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  1. We have to do some format conversions, and there maybe minor touch ups required on the models themselves. Shouldn't be any major issues for the models themselves other then getting the animations and positioning right.
  2. Wrong rack. The term is derived from this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rack-and-pinion A rack and pinion is a type of linear actuator that comprises a circular gear (the pinion) engaging a linear gear (the rack), which operate to translate rotational motion into linear motion. Driving the pinion into rotation causes the rack to be driven linearly. Driving the rack linearly will cause the pinion to be driven into a rotation. Thus 'racking a firearm' is the linear motion of moving the bolt backwards and forwards.
  3. Absolutely the wrong term. 'Racking' is the action of pulling the slide or bolt to the rear and back forwards, extracting whatever is in the chamber and loading the next round. As you stated, with a revolver each spot in the cylinder is the chamber. There is nothing to 'rack'.
  4. Not at all. Depends entirely on the model, and the original length of the barrel. There's generally a bracket/brace that connects the barrel to the magazine tube. The position of the bracket varies from model to model, but is generally anywhere from 12 to 18", while the barrel can be upwards of 30" long. The barrel can be cut in length to closer match the bracket, who's position is clearly seen in this Remington 870 model with the barrel removed Depending on the stock, sometimes they can also be cut into just the grip. Though many designs (like the 870 above) use a bolt that runs the length of the stock to hold it in place and requires a bit more work.
  5. Since its been a while since I properly gave a mod status update (beyond discord chats or random workshop comments), its probably time to post one on the b41 / ORGM 4.0 update. There's still a ton of work to do before we have a working beta. WARNING: long read below.... First thing worth mentioning is that OrMtnMan has stepped back into the fray and has been a massive help in getting things ready. With serious changes to the vanilla firearm code + movement mechanics in b41 the very core of the mod is no longer valid. The firing logic no longer fits, nor does its old methods of dynamically calculating many of the stats and how the firearm interacts with the players movements. Most of the mod needs to be redesigned (and re-imagined) from scratch. When b42 comes around with the hunting and further firearm changes, we could very well be in the same position we are now...having to rewrite everything again. Given the fact we need to redesign now, and possibly again in b42, both me and OrMtnMan agree the time is now to make some serious design changes to minimize the potential damage from future updates. Thus ORGM has been split into 3 separate projects: Realistic Firearm Framework All firing logic, core mechanics and everything that makes ORGM truly unique has been split into a new project, the Realistic Firearm Framework (github link) or RFF. All Zomboid specific code and concepts have been removed. Instead of calculating stats like range in PZ tiles, or damage in PZ units, it does calculations in a more natural format (feet, ft/lbs energy, fps velocities etc). This will insulate the core mechanics and concepts from any future PZ changes, and allows for automated testing of the code components and logic, something much more difficult when the code was littered with PZ specific functions and concepts. New features can be added with a drastically reduced testing period. The RFF is designed to be a application independent framework for realistic mechanics in any game or application that supports Lua, from 2d turn based strategy games to 3d FPS. (naturally open source, MIT license) The Data The second project to come out of the split is the data sets. The list of guns and everything we know about them, as well as cartridge specifications. For the last few versions, ORGM has defined is weapons based on the physical properties (feed system types, features, barrel lengths etc) instead of PZ specific stats. The data for v4.0 is massively larger then previous versions of the mod, and since there's nothing Zomboid specific in the data, having it specifically tied to ORGM didn't make sense. These datasets can't really be included in the RFF either, since we'd like to avoid including trademarked names in a opensource framework. So the data is being separated and placed in a database format, that should eventually be a useful resource for shooters and gun nuts in general. Right now theres over 170 calibers registered in the data, complete with SAAMI and CIP designations, pressure ratings (both SAAMI and CIP), nominal bullet diameters, twist rates, cartridge capacity, links to wikipedia articles and CIP TDCC chamber and cartridge diagrams and specifications. The gun data likewise gets more in depth then previous versions, listing multiple variants (almost 100 AK's atm, thanks to OrMtnMan's assistance), fire modes, barrel lengths, sight types, finishes, rail systems, stock and grip types, and lots more... Not all of the data will end up being used in the mod, but its giving us a wide selection of items we can include later with most of the work already done. At some point I'll provide a link to the data sets for people to browse, but not yet. ORGM With the separation of the core logic and data, the mod becomes a bridge (or interface wrapper) between PZ and the new RFF core, translating RFF stats (like projectile velocity and energy, or reaction times) into PZ specific stats. UI elements, context menus and all the PZ specific stuff will be contained and isolated in the mod. When PZ changes any potential damage to the mod will be limited and much easier to fix. On top of that, we'll be able to include features and mechanics in the core RFF that PZ may-not-yet support (but possibly will) such as mechanics for shooting from the hip or prone, allowing us to get ahead of the game. The drawback to the new design means a longer initial delay of a working 41 version. But hopefully the new mechanics and the even crazier level of detail will make it worth the wait. Lately I've been attempting to add a basic (but remaining realistic) interior ballistics simulation that would allow for accurate handloading mechanics.
