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  1. You can't. You need to recreate the cell, the mapping guide tells you how to use the world offset and map.info file to make your map overwrite existing cells in the existing map.
  2. You would have to use the mapping tutorial to remake and replace a cell from the original map.
  3. The fix is to have: fixed2x=true as the last line in your map.info file.
  4. Hey,


    first a big thanks for this game, its totally underrated !!!


    The next thanks is for this guide, i would never started mapping without it. But now im failing with creating vehicle zones....


    U may have time to look over my .pzw and .lua if i failed sth ? :) would be very nice !





    Hafencity.pzw spawnpoints.lua

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    2. TheMinimi


      I made 3 new maps and always the editor put in the Object.lua this:


      objects = {
        { name = "trafficjamn", type = "ParkingStall", x = 372, y = 100, z = 0, width = 4, height = 9 },
        { name = "sport", type = "ParkingStall", x = 361, y = 68, z = 0, width = 28, height = 18 },
        { name = "", type = "SpawnPoint", x = 395, y = 92, z = 0, width = 1, height = 1, properties = { Professions = "all" } },
        { name = "", type = "SpawnPoint", x = 367, y = 93, z = 0, width = 1, height = 1, properties = { Professions = "fireofficer" } }



      i can't change that he put the spawn point in the object.lua he make it automaticaly  when i press "write object to lua..."


      Makes me sad

    3. RingoD123


      If you are following the instructions properly then you will already have a spawnpoints.lua file with your spawnpoints in before you even make your objects.lua file and start adding your car spawns.

    4. TheMinimi


      I don't change sth. now it works.....


      Thanks for ur help :)



  5. Use the version on the Forums. The latest forum version is the latest public version. There will be a new version(s) once Build 41 is public that lets you add Water zones and Zombie zones.
  6. Yes, this is the most up to date version of the mapping tools and tiles. There will be a new version once the current IWBUMS build is public. Check here for a guide on mapping: https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/21951-the-one-stop-tilezed-mapping-shop/
  7. Your console.txt file shows this error at the bottom: ERROR: General, 1584219957799> java.lang.RuntimeException: can't create player at x,y,z=211,150,9 because the square is null Either your spawnpoint is incorrectly placed (on level 9 instead of level 0) or you have this bug:
  8. The mod.info file that is in the folder with your lotheader, bin etc should actually be map.info. comprehensive guide can be found here: https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/21951-the-one-stop-tilezed-mapping-shop/
  9. They are just the different layers that different tiles sit on so they draw over/under other tiles correctly, You only need to use these when in Tile mode, Iso mode automatically places items on the relevant layer. You just simply choose a relevant layer to add your item to (eg a door on the doors layer, a poster on wall furniture etc) when using tile mode.
  10. Sorry for the late reply, but you need to add: fixed2x=true as the last line in your map.info file
  11. You do not need to do anything special. You can simply add them using Tile mode.
  12. I dont think so, if it's not in the tutorial then don't worry about it. You could always ask RJ if you want/need to know exactly what it does.
  13. The size is fine, that building in your second image, you would place that one first and then place the building that would join to the right after it. Basically place the inside wall of building 2 after the outside wall of building 1 if that makes sense.
  14. The best thing to do is create 6 new layers in the Layers tab on the right of your image, name them the same as the 6 that are already there except change the "0"'s to "1"'s. If you the click on levels you will see that you have created a new level that replicates the first. Then just make sure you have the correct levels floor or vegitation layer selected and then place as normal.
  15. As axezombie said, the game's camera does not rotate, so North, East, West and South always face the same directions, meaning a compass would be useless as they do not mark your current position on a map, that would be some kind of GPS system which I dont beleive would have been around back when this game is based. No matter where in the game world you are, these are always the "compass directions": So adding a "compass" to the game would be nothing more than a static image/set of icons that basically do the same as the image above, which would be kind of pointless. As Kim Jong Un pointed out, the main consideration is with regards to in game maps, as they can be presented in isometric format, like the game itself, or in top down format, like this: The above image is top down, the top of the image is North, any map that is top down like this will always have the top of the image as North. If you find it hard to work out the directions compared to the isometric game world then just imagine rotating this map 45 degrees to the right to make a diamond shape, North is now the same direction on the map as it is in game. Isometric in game maps already fully match their directions with the actual game world, like so: Anyone using a different version of North, East, West and South, are using them wrong, maybe show them the first image I posted above as a reference. Along with N, E, W, S, It could be useful to also use directions such as "screen up" instead of "North West", "screen down" instead of "South East", and again, these directions never change.
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