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  1. Hydrocraft Mod

    i sort of remember being able to make duct tape--is this true or was i dreaming?
  2. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 23

    the sandbox option that zombies cannot damage player construction isn't working, they keep tearing down my barricades, also when i turn on a radio with headphones plugged in, zombies can still hear it.
  3. char and map saves not sinking on game crash

    ok, cool, just checking
  4. char and map saves not sinking on game crash

    so when the game crashes, and you restart pz, and then load your game, the char save data is from the moment of crash, but the world save data is not sinked to it, i believe it is usually from the last hard save (like sleeping), but i'm not sure on that, in anycase the time of day/some containers are wrong.
  5. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 23

    ctd in riverside when running across street from the N. house to the S. house, at approximately this coordinate: 5781x5299 and now ctd trying to drive into that whole upper corner of riverside
  6. Hydrocraft Mod

    ok, thx hydro!
  7. Hydrocraft Mod

    hydro, i can't remember whether you added a way to auto water crops?
  8. Hydrocraft Mod

    coolbeans, thx
  9. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 23

    quitting a game and loading back in is causing cars to respawn at valid spawn points and vanish on the open road/wilderness. it also caused my tv to turn on, my front door to lock itself, and a fridge i had set down by the side of the road to vanish. does not appear to be effecting inventory/container contents. also mailboxes suddenly have 50 capacity and spawn carpentry items (like nails and such)
  10. RELEASED: Build 38.22

    are nighttime meta events missing sounds? i'm always waking up in a panic, is it just bad dreams (no sound required) or did i hear something that woke me up?
  11. Hydrocraft Mod

    help me out, what can i do to lvl my metalworking skill? it is currently zero. thx
  12. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 23

    so, i am having alot of issues with roof/visibility, i have the all in map mod, and i'm not sure if you even want this bug post on this thread or not, thx!
  13. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 23

    all my containers are still 50 capacity, will change only work on newly spawned ones?
  14. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 23

    awesome, thx!
  15. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 23

    so all the bags now have 50 capacity, btw, also, i'm new to this beta, how can you be a mechanic? i can't find the option in character creation anywhere, thx!