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  1. The Modders Wishlist

    So I recently been poking around and speaking to modders on a fairly regular basis (shoutout to the workshop_modding channel on Discord) and recently it feels like I been finding out about certain issues, or wishes more through happenstance than actually seeing it brought up elsewhere. So this thread is being created for modders to make requests for changes that could greatly help them in the creation of mods. With that in mind there are a couple of caveats and preemptive questions I feel I should perhaps address: Q: When will my suggestion be implemented? A: It may never go in. This is something I am going to be balancing with my other duties, such as the small suggestions thread and my bug hunting duties, so not everything will be implemented. Obviously, we'll try our best but no promises! Q: WorldZed, TileZed etc could use feature X A: I personally don't work on those tools, so I can't actually make changes to them. Some of the team members who work on those tools, are also rather busy folks so feel free to make a suggestion and I'll try and pass them along to the relevant people, but don't expect those sorts of changes to happen or if they do, to be quick. Q: I want to load models, skin characters, or other questions about loading this stuff in. A: I also don't really work on those systems. A change has been made that will be going out in the next build, which should help people in that regard. However, it's only supposed to tide people over until animations come out where these sorts of things will become a bit better supported. Q: That seems like quite a few caveats. A: I suppose it is. This really is to get a pulse on what modders are looking for and to perhaps help matters out slightly, but it's also important to note this won't be a main focus, but this gives a collective avenue for modders to make suggestions and potentially make things, just a little bit easier. So! Suggest away!
  2. As it turns out, a lot of the places that have Lua event listings, are either woefully out of date or have since disappeared from the internet. With that in mind, I have added a section to the pzwiki that lists all the Lua Events currently found in game, though fair warning some are now obsolete. I have created some pages for some of the events but more still needs to be done. Some pages haven't been created as of writing and the template used for the pages leaves much to be desired, but will hopefully still be helpful to those looking for a quick reference. It also has the added benefit of other people being able to update the listings or change descriptions based on what they find. Any questions you can post here, or say something in the workshop_modding channel of Discord. I'm usually around there willing to answer questions.
  3. Revise the radio range.
    Now the stationary radio station operates within a radius of only 5 km! This is very small. Do at least 20 km for it. In multiplayer it is very difficult (impossible) to communicate with other players located in other cities at a great distance.


    At the moment they are practically useless.

  4. Muffled Scream

    No problem, more details will follow on how this has been implemented.
  5. Will be PZ on android?

    I believe that was of a user creation and that they were streaming from a desktop. Currently there is no plans to officially support PZ on any mobile devices.
  6. Tons of questions!

    Let me preface this by saying, I'm a junior member on the team. I don't really dictate direction and couldn't tell you everything that's been thought about. +Are the developers keep working on Creative mode or did they say it's a dead road? I think it's currently on the back burner, but there is someone on the team who will be looking at resuming development on this at some point. +Is it or it's going to be possible to add new walls textures? I believe the WorldEd already allows this? I mean, you can create your own texture packs for your mods that can be used. So I don't see why you couldn't add new wall textures? You might be looking for this: Custom Texture Packs and Tile Definitions if you are looking to do it. +What happened with basements? I can't actually remember what was said about this, but I think it requires quite a bit of work to be done to make it happen. +What is the maximum number of floors the game accept? Don't work on maps, so don't know. :/ +Is it planned to add trains to the game? I don't think so, but you never know. Maybe a modder will be tenacious enough to give this a shot. +Is it going to be possible to listen to your own music? I feel like the idea was to have in game CD be found and possibly listened to, but I don't know about adding your own music. I'll chalk this up as I don't know. +Is agriculture going to be revamped or extended? Ah! My area, I'm currently working on adding, extending and balancing some of the mechanics in game per user suggestions and this thread: So maybe if you suggest it, and EngimaGrey pokes me about it, it might be something that gets a look in. +Are developers doing something with garage doors? I believe there are plans to do something with garage door, but again, I'm not 100%. +What happened with clothes? The hold up is the animation system. +Is it planned the option to deactivate burned houses, or at least change the ratio they appeared? Maybe that small suggestion thread could be of help here. +Is it planned to change water mechanics? I'm not sure I follow what would want to be changed. +Are the unused objects going to have an useful use? Again! Small suggestions thread! I been adding some funky stuff and abilities for items over the past few months. So if there's an item that you think could be used for something that isn't, you could make a suggestion. +What is it planned for future builds? (+Added after first post) Vehicles is the task currently being tackled and with that out of the way, it will be on to animations and from there I believe there's plans to maybe talk about the plans for the future. +What is it planned for future builds? Things are always being thought about! I won't say anything now, but the Thursdoids (originally Mondoids) can give good insight in to what is currently willing to be talked about and the plans for the future. Hopefully that helps.
  7. Lua Method "loadSkinnedZomboidModel"

    EnigmaGrey pointed me to this thread, I'm not familiar with the model loader and it's systems so I can't say the change will work. However, for the sake of argument lets say it does for the time being. I'm mainly going off the belief of EG and this thread as to what the function does. That being said, I see no harm in tweaking the functions. So I have added a loadZomboidModel and loadSkinnedZomboid model function, they don't do anything terribly different I just didn't want repeat code. loadZomboidModel has a boolean parameter added on so you can dictate the boolean value of bStatic, while loadSkinnedZomboid function defaults the boolean to false. loadStaticZomboidModel continues to do what it always did (it calls loadZomboidModel but sets the bStatic boolean to true). If all is fine, I imagine it will be in the next vehicle build. Whenever that is.
  8. Possible vehicle interiors solution

    That's a pretty cool idea.
  9. More Defenses

    Nice ideas, but wouldn't planks be stronger than plywood? I feel like it's a bit thicker and stronger than regular plywood.
  10. Onex's Pot Farm!

    Where is OPotfarming_vegetableconf.props even defined? Shouldn't you just be using farming_vegetableconf.props. That's the only thing I see defined in your files.
  11. Red squares with numbers show up

    Pushed a fix into the codebase that should fix the issue I think.
  12. RELEASED: Build 38.22

    Try going here: /home/<USERNAME>/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/ProjectZomboid and running that's in there.
  13. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 38.15

    Yay! The world needed a new version in order to allow a reliable fix for the XP bug. We detect the old world version, do the conversion so going forward the original bug that was fixed (that caused this new bug) is fixed as well. Edit: To anyone else who reads this, if you load up your game and the XP panel says something about having like negative million points, then don't play the save. Close it down and tell me so we can take a look at the save file, if you do something to earn XP it will make it harder to recover the save.
  14. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 38.15

    Was my fault, one of my changes introduced the problem. Will see about rolling back the change and see if there's anything I can do to fix the old saves. Would appreciate save files that have been affected, so I can test and what not.
  15. Washing cloth makes cloth rope

    Yeah in that case when it says wash "everything" it's a little ambiguous but, say you had two shirts stacked in your inventory and and you clicked wash -> everything it would wash those two shirts. It doesn't mean wash all your clothing.