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  1. Was helping someone troubleshoot an issue with the tutorial that seemed like it was related to their resolution. If you start the tutorial at 800x600 resolution, it errors out and the tutorial fails to start. At 1024x768 resolution (next highest up I was able to select), when you reach the part of the tutorial where you open the curtains, the tutorial message is in the middle and can block most of the window. With a bit of adjusting the zoom I was able to click a small corner to get the interaction, but Spiffo was blocking my ability to click it even though it would highli
  2. 1Here you will find a (hopefully) comprehensive guide to map modding using TileZed, from scratch, to uploading to Steam Workshop. Step 1) Installation and setup Spoiler - Download the latest version of TileZed here ( https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/23816-latest-tilezed-worlded-and-tilesets-may-17-2018/ 3 Step 2) Creating a new map - Creating A Master Image Spoiler The first thing you need to do to create a new map mod is to create some basic images you can i
  3. (Press Space to continue) It looks was hardcoded in the file.
  4. Welcome to Thuztors Mapping Guide Version 0.2. With this document I'm trying to teach you in using the Mapping Tools. New in this version: - new BuildingEd tutorial - Your building on the original map - some other useful stuff. or better you look yourself what the guide has been to offer. I hope it helps you out to understand the tools. Here is the .pdf file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/adkkhrgxots0gn1/Mapping Guide_v0.2.pdf?dl=0 And sorry, if the english gramma is not as good as it should. My native language isn't english. You can find a li
  5. Hello! I've made a combat tutorial that some people have found helpful, and hopefully people here find it helpful too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JduW2fEBzI&t=881s
  6. This is very similar to adding foraging zones to your map, (step 6 of this tutorial: https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/21951-the-one-stop-tilezed-mapping-shop/ ) Simply add the following code to your map mods' PZW file the same way as in step 6 of the above guide: <objecttype name="ParkingStall"/> <objectgroup name="ParkingStall" color="#85929e" defaulttype="ParkingStall"/> List of vehicle zone names to use in WorldEd: bad good medium sport farm junkyard trafficjams traffi
  7. Hello survivors ! Since the last big update, the weather update, i was thinking about creating a mod that plays with the actual weather update. What i want to do, is create a mod that make the weather way more dangerous. There is a challenge that makes the weather in winter mode in July, which is a great idea. In 2018, with the climate change, weather is becoming way more extreme and this is exactly what i want to do. The thing is, im trying to read script and files about other mods but the weather files are kinda different. I want to locate how exactly the events in weather (suc
  8. So... you want hotkeys the player can press that does something for your mod. The problem: The player should be able to reconfigure these keys, so they don't conflict with the players existing setup or other mods they have loaded. Sure you can have these keys setup in a 'settings.lua' file the player can edit, but that leads to its own problems... If a user edits this file, and the mod is designed for multiplayer, then they'll have issues connecting to servers since the checksums won't match. Maybe you're feeling clever, and decided to write these settings into a set
  9. So I was working on some code for our server mod, and it turned out pretty cool. Since I haven't written a tutorial in a while, I thought I'd share. The problem: I wanted to create special upgraded items, and unique(ish) ones, without having to define the objects in the media/scripts/*.txt files, or having to mess around with distribution tables and all that nonsense. The items also had to be able to inherit properties from the base items they were copying. But, that being said...this tutorial isn't so much about the end goal, but the methods used to accomplish it. Warni
  10. Creating and Manipulating World Objects Seen questions pop a few times regarding placing objects on the map so decided to make a little tutorial on it. Most of the tutorial is written in a single file included in a mod you can download below. The code is commented so you can see whats going on. I recommend loading the lua file in your favorite editor and starting a custom game without zombies with the mod activated in windowed mode so you can play with the mod ingame and read the stuff in the lua file. How it works? The mod allows you to place a red cube on a empty tile, every time yo
  11. As you (probably) already know, PZ allows us to define timed events using OnEveryTenMinutes, EveryHours, and EveryDays. As handy as they are, sometimes we want a more refined system. Maybe we want a event to trigger in 15 minutes, and possibly repeat itself a few times then stop. Maybe we want something to happen every 60 seconds in game. Well I got bored this morning and cooked up such a system... (this would go in the lua/shared folder) First we create our Timers table: Timers = { ActiveTimers = {}, } This will hold our functions, and the sub-table ActiveT
  12. Just a few bullet points for now, will expand on it later: Will fill this out as I go, we're uploading an SI test release btw Must be in debug mode (either hold left shift while booting the game, or for more permanently run game with -debug / -Ddebug params (depends, try both))* - alternatively try holding left shift while booting the game.There is an edit box above the filename browser that you can use to search for files containing case insensitive strings F11 breaks into the debugger at the next available Lua entry point. Key is bindable.F5 steps into code, F6 steps over code.Left doubl
  13. Any full tile roof peice that is currently not over a room definition in your building needs a room definition. For any bits that are above an internal room, simply make sure that room has a room definition (all room in buildings should, even hallways etc). If the roof bit is over an outside area (such as a porch) then instead of giving it an internal room definition, which could possibly mess with loot tables etc, use the new room definition made for this situation - emptyoutside. In the example below you can see that this building has a porch roof outside the front do
