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  1. Hydrocraft Mod

    I think steamworkshopdownloader is using a flawed system. I'm a GoG user....I installed steamcmd on our dedicated server and I've never had any issue using it to download pz mods from the workshop in anonymous mode. https://downloads.tekagis.ca/ProjectZomboidMods/Hydrocraft-10.3b.7z
  2. ORGM Rechambered

    There was a patch put up on the workshop for that a while back, although the workshop version has some bugs, doesn't cover all calibers and doesn't seem to have the lua script to properly patch the hunting system that I supplied to the author... I probably wont be creating any patches for it myself. Its a lot of work that distracts me from things with a higher priority (mainly, continuing to evolve ORGM). I don't really use HC anymore, and don't really like the hunting and ammo making setup. I might be making a patch for Snake's "Le Gourmet Evolution Plus" mod sometime in the future, as its a MUCH more evolved hunting system. As for reloading/ammo crafting I have my own ideas for that using a more realistic system, but its way down on my list of things to do atm.
  3. Profession Framework Mod

    Stripper clip wouldn't cause that..I but renaming firearms really doesnt work so well...due to the way attachments go on..it decides if a attachment fits by reading the display name...and occasionally ORGM replaces a gun with a new copy (copying all attachments and condition, but not name), but that usually only happens after ORGM gets updated. I'm not sure what would have caused it in this case, but the renaming of firearms this way is not advised.
  4. Performing some recipes on items directly in the vehicle seems to cause container sync issues between client and server. Specifically in this case: 1) Filled the back of my truck with 9 logs, drove them to a destination and sawed them into planks while they were in the trunk, planks went into inventory (seemed normal client side) 2) Dropped the planks from inventory, and repeated step #1 3) Dropped the planks again, then logged out of the dedicated server. End result logging back in: 18 logs in trunk, well past maximum capacity. Server is linux GoG build, Client windows GoG, and yes some mods are loaded (ORGM, Necroforge, and another custom one I wrote myself), but being completely familiar with the mod's code, none would cause this kind of desyncing issues (you'll have to forgive me for reporting this with mods loaded, but shutting down the server and testing pure vanilla build would be impossible atm)
  5. ORGM Rechambered

    Even though we discussed it in discord, answering here so people don't think I'm slacking and ignoring Known issue since they changed the way stashes work in when they added the in game maps, a fix is in the works (hopefully). Are 3d models enabled in your PZ options?
  6. Even though we continued this discussion on discord, I'll reply here for completeness with our findings so other people reading/encountering this issue dont think its gone unanswered. project_zomboid_en_39_66_3_21297.sh from GoG includes extra lua files not in the windows install.
  7. GLIBCXX_3.4.21 not found - Debian 8 Server

    Time for some updates...jessie 8.2 is woefully out of date (8.10 was the last jessie release) jessie 8.10 uses libstdc++.so.6.0.20, which only has GLIBCXX_3.4.20 Updating to debian stretch will fix the issue.
  8. Server is running the linux build from GoG, deleted the game directory and all mod folders before installing 39.66.3 Windows clients fail the checksums. Tested client with the windows build, deleted the game directory and mods before installing. Fails both modded and modless. Deleted the linux server's lua files, and copied the window client's files to the server: checksums passed
  9. Cannot shoot over built wooden fences.

    Not sure on your exact fence setup or firing positions, but I noticed quite a while ago that if you stand right next to those half fences while on top of a wall while shooting down, you hit the fence, even if the target is farther off. Need to back up a bit and get some space between you and the fence and the shots come off ok. Its really problematic if the zombies are right on the ground along the larger walls, I've made a point to build all my forts so I don't have to fire directly downwards.
  10. Build 39: Vehicles released!

    Awesome stuff! Been waiting for this...now to wait on GoG's slow update/validation processes
  11. Bullets in campfire

    Not sure what kind of effect your expecting, but ammo fires are pretty unimpressive unless its A LOT of ammo involved. Once the powder ignites there's a pop as the brass case ruptures, but bullet does not fly out at any real velocity and the sound barrier isn't broken. The noise generated by firearms consists of 2 parts: 1) unburnt gas under pressure rushing out of the muzzle. 2) the bullet breaking the sound barrier. Without a chamber to hold the round in, the brass will break under the initial pressure spilling the rest of the powder into the fire and there's no real pressure left to drive the bullet forward at speed. If your using shotshells then the plastic case will melt before the powder manages to ignite. There's far more distracting things in PZ that could be thrown in a fire (ie: gas in a jar, propane tanks etc)
  12. legal issues with distorted music?

    The laws surrounding 'fair use' vary from country to country and can often be vague. Its probably a safe bet to say if your including it in a commercial project the fair use argument becomes null and void. Remember bands have been successfully sued because 10 seconds of a guitar rift sounds similar to something another band has produced. The 'classical in heavy metal' point above is misleading, as most of the classical getting used in such situations would have fallen into public domain. My advice: Google is not a lawyer. If having music derived from a copyrighted source is a must for your project, seek real legal advice instead of random webpages. Though its probably safer (and cheaper) to use original work that you commissioned from a 3rd party, stuff in the public domain (copy right expired) or released under a license such as Creative Commons, or from a website that sells royalty free music such as https://machinimasound.com/ they are a great source for such projects. Although they may not have the sound you're looking for, and similar sites exist. You'll have a easier time googling for music you can use legally, then you will googling for answers to a hazy and complex legal problem. In this area its better to play it safe.
  13. The translation bug thread

    Github will show you exactly whats changed...for example this commit that was made a while back in ORGM: https://github.com/FWolfe/RealGunsMod/commit/e1ad51228b156b049e81a15f5b965266eca91d20#diff-9755fb8ab42c0a70c42befee24c06041 The first half of the page is showing changes made to a lua file, the second half is showing changes i made to the translation file. Lines highlighted in green are new, red are removed. If you look specifically at this part, it shows a line that was modified (it flags it red 'removed', then the new version in green, with a darker green on the actual changed spot in the text) Thats the advantage of having stuff hosted on github, complete version history archiving and you can see exactly whats been changed in any file, at any point in its history.
  14. Bug Tracker being decommissioned

    Ya...people never read. Maybe silently reject all submissions while 'yes' is still checked? lol While a good idea, again we come back to the mod issue where some create tons of errors or possible crashes, potentially flooding the system with stuff that aren't the devs responsibilities. As well as the possibility of having to weed through multiple reports for already known bugs. The backend would need to be able to automatically categorize the reports, and group identical ones so the team doesn't get overloaded. It also doesn't remove the requirement for a proper tracker...not all bugs generate errors, some are quite silent. Most of the times I've used the tracker have been for non-error bugs.
  15. Bug Tracker being decommissioned

    clicking 'yes' should generate a popup reminding people not to report bugs unless they confirm it exists in the base game...in which case specifying what mods you have installed becomes irreverent