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  1. AimingMod

    I believe it's a old/obsolete property, as its not actually checked anywhere in the code. The default value is 1.0
  2. ORGM Rechambered

    No..it almost never will be, as long as your current save isn't using the original ORGM legacy version. Features were added a while back so I can make some pretty drastic changes and not force people to restart.
  3. ORGM Rechambered

    version 3.08-stable is up. * Added ORGM tab to the zomboid options screen, all settings can now be configured from there, and are saved to the Zomboid/Lua/ORGM.ini file. When connecting to a MP server, the server's ORGM.Settings table is transmitted to the client, overriding any client chosen options. The ORGM tab in the options screen becomes locked (no changes may be made while connected). Disconnecting from the server will restore the clients original options. * Updated many of the 3d models. Big thanks to KOT for giving permission to merge the models from the Gunz mod back into ORGM, and to EnigmaGrey for passing on my request. Screenshot of the new options screen and a very small sample of some of the models:
  4. Hydrocraft Mod

    Updated non-steam link https://downloads.tekagis.ca/ProjectZomboidMods/Hydrocraft-v10.1.7z
  5. Hydrocraft Mod

    https://downloads.tekagis.ca/ProjectZomboidMods/Hydrocraft-v10.0.7z I always host a copy there for us GOG users
  6. Fix the Aiming System or revert to old one.

    I use guns because it attracts every Z to my location, then I get to take them all out
  7. Loading Mods from Steamcmd not working

    Debian Stretch, using steamcmd installed through apt-get from the official deb package repositories
  8. Loading Mods from Steamcmd not working

    Reporting back now....I've successfully downloaded workshop items using steamcmd on our debian stretch linux server in anonymous mode without issues. Even wrapped a python script around the whole process that downloads from the workshop, zips up the files and moves it to a private download location for me our webserver...and optionally moves it into our GOG server's ~/Zomboid/mods directory
  9. ORGM Rechambered

    Works fine with stable, that's what I built it for and do all my testing on.
  10. reactions to 2 items in the game

    Guns are highly useful, just have to understand the mechanics behind them...if you think its going to be good firing a pistol with no aiming skill and only a clip or two into a horde while trying to run from them, then your going to be very disappointed. With enough ammo, skill, and a understanding of the specific guns limits, you can clear whole towns out on survival difficulty setting. They are my primary weapon, and not just because I use ORGM..the ORGM guns are actually currently setup to be LESS effective then the vanilla ones (both damage and accuracy wise) because at higher aiming/reloading skill and with the right knowledge, the base game firearms are extremely OP.
  11. What i'm assumeing emojis mean

    it varies from person to person, i wouldn't make any assumptions. pie i have no use for spiffo I use as a post read and acknowledged, usually in response to a comment directed at me that I don't need to actually respond to. the only really universal ones are the like, and pillow, which can probably be seen as boring/tired topic/putting me to sleep etc.
  12. Firearms suggestion for future builds.

    That brush kit does not work like I want at all, but I haven't had time to fix it yet. As is, it repairs the condition of the gun. What it needs to do is track the amount of rounds that have been fired through the gun, so it knows how dirty it is, the more dirt, the higher chances the gun's overall condition will lower, and higher chances of jamming. The whole brush and cleaning aspect needs to be separated from the condition & repair functions.
  13. slings already reduce weight, regardless of if the gun is in hand or inventory (or backpack or other containers)
  14. ORGM Rechambered

    version 3.07-stable is up. 3.07-Beta to 3.07-Stable changes: * Fixed bug in weapon update function that reset the number of times the item had been repaired to 0 * Fixed bug in weapon update function that failed to properly remove and reset the secondary hand item. * component upgrading is now done silently. * Misc code tweaks and documentation updates * 'Credits and Permissions' file now included Full 3.07-stable changelog:
  15. Enhanced Armor Mod

    If that's the only spot the check is done, then yes other damages would bypass it. I'm not entirely sure if that will be the case without actually investigating the code myself, which won't be possible for me til it eventually works its way down to the stable branch