wouldn't need to use your weapons condition. This would most likely be a bit annoying but on the other hand, realistic as you'd want to make sure every single zombie in the room is actually dead IRL too (you wouldn't just go to a zombie, look at it and then swing your axe in the air... ). It would definitely add to your little paranoia. It would be a nice way to get back at those brain munchers to just make a mush out of theirs. If you find this suggestion heavily annoying then please comment! but be nice! Edit: About hitting the downed zombies (living and dead): Do you guys think that the standing zombies should be prioritized over the crawlers? so with my suggestion if you'd have one standing one fake dead and one dead in a certain distance you would swing in the air rather than what is closest to you. (so the priority order would be walker, fake dead, dead dead)
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