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  1. How to add Vehicle Zones to your Map Mod

    I'll keep an eye out for it but it's not something i've come across myself. Are you using the direction templates like in the picture you posted? I've never had a need to use that method myself but that is a new addition by EP and in that pic you can obviously see that he used 5x3, so it's possible the issue manifests when using 4x3 AND using the new direction templates.
  2. How to add Vehicle Zones to your Map Mod

    The vast majority of the vanilla map and the whole of Bedford Falls use the 4x3 parking spaces without issue. EasyPickens did make some changes to parking stalls so modders could specify direction, but the original 4x3 size still works.
  3. How to create new vehicle mods

    Yep, 1st number is how far to the left or right of the centre of the vehicle the wheel is (positive is left, negative to the right), 2nd number is height and 3rd number is how far to the front or back from the centre of the vehicle (positive being towards the front and negative being towards the rear).
  4. How to create new vehicle mods

    Cool, looking much better. That's it from me, pretty sure your texture issue is most likely caused by your UV's and/or shell texture as FilibusterRymes pointed out, bare in mind, he already has working vehicle mods on Steam Workshop.
  5. How to create new vehicle mods

    First I would try smaller scales with that rotation, it looks like part of your model might be getting cut off due to the scale, a bit like how it was showing as a large square texture before you dropped it to 1.0 from 2.15 In this picture which was taken with the earlier version of your mod before you changed the rotations I had just set the scale in the script to 0.5, as Filibuster said it's probably best to edit the scale in blender otherwise you might have problems with wheels. But as you can see in the picture the whole "shape" of the model is being shown when at that scale: Filibuster might be able to advise you better about your models size/scale in blender but I would start by making your model 4x smaller than it's original size in Blender and then putting the scale in the script back to 2.15, after judging how that looks you should have a much better idea of what scale/size to use in blender.
  6. How to create new vehicle mods

    They may have, but like I've said i'm not a modeller so I don't know, but you shouldn't need to do that, looking at their mask and shell texture (possibly with an in game picture to reference too) should be all you need. But really, at this point it going to be trial and error for you to get your mask and shell correct for the look of your vehicle. One thing I would suggest would be to lay out your shell and mask like the vanilla vehicles with an entire side of your vehicle together etc, using the different UV unwraps in blender to get a shell texture that is as close as possible to one of the vanilla vehicle textures should make things a lot easier.
  7. How to create new vehicle mods

    You dont, im talking about the textures.
  8. How to create new vehicle mods

    All I can suggest is that you look at other vehicle mods or vanilla vehicle files to help you.
  9. How to create new vehicle mods

    OK, just spoke to Captain Binky who created the converter, he's going to look into this for you and try and figure out what is causing this. Most obvious possibility at the moment is that it could be something to do with non English native language in Windows. Either myself or Captain Binky will let you know when we have more info or possible fix, in the meantime if you know anyone with an English version of Windows they should be able to convert your .ply for you. In the meantime you could double check that your Anti Virus isn't blocking it by adding an exception for the .exe in your AV program. You could also try enabling "run in administrator mode" for the exe or even moving the folder to the root of your c:\ for example.
  10. How to create new vehicle mods

    Once you have your correct orientation you will then need to edit your shell texture and or mask to get your texture applied to the correct parts. I will say though that that orientation still looks off to me, unless the right side of your vehicle has a different shape to the left, as for the gui names, dont worry about that just yet.
  11. How to create new vehicle mods

    Please dont spam your comment, im looking into this for you and will get back to you when I have an answer.
  12. How to create new vehicle mods

    As you can see from your picture your orientation is still incorrect, you need to try different orientations and apply them until your vehicle is the correct orientation in game, no point changing texture or anything else until you have this bit working properly. And as Filibuster said, you probably want to edit your models scale so you dont neet to change the scale in script which will shrink your wheels.
  13. How to create new vehicle mods

    Hard to tell until your vehicle is oriented correctly, but they look ok, probably want to fix your vehicle mask though to be as close to the proper shapes as possible or you will most likely get some wierd overlapping/wrapping in places. Once your vehicle is oriented like it should be it'll be a lot easier to tell what (if anything) you need to change on your shell texture and/or mask.
  14. How to create new vehicle mods

    No worries, when you try again make sure you are Applying your Transformations for rotation ( https://docs.blender.org/manual/en/dev/editors/3dview/object/editing/transform/clear_apply.html ) after making your changes and before exporting your model.
  15. How to create new vehicle mods

    Yeah like I said it looks as if it has been exported with incorrect orientations, im not a modeller but my guess is it needs rotated 90 degrees on both its x and z axis (or y and z etc) before being exported, try exporting with different orientations until you get it right. You will then need to play around with the values in the vehicles script file such as the extents and offsets etc to match your vehicle, the best way to get this right is by looking at values of similar size vehicles and testing until it feels right. And in regards to your vehicle mask, I would stick to using correct (or at least as close to correct as possible) shapes.