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  1. RingoD123

    The One Stop TileZed Mapping Shop

    1) 16 or 32bit should be fine, I always use 32. dithering and transparency are greyed out when using either of those so you don't have to worry about them. 2) Yes, just make it all black where you don't want zombies spawning 3) No, unfortunately not. 4) The game world is split into cells which are 300x300 tiles, you can only replace or add cells within this grid. When you use the world offset it is in cell's not tiles so you cant place a new cell over the top of where multiple cells would meet, only replace exisiting cells or add new cells to the exisiting grid.
  2. RingoD123

    The One Stop TileZed Mapping Shop

    See the last paragraph in Step 4) exporting. When you export your world you can specify a world offset so you can add to existing maps or replace cells on exisiting maps. if you use: https://map.projectzomboid.com/ and click on map cor-ordinates on the left you will be able to see the co-ordinates for the cell you hover your mouse over, use this in conjunction with world offset option when exporting to add to or replace part of the vanilla map.
  3. RingoD123

    Zombie Spawn Height?

    Pretty sure zombies (outside of buildings) only spawn on level 0.
  4. RingoD123

    Show lots in Tilezed?

    Place your lots by opening your cell in WorldEd as normal, then save and close your cell, then in WorldEd again, right click on your cell and then click on "open cell in tilezed", from there you should be able to add detail to your world while seeing the lots you placed, if you're still not seeing your los then make sure to use the generate lots in worldEd after placing your lots and saving but before opening the cell in tilezed.
  5. RingoD123

    Red Question Marks

    In WorldEd, click on Edit and then Preferences, then in the Tiles Directory part of the preferences window, navigate to and select your tiles folder (make sure it is the tiles folder you select and not the 2x folder inside of it).
  6. As I replied in Discord, you draw your house/room as normal, with an exterior wall already selected, you then select the wall tool and draw over the existing exterior walls you want to change with the new exterior wall you selected. You don't draw empty rooms or anything like that.
  7. In Iso view, click on the "place wall" tool at the top of the window. then click on "exterior walls" in the Tiles and Furniture tab on the right of the window, select your desired wall and then draw.
  8. RingoD123

    Run time exception, first time map modding(Solved)

    You can always subscribe to a map mod on Steam and then browse it's folder/file hierarchy in your Steams Workshop folder (Steam/steamapps/workshop/content/108600) or download Bedford Falls from the Nexus Mods website. However I don't think that will help you with this problem, like I said above, the only 2 times i've seen this problem it was only fixed by starting a fresh mod and following the first few steps of the guide again, making sure you correctly create a spawnpoints.lua file and that you do not create an objects.lua file before adding zones. Do not copy over any files from your mod which is having the error to your new one (apart from your bmp's/png's). Test your map as soon as you have created your spawnpoints.lua file and written spawn points in worldEd before continuing to add/edit your map.
  9. RingoD123

    Run time exception, first time map modding(Solved)

    I have only seen this problem once or twice before and it was because the map maker had jumped a few steps and created an objects.lua file before they had created their foraging zones. This caused the exact same error you are getting. You will need to start your map mod again (from dragging your BMP/PNG files into WorldEd) as I have not found a way to remove this error from a map mod once it has manifested. The error will also re-occur if you copy any files across from your current mod-in-progress to the new one.
  10. RingoD123

    The One Stop TileZed Mapping Shop

    No not at the moment, this will be something that will be able to be done once the vanilla map is 100% complete and released though. Not sure where you were looking, but this thread: https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/23816-latest-tilezed-worlded-and-tilesets-may-17-2018/ has the latest downloads.
  11. RingoD123

    How to add Vehicle Zones to your Map Mod

    I'll keep an eye out for it but it's not something i've come across myself. Are you using the direction templates like in the picture you posted? I've never had a need to use that method myself but that is a new addition by EP and in that pic you can obviously see that he used 5x3, so it's possible the issue manifests when using 4x3 AND using the new direction templates.
  12. RingoD123

    How to add Vehicle Zones to your Map Mod

    The vast majority of the vanilla map and the whole of Bedford Falls use the 4x3 parking spaces without issue. EasyPickens did make some changes to parking stalls so modders could specify direction, but the original 4x3 size still works.
  13. RingoD123

    How to create new vehicle mods

    Yep, 1st number is how far to the left or right of the centre of the vehicle the wheel is (positive is left, negative to the right), 2nd number is height and 3rd number is how far to the front or back from the centre of the vehicle (positive being towards the front and negative being towards the rear).
  14. RingoD123

    How to create new vehicle mods

    Cool, looking much better. That's it from me, pretty sure your texture issue is most likely caused by your UV's and/or shell texture as FilibusterRymes pointed out, bare in mind, he already has working vehicle mods on Steam Workshop.
  15. RingoD123

    How to create new vehicle mods

    First I would try smaller scales with that rotation, it looks like part of your model might be getting cut off due to the scale, a bit like how it was showing as a large square texture before you dropped it to 1.0 from 2.15 In this picture which was taken with the earlier version of your mod before you changed the rotations I had just set the scale in the script to 0.5, as Filibuster said it's probably best to edit the scale in blender otherwise you might have problems with wheels. But as you can see in the picture the whole "shape" of the model is being shown when at that scale: Filibuster might be able to advise you better about your models size/scale in blender but I would start by making your model 4x smaller than it's original size in Blender and then putting the scale in the script back to 2.15, after judging how that looks you should have a much better idea of what scale/size to use in blender.