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  1. Hi, I propose to add: - The effect of clean clothes on boredom; (Wearing dirty, wet clothes from the dead to increase one-time boredom). - The effect of food temperature; (warm food may slightly increase saturation (by about 3-5%) while lowering cold food (by about 7-10%) this probability can be applied to boredom. Based on this mechanics, you can add perks: neat, dirty. (increasing / decreasing the effect of boredom). A tourist may not have a negative impact on food.
  2. I suggest: - Remove the ability to climb over fences with peaks; - Reduce the likelihood of climbing the fence in the rain; - Increase the load for lifting the rope; - Make it impossible to climb the fence, climb the rope (with any overload). P.S All the things that I indicated in my opinion will benefit the realism of the game.
  3. Hi. How many recipes did you know before you saw the game? Our character is not a survival specialist, but an ordinary survivor. I propose: - add thematic books for each of the activities. (for large sections such as cooking, this may be 3 volumes for example for smaller one). They should contain crafting recipes (which no ordinary person should know)*. Such books can be located in thematic places (kitchen, factories, houses of specialists, houses of survivors, (libraries less often), etc.). What will it bring to the game? - Compliance with reality; - Increased dynamics among players; - Increasing the significance of the profession (for example, the cook knows all the recipes for cooking, etc.). P.S Based on my own opinion, I can write what recipes a person should not know, but it will be too subjective*.
  4. Optimism, professions: lumberjack, fireman. (These professions are also unbalanced). Increasing their value is the best temporary solution: firstly, it will increase the number of players playing with other types of weapons (i hope), it does not require much time, and updating professions is also easy to fix. After some time, you can use the survey to identify the most the worst types of weapons and build on this.
  5. Optimism, The proposal states that you need more perks, professions for the rest of the weapons. (With their appearance, everything will change) Up to this point, you can already do something (increase the cost of these professions, for example), because after that, if you need an effective combat character, you will have to pay more. (I.e. this is a temporary measure).
  6. leon2356, the spear's flaws are the lack of a multiplier, a long animation (which makes a deadly clash with more than one zombie deadly). I also like spears, but they are weak now.
  7. Nebula, I think even if they read it they are interested in something, you should not wait in the next half year or more ...
  8. I remember the last zomboid and an unbalanced knife. A lot of water has leaked, but there are still frankly unbalanced weapons. I think from the name you understand what I will write about. Why are axes unbalanced? - many variations (fireman, pickaxe, one-handed, made for trees, crafted ax; - high dps (in this balance it is high); - the possibility of manufacturing; - professions: lumberjack, fireman. (These professions are also unbalanced). I suggest: - Strengthen other weapons; (more professions, perks) frankly weak: crushing, spears. - Increase the cost of professions: fireman, lumberjack. (as a temporary measure).
  9. Hi, I propose: add disposable tv cassette with recording of life and living extracts. To start, you will need a TV with a connected video player and the cassette itself. 23 cassettes of them: 8 carpentry parts, 9 cooking, 2 fishing, 1 farming, 2 foraging, 1 hunting. In order not to upset the balance (because the player can use the multiplier), you need to make them rare (I think 30 houses should have no more than one cassette) enough to spawn them exclusively in houses. What does this give players? - Use of tv at a later stage of the game; - Ordinary houses will cause more interest; - Increasing the importance of life and living on the gameplay.
  10. Dear PZ community and development team, I’ll be brief firstly, greetings from Ukraine; secondly, it is very painful for me to look at the current loot system where the dimensions of objects and containers are not taken into account (modes of this nature are extremely mediocre). My suggestion : Add two weight values for each item (volumetric weight and actual). The container will also have two weight parameters (but the player will see the average value). The container defines a larger parameter for the weight of the item and it is it that is taken into account. "formula volumetric weight is length × width × height cm/ 5000" More details below. Items will be divided into categories: - very small items; (up to 0.1 kg of volume / actual weight) Settling in bacpack: no restrictions. (subject to capacity indicators of volumetric and actual weight)* Settling in pockets: up to 25 pieces. (I think there should be different pockets and, accordingly, different capacities). Settling in a container: no restrictions. * - small items; (up to 0.5 kg volume / actual weight) Settling in bacpack: no restrictions.* Pocket storage: up to 2 pieces. Settling in a container: no restrictions.* Very small and small items will require pockets to carry in inventory. Either carry it in your hands, a backpack, or fasten it to belts. - medium subjects; (up to 5 kg of volume / actual weight). Settling in bacpack: no restrictions.* Settling in pockets: no. Settling in a container: no restrictions.* - heavy objects; (up to 20 kg of volume / actual weight). Settling in bacpack: no more than two. Settling in pockets: no. Settling in a container: in any other container without restrictions.* - special items; (over 20 kg of volume / actual weight) can only be lifted by two hands if the actual weight is less than 40 kg. Settling in bacpack: no. Settling in pockets: no. Settling in a container: in any other container without restrictions.* Character’s inventory is limited by the number of pockets, slots (belt, holster), hands and directly with a maximum weight of 40 kg (volumetric weight does not apply to inventory). Everything regarding containers: - The container takes into account the greater value of one of the weight parameters; - The container cannot hold objects longer than the length of the largest side of the container. Backpacks / bags / bags: - Have all of the above properties; - Category exception: heavy objects (no more than 2), special item (do not fit at all). when hovering over an item and container the player should see: its size, a larger weight indicator, category. This will make the loot system as close to real as possible. finding items is one of the foundations of this game and there is a huge gap in it ... P.S This is just a sketch, but if you are also interested, I will add to the topic. Little things: Pockets: you can sew them. (from 2 sewing levels) You can sew pockets on things from: jeans, synthetics. Items suitable for sewing: pants, jeans, shirts, jackets and the most interesting backpacks. (It makes sense to add one pocket to the backpack. For * quick access as a belt only for objects "small" 2 cells for a screwdriver and scissors;)
  11. Bugs 1) The generator, being in a sealed room built by the player, does not poison. 2) Fences with barbed wire, peaks do not tear clothes and do not cause damage. 3) Map of riverside (houses behind a fence with peaks on the 2nd floor of a hole). Later I will attach a screenshot. Suggestions 4) INFLUENCE OF FOOD / DRINK TEMPERATURE on unhappiness and hunger. Are you planning this? 5) Excites the inability to protect the lower leg (can add hockey ammunition?) 6) Tea bags and coffee. Make boxes with tea bags as a package of sweets (and with a random amount, for example, from 0 to 50), can’t you make coffee more reusable and reduce the likelihood of finding it just like with tea to maintain balance and convenience, in addition to realism, you strive for it ? 7) Review the score for hemophobia features (I think 5-6 points will work fine). 8. There will be a new profession for spear weapons, like a Mongol or something))))))) using google translate
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