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  1. my fishing line broke and i got stuck still doing the animation but minus the actual pole. i could still mess with my inventory and equip and unequip items, weapons, bags, etc. but i couldn't move (apart from turning), or go into another animation, like sitting down. running the newest iwbums
  2. ok, so weapons in the newest iwbums build seem to have like NO real durability, even when the condition is full, things like the hand scythe and hand axe are breaking after maybe 6 or 10 hits on a zombie. also, suddenly knife fighting is completely impossible, instead of doing a nice one shot to the ear, like before, now you flail around pointlessly with the knife for 5 hits first? maybe i'm just not doing it right, but that in combination with the potential for losing your knife in the zombie in the middle of a fight seem to make them completely pointless, and also they break af
  3. ok, just putting this out there, i would LOVE to see bikes, maybe they could have little saddle bags, or something, and you could still get grabbed off if you went too slowly, maybe, but it doesn't require gas, you can just pedal your way through the exclusion zone....
  4. hey, so is there anyway to remove burnt out cars? like break them down with the metalworking skill or something?
  5. sorry if this has already been answered, but is there any way to remove burnt out cars?
  6. hey hydro, is there something up with repairing weapons? it doesn't seem to register that i have superglue/packing tape, etc. in my inventory to use? is there something funky with the item name?
  7. hey, hydro, you know what would be awesome? a way to craft the chalk or spray paint from the spraypaint mod!
  8. sorry if this has been asked already, but is there any way to remove the burned out car leftovers? ( i mean, can i break them down or push them somewhere else?)
  9. the speed the car parts degrade at seem very fast to me, what about putting in a sandbox setting to adjust this? also, every other time (or so) that i quit a save, return to the main menu, and then load a save, the whole game freezes up on me and i have to close it out and restart it, not sure if anyone else is having this problem
  10. yes, i've had the engine turn over like that as well
  11. had a bug where switching from the driver seat to front right seat in a minivan activated the engine noise (and zombies)
  12. awesome sauce! so, am i going to need to start a new map in order to get cars properly?
  13. i sort of remember being able to make duct tape--is this true or was i dreaming?
  14. the sandbox option that zombies cannot damage player construction isn't working, they keep tearing down my barricades, also when i turn on a radio with headphones plugged in, zombies can still hear it.
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