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  1. Fenris_Wolf

    Latest API?

    https://github.com/java-decompiler/jd-gui/releases/download/v1.5.1/jd-gui-windows-1.5.1.zip there should be a windows .exe in that release
  2. Fenris_Wolf

    Latest API?

    The .class files in the projectzomboid/zombie directory zombie/Lua/LuaManager.class is a excellent starting point, as it will list all exposed java classes, and global functions provided by java to the lua component. If you use JD-GUI just pick any .class file and it will allow easy viewing of all of them
  3. Fenris_Wolf

    Latest API?

    Assuming you mean the latest API documentation (the API is the exposed code, which is included with pz), there isn't any. The online sources for the java components are horribly out of date (by several years) and quite honestly of limited use anyways as there's no actual documentation on the functions, classes or methods. Just the arguments and return values types. For the java component's API, your best bet is to install a decompiler such JD-GUI and browse the source directly. Its much easier to see what classes and functions are exposed to the lua component, as well as the expected arguments and return values. Browsing the API this way will make sure its up-to-date, and offers far more insight to the classes and methods then the old online documentation.
  4. Those functions are pretty redundant. getActivatedMods():contains("MyModName") Just use the contains() method instead of looping though the array.
  5. Fenris_Wolf

    ORGM Rechambered

    We should hope not. Getting absorbed into the base would not be beneficial to the health of the mod: The devs have stated "no real firearm model names" will appear. Its designed to appeal to a specific audience, and some of the mechanics are overly complex for the base game. Much of it would need to be trimmed for the average user. Some of the code would without a doubt be useful, but a lot would have to go. The mod leans more in the favour of realism instead of easy playability. Its insanely difficult to balance, so much that all stats for weapons has to be automated, and even then that's not enough. Several dozen configuration options had to be added. By being outside the base game, it doesn't have to conform to the rest of the code, in syntax style, logic, or methods. The freedom to break these rules is where a lot of the mod's benefits and features come from. As a mod, it doesn't need to fit anyone's visions or plans but my own. I would actually prefer to go the other way and abstract it way from the base game as much as possible: only interfacing with pz's code at a few key chokepoints, making it easier to maintain across large pz changes and easier port the code to other projects in the future. I could go on listing reasons. It really is better suited to a addon unless the game was specifically about guns. Staying as a mod it makes for a perfect test ground of what works and what doesn't. While some of the mods code would without a doubt be useful but i think the real value is what can be learned from the endless balancing and playtesting that has been done.
  6. Fenris_Wolf

    Silencer / Suppressor Mod

    Ya it only saves if there's changes. You can manually edit it, or make sure you're not connected and edit using the PZ options screen from the main menu, then upload the finished .ini file to the server
  7. Fenris_Wolf

    Silencer / Suppressor Mod

    If the sound has changed, the radius has changed. There's a bar in the weapons tooltips for noise (this is the sound radius) and will have a drastic drop when the suppressor is attached. The mod used to reduce the radius down to 10%...so a 150 range pistol would only be 15 tiles, but a few updates ago orgm shifted it to 20% instead of 10% (30 tiles vs 15), which tends to make the radius larger then the players view. Last update for ORGM also included a option in the PZ settings screen (on the ORGM tab) so you can set the sound reduction level yourself.
  8. Fenris_Wolf

    Silencer / Suppressor Mod

    If its the workshop version of the ORGM silencers mod, it should be fine. Non-ORGM version or copies hosted outside the workshop I can't verify.
  9. Fenris_Wolf

    Frozen mod list

    Where are you installing your mods? If your playing on windows (with the GoG version), these should be in the C:\users\USERNAME\Zomboid\mods not in the mods folder in the Project Zomboid install directory. I'm guessing your old mods are in the C:\users\USERNAME\Zomboid\mods directory, and the new ones you are trying to add have been going into your PZ install directory.
  10. Fenris_Wolf

    40.43 (Steam) Wrong overall car state count

    Looks like float rounding in the text. The individual components are not quite 100%, but something like 99.6%, and the display is rounding the numbers off to a whole integer for cleanliness. The 'overall condition' value is getting rounded to 2 decimal places instead of a whole number. Its not so much a bug in the condition, just a effect of how its displaying the info.
  11. Fenris_Wolf

    ORGM Rechambered

    Yep, and updates to ORGM to make it work. I decided since next time around I don't have to worry about breaking things like save compatibility, it was time to make some drastic changes to the mod. But given the effort involved in some of these changes, it may delay the release...so people might (good chance) will have to play anim build without ORGM for a while, least while its still in IWBUMS. There's tons of crazy stuff in the works for v4 of the mod that will be worth the wait though. Multiple capacity magazines, Dozens of variants of each gun, different models offered by the manufacturer..with different barrel lengths, calibers and features (theres 20 colt anaconda's on the list alone!), including some extremely rare collectibles. A new system is in place for generating many variants of a gun or magazine with minimal effort (other then research involved), and a powerful new spawn system to allow all these new variant without flooding and diluting the loot tables. Just going to take a bit of time to hammer it all out.
  12. Fenris_Wolf

    Reloading skill could use a rework

    The mod doesn't actually change anything with how the reloading skill effects speed, its just giving larger magazine sizes to get a better measurement on the effects of the skill at different levels. Using it for timed tests is perfectly valid as the effect will be the same in vanilla. You may not have been in a situation where that speed makes any difference, I'm sure many players haven't. Reloading is probably useless for 90% of the players, but so is aiming. It all depends on personal play style. Firearms are my primary weapon (playing both modded and vanilla) and basically all I use. The number of times having high reloading have been a lifesaver I can't count. Different players are always going to find different skills more (or less) useful then another player. Most useless skills for me: Farming, Foraging, Cooking, and Electrical, in that order. Many players consider them high value skills, but I've never been in a situation where any of those were needed or helpful to my games.
  13. Fenris_Wolf

    Reloading skill could use a rework

    Adding a maintenance skill would be nice, but reloading is far from useless. Theres a pretty massive speed difference between level 0 and 10. If you want to see, try loading a 200 round M249 belt from ORGM, and time how long it takes at level 0 and at 10. Just don't try that panicked. Even with the vanilla shotgun there is a huge noticeable difference in the speed. Reloading is my priority skill to level before anything else, even aiming.
  14. Fenris_Wolf

    ORGM Rechambered

    v3.09.2-Stable is up. Major features include merging of Filibuster Rhyme's awesome models, all models now properly match the firearm. New tooltips! 4 styles to choose from: classic (the old style), full (much more informative with colored bars), numeric (raw numbers instead of bars), and a dynamic style that changes the information shown as you level (this style is a WIP prototype, and will probably change in the future). In Multiplayer the tooltiip style is set by the server's options. Mechanics tweaks and additional configuration options. Fully update RU, CH and CN translations, thanks to Lotus Elise (RU) and Cleave (CH, CN) Full changelog: Screenshots of the new tooltips in 'Full' style:
  15. Fenris_Wolf

    Graceful vs. Inconspicuous

    The only reference to Graceful is in the footstep check code. It has no effect on the trees. Expanding on my choice, I spend a ungodly amount of time in line of sight to zombies but not actually moving. Usually I'm firing shots and moving positions. Hordes are already attracted by the gunshots, footsteps are hardly a concern. By the time the zombies are in footstep range, I've probably stopped moving already.