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  1. ORGM Rechambered

    2.01-stable is up Fixed storage unit spawn bug causing excessive amounts of ammo to spawn. Removed screw-on chokes from being added to sawnoff shotguns. Reduced shotgun spreads to more realistic values. They're not the ultimate horde kills anymore but are still extremely effective. Using a brand new character (police officer, brave & hunter), with a Spas12 (full choke) with 250 rounds of 00 buck: 440 kills The new settings wont effect shotguns that have previously spawned with v2.00, but it won't break them either.
  2. ORGM Rechambered

    Ya it looks a lot better then the larger icons on the ground, the only real issue is when you clear a jammed gun the live round falls to the ground with the larger icon. Before if you wanted to find the live ones you'd have to hunt for them in all the spent shells lol. I'm not sure yet if I'll include them as it will make finding and collecting casings alot more difficult, but yes send them to me. Thats actually problematic...I messed up the distribution badly there (I just relooked at the code). My fault for not exploring enough. I'm going to have to upload a fix later today, I see another spot I made the same mistake.
  3. Lua checksums not matching

    Thanks, a slightly more pressing issue with the GOG 38.30 is the mod activation button on the main menu is broken (I submitted a bug report for it) The linux server is a headless VPS, but the installer was project_zomboid_en_38_30_16977.sh and it reports 38.30 in the public server list. Both of our clients are windows and state 38.30 in the corner of the menu. We actually had the same issue with 38.28.
  4. Lua checksums not matching

    So I'm at a loss here.... I can connect to our 38.30 linux server without issue (hydrocraft, orgm, necroforge loaded) My friend gets the lua checksum error everytime. If I host the server locally (with the exact same mods loaded), my friend can connect fine. In theory, if I can connect to the main server, and he can connect to me, his files should also be matching the server. Yet they don't. Anyone got a solution or insight into the problem? Its bugging the hell out of us.
  5. When firing into a very large horde (expecially at closer ranges) the shots sometimes fails. Specifically: ISReloadManager:checkLoaded() is called when the mouse is clicked IsoPlayer:DoAttack() is called and the gunshot sound is played but reloadable:fireShot() is never called. No errors or exceptions appear in the logs. The end result is the sound is played, but the ammo count in the firearm remains the same. It seems the attack never actually occurs as well, as I've reproduced this bug numerous times and never once hit anything while it happens, even with desensitized trait and max aiming skill. Its particularly noticeable using ORGM (due to ejected spent casings never appearing, and the tendency to actually engage large hordes instead of fleeing), but I've successfully reproduced this bug with no mods loaded as well. This can be reproduced using the base.pistol, but I've never once managed to reproduce it using a shotgun (both vanilla and orgm) leading me to suspect the ProjectileCount is somehow involved since thats the only real difference of note between them, but I could be way off I haven't looked at the java. I'm fairly certain this was not a issue in 37.14, but is in both 38.28 and 38.30 from GOG
  6. [38.30 GOG] Activating mod selection screen raises a error and fails

    Just updated to 38.30 GOG version clicking on the 'mods' button from the main menu raises a error 1512872627430 function: onMenuItemMouseDownMainMenu -- file: MainScreen.lua line # 1353 java.lang.RuntimeException: Object tried to call nil in onMenuItemMouseDownMainMenu MainScreen.lua line # 1353 simply reads: getMapModsConflicts(); Possibly should read as: getCore():getMapModsConflicts(); as listed elsewhere in the lua files EDIT: seems getCore():getMapModsConflicts(); fails as well, commenting out MainScreen.lua line #1353 causes failures at ModSelector.lua line #366: getCore():getMapModsConflicts():isEmpty() Possibly getMapModsConflicts() isn't implemented in the core?
  7. ORGM Rechambered

    I agree the icons are way too big atm and look funny on the ground, in truth it was kinda a last minute edit adding the casings, and I didn't make proper icons. I just reused the icons from the ammo (personally I'd rather waste my time coding then messing with images lol) They can be replaced of course, all the icons are in the media/textures folder (they use the filenames as Item_<icon name>.png) In the media/scripts/ORGMAmmo.txt is all the data for bullets and casings: item Case_22LR { Count = 1, Weight = 0.002, Type = Normal, DisplayName = .22 LR cases, DisplayCategory = Item, Icon = Am22HPRounds, } All the casings use the naming scheme Case_<caliber> while the ammo uses Ammo_<caliber> so its easy to tell them apart. you can see the icon name is the last entry in the section I pasted, so the full name for the actual image used is Item_Am22HPRounds.png If you make up some new ones I'd love to see them! For me to do it its kind of a low priority atm.
  8. ORGM Rechambered

