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  1. If cars have stopped spawning then your mod has an error in the objects.lua file. When the game finds an error in the objects.lua it stops processing all other objects listed after it in the file. .bak files are simply backup copies and not used by the game or by tilzed/worlded. For your main issue you would be better off adding the extra cells to your map mod world in worlded and then creating the actual cell containing the rest of bridge, that way the game knows that everything that is being loaded is part of your mod and will properly be able to overwrite vanilla stuff as it should, it will also make any errors a lot easier to find.
  2. Yes, you can use this guide to create a new room definition or add items to an existing room definition:
  3. Check the spawn location files for each map mod you are trying to use, they should have an entry for "unemployed", if it has an entry for "all" then change it to "unemployed" instead.
  4. Yes it's possible using lootZones, this guide should explain how it works:
  5. The tilesheet fixtures_doors_02 has 3 sets of double doors towards the bottom of the sheet. The tilesheet fixtures_doors_frames_01 has the frames for double doors. You will need to use tile mode to place the doors and frames, just make sure you delete the wall where the doors will go first.
  6. Create a new blank world and make your images bmp files, then use the "maps" window on the right hand side of the screen to navigate to your bmp's (you must have your base and your veg bmps in the same folder and named correctly) and then drag your base bmp over your blank world cells.
  7. All in one guide is here: You can also stop by the zomboid discord which has a channel dedicated to map modding.
  8. Again, in Worlded, right click on one of your cells and choose the "open in tilzed" option, not sure why your are trying to open one of your cells in paint.........
  9. You open your tmx files in tilezed, or you can right click on the cell you want to open in worlded and then select "open in tilezed"
  10. You only open your world file in WorldEd not Tilezed, probably why you cant see it in tilezed.
  11. Ah ok, then click view and tick "highlight current floor", or press H on your keyboard.
  12. Then i'm guessing you didnt add the roof tiles to the roof layer. Using the roof tool in iso mode will automatically place things on the correct layers.
  13. I replied in your other thread but think I got confused as to what you where trying to do, is your roof definitely placed on lvl 2 and not lvl 1? Also, you did use the roof tool in iso mode yes?
  14. You need to make all of your floors first and then add your roof, roofs don't move themselves.
  15. You need to press "o" on your keyboard or click on view and tick "show object shapes", you will then have all functionality back
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