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  1. English Translation Update: EN/Challenge_EN.txt | +6 −0 EN/ContextMenu_EN.txt | +10 −4 EN/IG_UI_EN.txt | +7 −0 EN/ItemName_EN.txt | +0 −1 EN/Tooltip_EN.txt | +5 −0 EN/UI_EN.txt | +1,246 −534 Items_empty.txt | +274 −0 Recipe_empty.txt To see specific changes go here:
  2. Connall


  3. Connall

    How to use the "Heat" event on recipes?

    Ah yes, one of my implementations and kind of a cheat. It's kind of a solution to a problem that didn't really exist as it turned out. My recollection is foggy but if I remember correctly, when you place an item into an oven or fire or something over time the icon gets more red to indicate that it is heating up, once the item is at the -0.22 heat value (+1 is frozen) then the recipe could be crafted. I believe it's at -0.22 because that's as low as camp fires can heat an item I think? Ovens can go to -1 depending on the temperature.
  4. Connall

    Build 40.40 - Patch Released

    The language has been added so that community translators can translate to Estonian but the language hasn't been translated yet. I used Spanish files to test that the files were loading correctly, I must have forgotten to switch the files back to English for translating.
  5. English Translation Update: EN/IG_UI_EN.txt EN/Sandbox_EN.txt EN/Tooltip_EN.txt EN/UI_EN.txt To see specific changes go here:
  6. Connall

    getText() doesn't work

    Any chance I could get an example mod of this to test this with, I'm curious to see what the issue might be.
  7. Connall

    getText() doesn't work

    Again, I can't reproduce this. I just cooked it and dragged into my inventory and it was fine.
  8. Connall

    getText() doesn't work

    Can't reproduce.
  9. Connall

    Font Bug/Name Bug

    This is a problem on our end that I am currently looking into.
  10. English Translation Update: EN/ContextMenu_EN.txt EN/IG_UI_EN.txt EN/News_EN.txt EN/Tooltip_EN.txt EN/UI_EN.txt To see specific changes go to:
  11. Sorry for the absence! Been off sick in any case. English Translation Update: EN/Challenge_EN.txt EN/GameSound_EN.txt EN/IG_UI_EN.txt EN/Moodles_EN.txt EN/SurvivalGuide_EN.txt EN/Tooltip_EN.txt EN/UI_EN.txt To see specific changes go to:
  12. Connall

    Official Translation Files V2

    Sorry for the late reply, invite sent.
  13. Connall

    There is an error in translation. (V.41.21)

    UI_ServerOption_AllowNonAsciiUsername = "Allow Non Ascii Username, ^ there's no ending quote on that, it should be: UI_ServerOption_AllowNonAsciiUsername = "Allow Non Ascii Username",
  14. English Translation Update: EN/ContextMenu_EN.txt EN/GameSound_EN.txt EN/IG_UI_EN.txt EN/Moodles_EN.txt EN/Sandbox_EN.txt EN/Tooltip_EN.txt EN/UI_EN.txt To see specific changes go to:
  15. Connall

    Typos/mispelling etc in some areas

    It's possible the branch hasn't made it in yet then, because I most definitely made the changes. No, items and such are not in the translation folder but tied to their actual recipes and item deceleration, which causes unfortunate issues with translations. I agree, which is why I want to change it. I can see this coming back to bite us in the ass down the line again, the flipside of it is though if I make the change it's going to break a lot of translations since the keys will need to be updated to the new style. Should be easy enough for items, but not so easy with recipe names.