    Sorry missed this one, think you edited it in there while I was replying lol Loot distributions are handled in the media/lua/server/ORGMDistribution.lua file. Its not overly hard to add addtional guns into the spawning. Line #295 is the start of the spawning code, and you'll see entries like this: local choice = SelectGun(85, 10, 5) SpawnReloadable(container, choice.gun, choice.ammo, 10, 1, false) SpawnMags(container, choice.gun, choice.ammo, 5, 3, false) choice = SelectGun(85, 10, 5) SpawnReloadable(container, choice.gun, choice.ammo, 10, 1, false) SpawnMags(container, choice.gun, choice.ammo, 5, 3, false) Specifically what that does: selects a gun and matching ammo: SelectGun(civilian gun chance, police gun chance, military gun chance) maybe spawn a gun: SpawnReloadable(the container, the gun, the ammo, 10% chance to spawn, # of this gun to spawn - in this case 1, true/false is the gun loaded) maybe spawn some mags: SpawnMags( arguements are the same as SpawnReloadable, but with a 5% chance and 1-3 mags) then it selects a another gun and repeats. If you want to spawn more guns of different types, just repeat the lines. choice = SelectGun() SpawnReloadable() SpawnMags() If you want to just spawn more guns of the same type that was picked, you can just edit the # (last arguement before the true/false flag) If you want more ammo, then simply insert these lines: SpawnRandomBox(container, 10) SpawnRandomCan(container, 5) Those will randomly select a ammo type and spawn it with a 10% chance on the box, 5% on the can, add as many as you'd like and edit the % values. The whole file is pretty well documented, every function has comments above explaining what it does and what the arguements are.
  9. ORGM Rechambered

    Yes, I plan on creating a optional addon/expansion pack that includes them and other potentially balance changing aspects at a later point, but I need to finish my current changes first. I'm working on a new attachment system to override the limited vanilla system, and it will allow for swapping out and upgrading major components of the guns, and having the new components change the stats of the gun. One of those components is the barrel, so the mod will be able to define which individual guns have been upgraded with a threaded barrel for attaching suppressors. The gun models are stored in the media/models directory, and textures for them in media/textures (named as Objects_<model name>.png) In the media/scripts directory is all the .txt files will basic weapon stats, and the gun model used (such as WeaponSprite = glock22) If your adding new models, its going to need a entry in the media/lua/client/ORGM.lua file: loadStaticZomboidModel("weapons_glock22", locationModel .. "glock22.txt", locationTexture .. "glock22.png")
  10. ORGM Rechambered

    Well to keep the mod from completely disrupting PZ's balance, I did reduce spawn rates somewhat, and the rate obeys the sandbox loot ratity settings. As it stands, guns are already broken up into categories of civilian, police and military....common, rare and very rare. Most of the time (it depends on what the loot in spawning in) your odds are 85% civilian, 10% police, 5% military, and 80% common, 16% rare, 4% very rare. The numbers are pretty easy to tweak in the ORGMDistributions.lua file.
  11. ORGM Rechambered

    Thats debatable. I may have implemented some of the ideas better, but if I was making the mod from scratch it would never have been so extensive with all the stuff it adds...I'm lazy, I admit it! EDIT: steam...yay thanks sure that will make alot of people happy...though personally I like the fact that us GOG minority users got a mod first for once...usually they get uploaded to steam first then people have to ask for non-steam versions
  12. ORGM Rechambered

    Yep I found that when I first forked the github code, I was tempted to just continue from that branch but figured it would be easier to work off a working version then a half completed one...still at least i read the code to see what direction you were planning on taking the mod in
  13. ORGM Rechambered

    lol ya the name is defiantly misleading, but having perl as my first main language for sooo many years (I worked with perl as my main for a decade) regex has been hammered into my brain since its such a core part of the language. They can be extremely annoying at times, but oh so powerful. Nothing parses text strings like regex does. Where I find it comes in most handy now days is using it to find and replace strings in source code...it works wonders especially when recursively replacing in all files in a folder. So much faster and less error prone then hand editing.
  14. ORGM Rechambered

    Server is currently down for now, I need to update it to the latest version (I been slacking) and it was having minor performance issues when there was more then a handful of players (needs more ram really, our current server was never intended to be a game host). When its brought back up though it will be on the public list as TekagisTreasure, or can be reached through the tekagis.ca domain name
  15. ORGM Rechambered

    C++, useful skill, but I find it extremely annoying to work with..painfully slow to get anything done...code, compile, test, fix, compile, test.... I try to avoid coding in C++ if i can help it most of my work with it has been embedding interpreters of other languages into C++ apps (perl and python specifically). Thanks for the offer I don't usually have coding questions though, I've been at this a long time