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  1. You need to follow the mapping guide, it has a whole section on how to add your map mod to the in game mini map:
  2. This error comes up when you are trying to open a building made in a newer version of Tilezed than what you are using, the latest version of Tilezed can be found here:
  3. Hi, try using the latest tools and tilesets that have just been posted:
  4. Your zombie spawn map has to cover all of your map mod, even if you are only exporting a single cell the image has to be the correct size for your whole map. A 300x300 zombie spawn map would be for a 10x10 cell map not for a single cell.
  5. If you are doing 12x12 cells for your map then your zombie spawn map must be 360x360 pixels (10% of the size of your map)
  6. Is the legend there in buildingEd? If not then you have an old version of the tools. If it is there and you have set them correctly then you must use the "generate building features" tool after your lots have been generated. You can always check the vanilla worldmap.xml file for all the keys and values used.
  7. In WorldEd, click on Edit and then Preferences, then in the Tiles Directory part of the preferences window, navigate to and select your tiles folder (make sure it is the tiles folder you select and not the 2x folder inside of it). After changing the setting, close worlded and tilezed and then re-open.
  8. Press "o" on your keyboard while in BuildingEd, that will enable/disable all tools.
  9. Just had a check myself and I need to update the guide. We need to be adding "weightChance=100" (or whatever you want the value to be) to the end of our "{name=" lines, so using my guide in the OP (which I will update) my distributions.lua would look like this: local bedforddistributionTable = { bedfordgasstation = { shelvesmag = { procedural = true, procList = { {name="MagazineRackMapsRingo", min=5, max=10, forceForZones="Unique", weightChance=100}, {name="MagazineRackMixed", min=2, max=5, forceForZones="Unique", weightChance=100}, {name="MagazineRackMapsRingo", min=1, max=5, weightChance=100}, {name="MagazineRackNewspaper", min=1, max=1, weightChance=100}, {name="MagazineRackMixed", min=0, max=99, weightChance=100}, } }, }, all = { shelvesmag = { procedural = true, procList = { {name="MagazineRackMaps", min=1, max=5, weightChance=100}, {name="MagazineRackNewspaper", min=1, max=1, weightChance=100}, {name="MagazineRackMixed", min=0, max=99, weightChance=100}, {name="MagazineRackMapsRingo", min=1, max=5, weightChance=100}, } }, } } table.insert(Distributions, 2, bedforddistributionTable);
  10. When in game in debug mode press F2, the right hand window will show you what room def and zone your cursor is hovering over.
  11. Testing in debug can help a lot as it can show you what room definition a container is in, so you can make sure your room def is showing up correctly in game. You can also raise the loot settings in sandbox mode to make it more likely that loot will spawn in the containers you are wanting to test.
  12. The 3 colors you listed as not being recognized are veg map colors, not base map colors.
  13. You need to point WorldEd to the Tiles folder you downloaded. In WorldEd click on Edit and then Preferences, then make sure the "Tiles Directory" is pointed to the Tiles folder you downloaded and NOT the 2x folder inside of it, once done restart TileZed and WorldEd and you should be good to go.
  14. Yeah just realised they are vanilla items, no script needed. Try removing the "require" lines from both files. Also in your CarWindowDistributions.lua add "weightChance=100" to each of your procList entries so that they all look like this: procList = { {name="CarWindowsAll", min=3,max=5, weightChance=100}, If you are still having trouble seeing them in game then remember you can use debug mode to make sure you are in a correct roomdef for the items to spawn.
  15. Your proceduraldistributions.lua is missing a comma after the closing bracket for the items, it should look like this: "Windshield3", 50, }, } Apart from that it looks like it should work as long as you have actually added your items to the game using a base script as outlined at the start of this guide: If so then all i'd say is that the only place you are telling the new items to spawn is in rooms that do not have a specific room definition and also contain a shelf, metal shelf or a crate, which is probable not many places, if any.
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