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  1. You need to add the layers you need yourself per cell in tilezed, use the same naming format as the layers you see in buildingEd "0_" for ground floor, "1_" for next floor up etc. Use WorldEd to place your buildings and then tilezed to add detail to your map.
  2. Sidewalks should be on the ground layer and curbs go on one of your overlay layers, all of the needed curbs are in street_curbs_01.
  3. Those floor tiles are in Floors_exterior_tilesandstone_01 and the white lines are in street_trafficlines_01
  4. If your mod isnt showing at all then there may be something wrong with your mod.info file, maybe you saved it as a text file instead? A good way to check your folder structure and files are correct etc is to subscribe to another map mod on steam and check their folders/files in their folders inside of the steamapps\workshop\content\108600 folder.
  5. There is a guide here on how to mod loot distribution: The list in this thread is the most up to date list of vanilla definitions, you can always check the distributions.lua and proceduraldistributions.lua files in your games "media\lua\server\items" folder to see if there has been any more additions.
  6. Large Trees are placed automatically by the game when there is a tree from the "vegetation_trees_01" tilesheet placed on a dirt or grass tile and inside of a "Forest" or "Deepforest" scavenging zone.
  7. Looks like you havnt set up the tiles properly. In Tilezed you need to click on Tools and then Tilesets and then make sure the Tiles Folder is pointed at the Tiles folder you downloaded and not the 2x folder inside of it.
  8. Make sure you have downloaded and set up the tiles folder in both TileZed and WorldEd. If you are trying to open the vanilla map then you are out of luck. Any/all map mods need to be created from scratch.
  9. RingoD123

    Map help

    Havnt tried with raven but have tried with bedford, both before and after yours and it works fine as long as you dont try and use your map as the spawn location.
  10. RingoD123

    Map help

    Just taken a look at your map mod on steam and I have no load order errors, only error that occurs is if I try to use your map as a spawn location, it then errors out and closes to dekstop, looking at your spawnpoints.lua its blank, if you dont want it to be a spawn option just remove your spawnpoints.lua.
  11. It does work, you just need to have a look at the distributions.lua file to see that it requires specific lockers otherwise it will pull from the all "definition", remember you can also make custom definitions if the vanilla one isnt doing what you want it to.
  12. You most likely do not have a veg image, you need both your base image and your _veg image before you can drag your image into worlded. The one stop guide goes over how to make the 3 images needed (including the zombie spawn map) before going over how to import them into worlded.
  13. @BigZombieMonkey This is actually fixed by removing all trims from interior and exterior walls from the right hand side of the screen before placing them, bit of a bug. You can then add trim back to walls you have placed without this error occuring. Use the draw room tool as much as possible and only use the draw wall tool to add additional walls or to remove walls. But yes also make sure you are using walls that have the correct tiles for walls/windows etc to be placed. Interior walls should only be visible when the interior of the building is visible, exterior walls are the same. ie North and West walls will almost always be interior walls and South and East walls will almost always be external, you can look at vanilla buildings for reference.
  14. If you are already far enough along on your map then using the world offset when exporting your map should be all that is needed when exporting your first and subsequent maps. ie, if your first map was just a single cell placed at the co-ordinates 30x30 and you then wanted to add another single cell joining directly to the west of it you can just create a new world and give it the world offset of 29x30.
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