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  1. @turbotutone sweet cant wait ! i will explore a little bit for modding and i will contact you without hesitating if i have question !
  2. MethodThree

    The Weather Mod

    Hello survivors ! Since the last big update, the weather update, i was thinking about creating a mod that plays with the actual weather update. What i want to do, is create a mod that make the weather way more dangerous. There is a challenge that makes the weather in winter mode in July, which is a great idea. In 2018, with the climate change, weather is becoming way more extreme and this is exactly what i want to do. The thing is, im trying to read script and files about other mods but the weather files are kinda different. I want to locate how exactly the events in weather (suck as rains, snow, wind and temperature) act. So thats why i need a little help. Maybe pointing me a exact line in one of the file so i can learn and ask question as i go through my mod !? Thanks in advance !
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