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  1. Fenris_Wolf

    ORGM Rechambered

    Probably not til sometime next month. Its mostly ready but I don't have the time to finish it off right now. Next update is mostly just cosmetics (rest of the models replaced with Filibuster's, new tooltips). More guns, eventually. When the mod is ready for more. Theres a huge todo list to tackle first. Which ones? I don't know atm. Theres also huge list of requests from over the years that has built up, but what will be added is going to depend on whats practical at the time (ie: what models we got done & what the mod needs for balancing or due to commonality). Honestly the first additions will probably be more break barrel shotguns. Right now theres only the beretta silverhawk and it shouldn't event be there since it came out after 1993. So likely some .410g and 10g, various singleshot and doublebarrels, and a nice bolt-action slug gun for the 10g. No spoilers on which one.
  2. Fenris_Wolf

    ORGM Rechambered

    you're using a controller if i remember right? i tried this multiple ways attempting to reproduce without luck before. Should work with the spas with the fix that was implemented a while back max capacity is actually stored in a few different places. Firearms/reloadables in PZ are very strange (from a code perspective). You have the actual inventory item (it has a clipsize and ammotype attributes). Then theres that item's ModData, a lua table that holds all the information like current capacity, max capacity, ammo types..and all the other stuff like if a mag is inserted etc. Then theres the 'Reloadable Object', a abstract temporary representation of the ModData that is used when reloading, firing, etc. variables are constantly synced between the ModData, and the Reloadable Object. At some point (the bug) PZ is discarding this temporary reloadable object, creating a new one for the new item, and then syncing the previous objects ModData with the new reloadable object's variables. Best way to check a weapons state is the context menu "Print Debug Info", that will dump everything to the console. It prints the stats for the InventoryItem, the variables in the item's ModData, and the current Reloadable Object for that weapon.
  3. Sadly the number of working mods on steam is substantially less. Most are outdated. However its still possible to download the workshop mods through SteamCMD in anonymous mod (without owning the game on steam, or having a steam account).
  4. Fenris_Wolf

    ORGM Rechambered

    Well, I am a GoG user. I do host some of the more popular ones on our site at times, but we have limited drive space over there.
  5. Fenris_Wolf

    ORMtnMan's Real Guns Mod 1.242 [32.30]

    This mod has been discontinued and replaced with ORGM Rechambered https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/23237-orgm-rechambered/
  6. Fenris_Wolf

    ORGM Rechambered

    All the current attachments were from the old legacy ORGM, Its really the one area that hasn't been touched on since Rechambered (yet) I don't actually have a release time. I was planning on releasing the 3.09.2 patches about a week after 3.09.1, but Fili kept making new models so I kept holding off a extra day(s), so started working on the tooltip stuff...then got distracted working on some other projects But the delay is totally going to be worth it. Doesn't look like any major bugs are requiring me to push the update now anyway, just a few minor ones I've identified. I did contemplate this in the initial hotkey setup, but there was a few things I had to consider: a) The possibility of adding too many hotkeys. The more added the greater chance of conflicting with other mods that add keys. Even when rebinding is a option a few mods (especially survivors) + the vanilla keys and the keyboard starts to get really crowded. b) Because of a), any hotkeys added needed to be minimal in numbers, and ultimately useful in most situations (the inspection window key is the exception) I decided the pistol/rifle/shotgun keys were the best route to take, and they attempt to 'smart' chose the weapon. First checks if for loaded guns, returns the one with highest damage. If that fails it checks for guns you have ammo for and returns the one with the highest damage. If you have no loaded guns, and no guns with ammo then it just gives you the highest damage. I may set that though to prefer a gun that has been Favorited in the inventory window though. Probably the most useful addition to the mod since bullets
  7. Fenris_Wolf

    ORGM Rechambered

    He's been doing some awesome stuff. Theres a few of them in the current 3.09.1-stable, mainly the AR styled rifles. BUT all the work he's done so far that aren't in the mod are in a patch he's assembled so you can enjoy them before the next update: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1532603119
  8. Fenris_Wolf

    ORGM Rechambered

    Thats the mouse over tooltip I'm referring to (and screenshots) not the inspection window. The actual Inspection Window is due for a revamp as well, but thats a bigger task.
  9. Fenris_Wolf

    ORGM Rechambered

    Work always continues. Usually after a major release though I try and hold off a bit messing with big features just in case the current stable needs a patching. That way the patch isn't including some half completed feature in it. So well 'most' of the features planned for v3.10 are on hold (like the extended/reduced capacity mags) , some have crept into the next patch v3.09.2. Spoilers for what I've been doing since the last update: As for animations, not quite sure what changes it will force on us wont really know until the initial builds start getting released.
  10. Fenris_Wolf

    ORGM Rechambered

    Its one of the many things on my todo list
  11. Fenris_Wolf

    ORGM Rechambered

    Nope. Its already been updated for build 40.
  12. Fenris_Wolf

    ORGM Rechambered

    Must be a steam issue, I see a few other mods showing 0.00 as well
  13. Fenris_Wolf

    CentOS 7 - Glibcxx 3.4.21 not found

    eh Debian Stretch (current stable) is fine, its what I run. Quit trying to convert people to Ubuntu!
  14. Fenris_Wolf

    Filibuster Rhymes' Used Cars!

    https://downloads.tekagis.ca/ProjectZomboidMods/FRUsedCars.zip https://downloads.tekagis.ca/ProjectZomboidMods/FilibustersSmallerCars.7z
  15. Fenris_Wolf

    Favorite Foods to Cook