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  1. There's already an account with that name I'm afraid.
  2. forum bug

    [I'M DUMB PLEASE IGNORE] Edit: Nasko fixed the issue.
  3. forum bug

    It's inherent to the forum software. You have to just click the show vote options at the bottom of the poll, to link up what was voted for what, or click the person icon which will show a truncated version of the option name. Sorry, just how it goes
  4. 1. It's best to PM EngimaGrey directly. 2. If you have just joined the site your post needs to be approved! PLEASE DON'T POST MORE THAN ONCE!
  5. Issue link:{?}/#comment-2954 This is now the defacto thread for this issue. Working to confirm. Edit: Confirmed. Need to verify if this is considered a bug.
  6. I'm aware this is original, but linking back to latest report:{?}/
  7. Maybe fixed by now?
  8. You never bought a car from Crazy Vaclav before?
  9. Vehicles are looking pretty rad, I have to say.
  10. Bug Triager, had mod perms in the bug tracker but that was it. Congrats Kajin, try not to go mad with power!
  11. changed version to: Build 35,
  12. (!)

    This is the right topic, one of things added to the list when I finally get around to it.
  13. Hid this thread until we could get some semblance of verification that the file was safe. That was all.
  14. To those coming in, the moderation team has taken a look and we believe the file to be safe, however use the program at your own risk. Obviously we don't take responsibility and all that and if there's something hinky just hit the report button.
  15. (!)

    From my understanding of the bug, as a creator of the topic if you allow notifications when creating the post, it works fine. It's only when using the subscription button from the issue topic, thing that issues come up.