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  1. You never bought a car from Crazy Vaclav before?
  2. Vehicles are looking pretty rad, I have to say.
  3. Bug Triager, had mod perms in the bug tracker but that was it. Congrats Kajin, try not to go mad with power!
  4. changed version to: Build 35,
  5. (!)

    This is the right topic, one of things added to the list when I finally get around to it.
  6. Hid this thread until we could get some semblance of verification that the file was safe. That was all.
  7. To those coming in, the moderation team has taken a look and we believe the file to be safe, however use the program at your own risk. Obviously we don't take responsibility and all that and if there's something hinky just hit the report button.
  8. (!)

    From my understanding of the bug, as a creator of the topic if you allow notifications when creating the post, it works fine. It's only when using the subscription button from the issue topic, thing that issues come up.
  9. (!)

    I'll try and get back on top of this.
  10. Moved to suggestions. Always good to report the thread to be moved so we can do something about that.
  11. Carpenter BRUUUUUUUT!
  12. Pish posh, it's perfect!
  13. Some of us are sensible people.
  14. For anyone particularly interested, I decided to quickly whip something up for this (because I was bored and I don't like going through the effort of forum formatting) so I made this little site that will contain all the bug reports and feature requests: It has a link at the bottom which also leads to the Jira tracker should anyone be interested in keeping informed about the issues. I have added it to the OP.
  15. changed status to: Not a bug.