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  1. Self-sustainability and the culprit

    I think a lot of player probably go through the same. 'Feature-limiting' yourself is not always a bad thing, especially if it increases playability. As I said in the other thread, I don't farm, or forage, or actually engage in many of the games features. I never really reach that point of actual self-sustainability, mostly I wander around the map looting ammo (ignoring almost everything else except some food items), killing as many Z's as i can and living on the edge. Just surviving is not the same as living! If you've found your running out of 'real' goals, time to invent some new ones. Since your playing in MP with friends you've got more options then someone playing in SP. Try going competitive with your friends (not meaning aggressive pvp): Find the best cars you can, tune them up...then race around the map for pink slips! or hold collection competitions. see you can get the most of a specific random item. looser has to get drunk, go into the mall with nothing but a pile of butter knives and fetch a specific item from one of the shops. Just need get creative, live a little and not just try to survive.
  2. Crashes past menu on GNU/Linux on x86

    .dll's are windows files Heres the correct file. libLighting32.so Out of curiosity, what PZ build are you running? The file exists in the 39.67.5 GoG linux build. Edit: ignore this, use the file in the next post
  3. How long do YOU survive?

    I think a more accurate question then would be "How long do your maps last?" Its probably irreverent. Sure not every player will let their maps run long enough to experience it all, but not every player takes the time to experience every aspect of the game anyways. That's the result of having so much depth (this is a positive, not a negative). In all the time I've played, I've never once farmed. Or trapped. Or spent time foraging. Hell...I rarely even bother cooking. But in answer to the question, since I only play on our MP server...it usually goes from stable release to the next stable release. We don't reset unless we have to. Our current time has been about 1 year. I'd be fine with changing the starting date, but please keep the years the standard length.
  4. Ammo counter

    I second this...mostly because I'd have to take the time to mod such a feature out.
  5. Vehicle mods

    Fili does indeed make some sweet rides, his 69 charger with a custom general lee paint job is my normal ride Still waiting for that WIP to show up in the workshop..its going to look awesome in my parking lot Dont blame you for waiting til it can be done as a non-replacement though.
  6. Ammo counter

    Same reason I won't include such a feature in ORGM. Guns simply don't have a ammo counter on them. Some high capacity rifle magazines may include a transparent strip on the side allowing you to get a approximation of how many remain, but not on older ones, and once theres only a few left in the mag you can no longer see (the transparent strip is hidden by the magazine well). Pistol magazines often have small holes in the back behind where each bullet sits allowing you to see how many are in there, but you need to eject the magazine to actually see. For guns that use magazine tubes (pump action shotguns, some bolt actions, lever actions etc) no such feature exists. Most guns don't even have a loaded chamber indicator telling you if theres something in the chamber. Some modern ones do but it basically just shows you theres something in the chamber...it could be a live round or a spent casing. The fact you can hold the mouse over the gun in inventory and see the ammo count + loaded chamber is already a realism break.
  7. Floor item spawn

    The problem here looks to be your not passing a proper IsoGridSquare object into your function. Calling your function like that through the EveryDays event will not pass your 'square' variable into the function. local x, y, z = 0, 0, 0 -- change to where you want to spawn local function Spawn() local square = getCell():getOrCreateGridSquare(x, y, z) if not square then return end square:AddWorldInventoryItem("Base.Stone", 0, 0, 0) end Events.EveryDays.Add(Spawn)
  8. Thurs…weather…shaders….chat!

    On this, I have no doubt lol. The pulling into local namespace works not only for lua defined variables, tables and functions (including built-in's such as ipairs) but also for java exposed functions and classes. I ran some tests earlier to confirm since I wasn't 100% sure on the internal workings of kahlua (mind you, these are not accurate tests done through a profile, but a OnGameBoot event): 1000000 table.insert calls, using 'table' as a global module (Time taken: 3644ms) 1000000 table.insert calls, using 'table' as a local module (Time taken: 3467ms) ipairs on a 1000000 value table, using 'ipairs' as a global function (Time taken: 797ms) ipairs on a 1000000 value table, using 'ipairs' as a local function (Time taken: 705ms) The built-in function and modules saw a minor performance improvement, however when using the same trick on a java exposed function: 1000000 ZombRand() calls, global (Time taken: 1976ms) 1000000 ZombRand() calls, local (Time taken: 1612ms) 10000 ZombRand() calls, global (Time taken: 193ms) 10000 ZombRand() calls, local (Time taken: 81ms) I'm sure other areas are probably more in need of optimizing, and this trick would probably need to implemented 'across the board' to have a noticeable effect...not a easy task. But that drop from 193 to 81ms for 10000 ZombRand calls is defiantly nothing to sneeze at. I've actually spent the last week and a half redoing ORGM for optimization using this method (and other tricks)
  9. Thurs…weather…shaders….chat!

    I second this. My normal PZ machine is a dual boot windows 7 x64 and Debian Linux (Stretch), with a Intel HD 3000. For ages I was running PZ exclusively in the windows OS..only the 32 bit would work, and performance was meh: no shaders, most settings turned down, and performance still dragged badly. The Linux OS has none of the issues windows had with PZ. Smooth performance with shaders and all settings at default. The difference is really night and day. I can see tons of ways of how to optimize simply by looking at the way the lua was written. Less global namespace usage is often a big help with tweaking lua for performance. And I'm not just talking about sticking variables and functions in the global namespace, but how often its accessed. For example if you're running a function that gets triggered with the OnPlayerUpdate event, and it has to use a 'ipairs' loop in it...well every time a player updates its searching the global namespace for a variable/function called 'ipairs', then runs it. Adding to the top of the file: local ipairs = ipairs will pull ipairs into the local namespace, thus everytime our OnPlayerUpdate event triggers, it no longer has to search the massively polluted global namespace, it has a quicker shortcut to the function. Its always advised to pull functions and tables/modules into the local namespace when performance optimizing lua, but as you said: So mileage may vary, but I suspect conforming to a more standard lua coding style would have a noticeable effect, especially for the more cpu cycle intensive files and functions.
  10. Too Hot For TV

    Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou!!!! This has caused me endless disconcern lately, getting reports of people not hearing, not being able to properly reproduce myself when I test, seeing results fail when other people test...and the endless questions of when I'm going to fix the sound issue with the mod
  11. Black car texture of Chevalier Nyala

    Same here with the nyala, debian stretch using the intel drivers but haven't checked my nvidia and haven't noticed black corpses. Side note: Although not a base game issue, all my ORGM gun textures refuse to show on the intel and nvidia in linux, so I suspect the 2 problems are related. If anyone can point out the cause of this issue (or a solution), I'd be extremely grateful!
  12. Multiplayer almost unplayable - bug? Settings?

    I'm constantly magnetic since I tend to shoot every zombie I see, the hordes constantly pull to my location. The rare times I do sneak around theres been no issues. We've had no reports of any problems from players, and their safehouses have remained intact even with hordes lurking around.
  13. Multiplayer almost unplayable - bug? Settings?

    We run a GoG public server, thats been the current version since it was released. No issues.
  14. ORGM Rechambered

    These methods are obsolete. As of version 3.08, go to PZ's main menu, click options and then click on the ORGM tab: I should probably remove the obsolete examples from github...
  15. yep..just roll down the window, hold control and attack as normal