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  1. here: local DropDistTable = { pharmacystorage = { metal_shelves = { procedural = true, procList = { {name="TheyKnewList", min=1, max=6}, You are referencing a definition called "TheyKnewList" but here: ProceduralDistributions.list.TheyKnewItem = { rolls = 6, items = { "Zomboxycycline", 50, "Zomboxivir", 50, }, } end the definition is called "TheyKnewItem". Also here: table.insert(Distributions, 2, customDistTable); you are trying to add "customDistTable" to the Distributions table, but here: local DropDistTable = { pharmacystorage = { metal_shelves = { you named the table "DropDistTable". Also, a full guide on customizing loot can be found here:
  2. Make sure you image is 300x300 pixels or a divisible by 300 (600x600, 1500x1500 etc). Also make sure you bmp's or png's are saved as a 24 bit images.
  3. Looks like you have colors meant to be used on your main map image in your veg map.
  4. Download the latest tileset from here: Then in Tilezed click on "tools" and then "tilesets..." and then point the tiles folder to the tiles folder you just downloaded (make sure you point to the tiles folder and not the 2x folder inside of it).
  5. Here, for the first time ever, you will find our library of buildings from the entirety of Knox Country, but excluding Louisville, for now. Some of the more unique "landmark" buildings from around the map have also been excluded for now. Keep a look out for future releases too! Buildings Catalogue Curated.zip
  6. Have you added poly's (the new in game map options in WorldEd) in worldEd with the correct definitions over your roads? (highway - primary, highway - secondary etc?)
  7. Building lots and bmps are fine to use again.
  8. The problem seems to be buildings that are not respawning loot are not in one of the required zones for loot to respawn (townzone, trailerpark, farm). When using the F2 tool in debug mode it should show any zones the tile you have selected is in in the top right corner like in the picture below. If there are no zones then it's possible the map maker did not zone his map correctly or purposefully didn't zone certain buildings as to not make them overpowered because of loot respawn. It's also possible that if the maps were added to a game already in progress then certain files that had already been generated for that section of map had not been cleared.
  9. There are no special options for mod maps to allow/disallow loot respawn, if loot spawns in the map then it should respawn if sandbox settings allow. However this seems to be an issue that pops up a lot on servers running modded maps.
  10. Here's some pictures of the server setting that work for me with your map:
  11. OK, just tested your workshop map and I managed to get it working as a host of a server, you just have to make sure that all of the mods you specified as required on your workshop page are also added to your server in the mods tab of the server settings, I also made sure they were added to the mods tab before adding your map. After that I started the server and your map came up as a spawn option as it should.
  12. If your problem is being created by using polygon zones for foraging etc then just changing them on 1 cell probably wouldn't work as all of your cells share the same objects.lua. water zones should also be placed using the regular "create object" tool. Explanations on how to place all of the zones can be found in Step 6 of the One Stop TileZed Guide. Your image for your server settings looks correct. Does the workshop version also work in single player? if not then the issue is probably to do with your folder/file structure.
  13. For zones, everything has to be placed using the basic "create object" tool. The only time you should ever use the polygon tools is for marking your roads and paths to show up on your in-game mini map. Check all of your cells, have you placed any water zones? if you have then make sure you have at least 2 water zones on your cell, it's possible there is still a bug if you only have 1 water zone on a cell. If your map is not loading in multiplayer then the most likely suspects are that you have not set your server up correctly and you are trying to load your map mod before the vanilla map instead of the other way around, or you are trying to add your map to a game that was already in progress. The "map=" line in your servers setting should end with Muldraugh, KY, not start with it. Zombie spawn maps are only half of the equation when it comes to zombies actually spawning, the other half is your sandbox settings, so even if your zombie spawn map is completely black you will still get zombies spawning based off your sandbox setting.
  14. Is it possible you are trying to see the changes you have made to your mod on a saved game instead of a fresh new game? Is it possible you have more than 1 version of your mod, in different folders, and you are accidentally loading your old version and not the new? Are you definitely exporting your maps files to the same folder that zomboid is loading your mod from? Are your buildings and roads etc showing in both tilezed and worlded when you open your cell in each? What levels and layers are your roads/buildings on? You could always subscribe to and download other map mods from Steam to check their file and folder structure, you can normally upload your mod somewhere and ask the nice peeps on discord if someone has the time to see if they can see whats wrong.
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