  6. I've long suspected Spiffo's. Serving tainted roadkill raccoon burgers.
  7. I'll be posting a progression update in the main thread within the next day or so. But the short version is theres still lots to do.
  8. Heh when initially made the mod, nope. Got PZ through GoG. Not really a big fan of steam. I do use it now, but basically only for IWBUMS testing and providing support on ORGM's workshop page.
  9. Ya the devs disabled Hypochondriac for now, thus the "profession version" was spitting out errors. Fixed.
  10. Make sure you're adding SpeedDemon2 not SpeedDemon, since that's the profession version of the trait. SpeedDemon2 was missing from earlier versions (added into the beta) and should be mutually exclusive with the regular version
  11. Lets wait for now, I still need to do more testing and had a few features i wanted to implement, plus more updated examples and touchups on the documentation. Just didn't want to hold back the github version since the clothing features for custom profession outfits are handy
  12. 1.1-beta uploaded to github (build 41 compatible) added spawn key to profession tables, for custom spawn locations. added clothing key to profession tables, for adding/editting character creation clothing options. added SundayDriver2, SpeedDemon2, and BaseballPlayer2 as profession traits. fixed trait key removeInMP being overwritten by requiresSleepEnabled fixed trait key requiresSleepEnabled applying wrong value Refactored functions in the client file into the main ProfessionFramework table. Rewrote and expanded internal documentation in LDoc syntax Included HTML documentation for the API in the docs folder.
  13. I believe the devs have plans for this mechanic, so its a wait and see for now. Personally I'd love a mosin with a bayonet..the 29" barrelled version has the highest damage per shot in the mod (for now)
  14. The M249 reloading has bugged the hell out of me for ages. Besides it supposed to use the belts or STANAG mags, the box fits a 200 round disintegrating link belt. It should be spitting out both empty cases and the links. The box itself is just for convenience and entirely optional. There's no rule that belts can only be 200 rounds long, that's just what fits in the box. A 1000 round belt should be perfectly viable if you have enough links to build it. Probably going to require some serious black magic sorcery to make it work visually with build 41 though.
  15. Unfortunately, yes (for now). Because it needs to use the .45ACP Glock mags, and multi capacity mags aren't a thing in the current version. Same reason the Glock 18 is forced to use the mags for the G17. The good news though I have expanded and reduced cap mags working for v4.0, including a spanking new 10 and 30 round .45ACP glock mags for the vectors. Not the first person to mention the AA12 to me lately. Something I'd like to add in eventually, but atm is more of a "want" then a "need" for the mod. Some areas of the orgm arsenal are still lacking and need to be filled out first (specifically breech-loaders). Additional LMG's also fall into the 'want' category. Plus I'd like to have proper LMG mechanics implemented (like actual belts). On the upside, due to the mag changes the M249 now accepts the 200 round belts, and any STANAG magazine (like its supposed to!) in size variations of 5 to 100 rounds. The downside is eventually, some poor bastard is going to be stuck with nothing a M249 and a 5 round STANAG...
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