  14. Hey guys I need some help with TileZed's BuildingEd. I just finished a cool building that I worked so hard on, saved it and everything, didn't click on anything out of the ordinary. When I went to WorldEd, I clicked on my building, didn't show a preview image. When I dragged it out onto my Cell, it didn't show a building, neither did it plop a building when I placed it on my map itself. Then I went to BuildingEd to see if I messed something up, and instead I got an error saying, "Error Reading Building - Invalid Object Coordinates (1, -3 Line 2209, Column 72". What does this mean and how can I
  15. Type = Normal,There are various types of items in Project Zomobid, below you will se each of them with a short description. Normal – A basic item. Drainable – An item that has a certain amount of uses before it's destroyed Food – An item that can be consumed by the character Weapon – An item that can serve as an equpable weapon. Container – An item that can store other items inside it. Clothing – Item worn by the player character. Literature – A readable item like a book or a newspaper. Weight = 1,The weight of an item as seen in-game, it should be a sum of weight + size of the item.Typically
  16. Ok when using the wall tool make sure for these sides you click on Exterior wall and select your texture. Click the multicolored square at the top toolbar and you get the room tool. then go to the plus and click add room When you open it up you see there are two names, the top one doesn't matter, the second one indicates what spawns there, so if im making a bedroom put bedroom for internal room name. https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/5461-full-list-of-current-room-definitions/ this is a good list to help you figure out the nam
  17. So earlier today, it was brought to my attention there are some new tiles that "Starkittycat || Game Dev || YT" made me aware of. One of those new tiles is Sliding Glass Doors! So here's how to use them on your house to pretty em up all nice. Ok top left click on Building - Then tiles Left side the top menu click on Doors Then in the middle window pane, scroll till you get to fixtures_doors_01, then on the right side the doors will appear. Go down and click on the white sliding glass door(or the red ones). Then you
  18. This tutorial assumes you know the very basics of Lua: what a variable is, and how to assign one. what a function is, and how to call one and pass variables to it. what a table is, and how to declare one. It is dedicated to modders new to Lua, and is a general tutorial on Lua... not specific to modding PZ. Variables and function scope: This seems to be one of the more overlooked aspect I've noticed in mods, and is EXTREMELY important for efficient and fast code. There are 2 scopes: global and local. * Global variables can be accessed by any part of the code, from any function,
  19. YOU DON'T NEED TO DO THIS ANYMORE YOU CAN RENT A READY TO GO SERVER. LIST HERE: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/9856-project-zomboid-server-hoster-sites/ AUTO-INSTALL SCRIPTS NOW AVAILABLE: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/7504-linux-server-auto-install-project-zomboid-scripts/ Hey there, so I’m writing this guide as an attempt to help people who might be setting up their servers on a Linux server (such as a VPS) yet are relatively new to the entire game of server hosting. I’m going to be pretty in depth in this tutorial, however I will gloss over a couple
  20. UPDATE:Tiles for 2015 didn't work for me or BlackBeard so I linked to 2014 tiles which still work. I have modified the tutorial to reflect this! If someone knows of a fix for 2015 tiles please let me know. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/237104401/Project Zomboid Mapping Instructions.txt (New Download link for Txt file Tutorial)^^^^^ This is a basic guide to get people from Veg Map to testing their Custom Map in PZ. I'm one of those people, who before I commit to something I want to understand the process to see limitations. I spent 3 days scouring the web for videos and tutorials to learn
  21. After a very long time of waiting I have decided to bite the bullet and do my own research and find out how to make a custom map for Project Zomboid. After a Red Bull fueled, grueling 3 days of research I have finally found out how to get started with making a map. I have decided that I would do the community a service and create a tutorial video on how to make a map. A complete all in 1 guide that covers all aspects of the tools and steps needed to get your creativity in gear. The video is long, but worth the watch as you will be on your way to making maps in just a little over 1 hour. I've
  22. Hi everyone, I thought that it may be useful that I share my experience with custom tilesets with PZ Map Editor. I did a little tutorial to explain the process to adding your own tilesets to PZ and how to create your own tiles. In bonus, you will find a little chapter about adding more fences to the fences tool. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me. Tutorial link (Public access) (v1.1 03-05-2014) : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4IIbPlTwOdmNU5lRmVsTkdhY2c/edit?usp=sharing You will find inside a .PDF tutorial and example files. Next version : How to : One object on m
  23. I made some posts in the Hydrocraft mod thread showing the java behind melee combat and some quick thoughts on it. See here and here I am going to use this thread to summarize my findings, so others can use them as a reference. Firstly: Skill modifiers and weapon categories. What do they affect? By how much? If the weapon has the category "Unarmed", no perk related. The only calculation for unarmed is that it is capped at 0.7 damage per hit. NOTE MODDERS: This means if you categorize a weapon in your scripts as unarmed, putting max damage higher than
  24. Hey Folks, i tried the last hours to set up a linux server for Project Zomboid and it was very difficult to find some usefull informations, because all of it was very old. So i want to share my short solution of setting up the server successfull at the end. The instruction is for users with basic to advanced knowledge about linux. 1. Open the ports of you Router for UDP/TCP: 16261 bis 162XX (XX = 61+<number of players>) 8766 bis 8767 27015 (TCP should be enough) 2. install steamcmd and login (for login: "logi
  25. BayCon (Also known as El_Buhdai, or Ɛɭ Ɓʊɧɖąį) Presents... Something I had been meaning to write for awhile but never had the time... A guide so extensive, that it should be highly referred to... Ɛɭ Ɓʊɧɖąį~βαɣƇᴑŋ's Extensive and Comprehensive Guide to Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse [WIP] Pre-Introduction Introduction My goal with this is to make an almost fool-proof, community-made guide to surviving long amounts of time in Project Zomboid. I want it to cover almost every possible scenario, with steps and tools for how to stay alive when faced with as many specific dangers as poss
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