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  1. It isn't a very complex idea neither one that would change the game much but as farming is the main theme of build 42 it would be rather nice and would make players take more care of they're plants. Most or all vegetables & fruits would have different sizes between them. Bigger ones having better stats (more cal etc) and smaller ones less. The more you water your plant / add fertilizer / or have a higher farming level would increase the chance of getting for example a potato with better stats or even gather little bit more potatoes. Wouldn't really be needed to make new sprites could just do a name change between them "(small) tomato" , "(big) tomato" and change stats between them
  2. I know it sounds like a far fetched idea which will remove the element of zombies, but hear me out, we divide the entire map of zomboid in various smaller chunks, and add a percentage sign to them, and we can clean that entire area but once we do that, the other untouched chunks percentage should lower down a bit to fill up the chunk we just cleared out to a certain degree, as we don't need zombie farmers who just sit in one chunk and farm the whole map with that, and to increase the difficulty we will add a hidden progression bar, as the x number of days pass by the zombies should get stronger, and harder to kill, and now the issue is here that whose pc can generate 40000 zombies, and the answer is easy, we allot randomness in every chunk and random spawn in every chunk but limited to the percentage we mentioned and they cannot leave their prescribed chunk either, once the mc leaves the specified chunk they respawn again, as per the chunk, now if someone kills every zombie than what? well here the dlc's come in, which we can add, or maybe once the 0% is achieved, kudoos to them, and in online we can just increase the number of zombies once a player dies with some multiplier
  3. Hi ! I think, it will be great, if others ways to carry stuffs exist like wheelbarrow or cart or another rolling machine. It useful to carry stuff in building for example. What is your point of view ?
  4. It would be awesome if u could show your map to other players or even draw on the same map at the same time.
  5. Everyone wants this I think, and is that PZ should add more platforms to play like Xbox or Playsation so we can enjoy the game with our friends. Because some friends don't have pc and we want to play it, so it would be cool.
  6. Hello. We all remember the days of simple plumbing a rain collector to a sink and getting drinkable water from it. This idea tries to bring what this mechanic using items already ingame following this basic idea of the previous method. How it would be obtained: Though a magazine about Water Filtration Minimum level or carpentry to build would be atleast 4, could be higher too. Item used for the recipe: The basic items for a normal rain collector. 4 Planks. 4 Nails. 4 Garbage Bags, This is in order to make the barrel waterproof. Additional items needed for Water filtration 2 Sheets. 2 Units of Gravel (From a Gravel Bag) 2 Units of Sand (From a Sand bag). 2 Units of Charcoal. Ideas for the functions of the barrel It hold 40 units of water.(since part of the barrel is used by the sand ,gravel and charcoal) Water cannot be directly taken from the barrel (since filtered water is on the bottom the water on the top is tainted) A sink connected to this barrel gets drinkable water. A vanilla rain collector can be placed on a floor above and be connected to the barrel. The filtration barrel can be connected to the vanilla barrels if it is placed on a floor above Sprites for the barrel and magazine
  7. It looks cool in the challenge: House in the Woods - Last Stand Accumulator Anyone can make it as a watch like items?
  8. I was thinking this would be a neat idea for an unlockable skill or some such. It would not be without consequence (You lose the whole car) but it would be a GREAT "Oh, this situation isnt looking good!" tool/ weapon. Imagine the carnage, Imagine the usefulness, imagine the FUN!!!!!!!!! KABOOOM
  9. The idea is multiple maps separated by a loading screen When you exit from one map to another, a map will appear only for the roadtrip . this map will be limited. It will only be a long road that contains zombies and some petrol stations until you reach the new main map Before leaving the previous map, you must be equipped with all the need to survive from food and drink. of course, you must have a good car for this trip. This will make the adventure great The new maps will be different from the previous ones, for example, you will travel to a desert map, or to a deserted big city etc.
  10. Just a random list of things who I want to see if you modders can do or just for something else -Possible to use knifes, spoons and forks for better consuming. . Also, consuming with only hands could open a chance of food poisoning. -Wash hands on sinks and rivers and needing to dry them using towels of any class (even dirty). Using soap can increase the cleaning. -Possible to use toilets and showers when your character needs it. Mostly, you could poop in a random area, and collect the poop for makeshift fertilizer.Showers when your character is dirty from exploring in places like forests, and killing zombies. - Visible percentages of infection and other sources of diseases. Also, if the infection percentage stays neutral and doesn't continue, that means the wound passed the infection. Objects dropped on the ground, like for example: Ripped sheets, sheets, bandages, towels, food items can get dirty if they stay much time inside a container, grass lands, dirt, and roads. Fresh food will need to be washed using sinks, and optionally rivers; with a probability of infection. -Crafting, and reading books times are increased. Like for example: A log wall will require one minute in real life to be crafted (this could be changed by the sandbox settings). Reading a skill book depending the kind could also include new sections, like for example thr Farming; Better plant management, How to harvest a full crop, and etc. This won't affect at all the skill leveling system. -Make it possible to jump more objects, and add the majority of them collision. Rework on the building system. Measures on certain objects, such as nails, planks, ribbons and other objects that are related to the construction in the game. Also, you can build stuff like small, medium and large walls, pillars, and supports for the walls. This is my request and idea for you modders, or PZ developers aswell. Anyways, thank you for reading this. -William Mackenzie
  11. Hello, first of all, I am Legoland99 from the forums, creator of many custom buildings. I am planning on making a map, and need your help for that. I am wondering what kind of maps the community would like to see and play: a) A small City complete with suburbs, parks and such. A lot of undead. b) A wasteland type kind of environment with lots of burnt wreckages, half buried buildings, towns, bunkers, scarce resources and hordes of zombies. c) An overgrown game world after the apocalypse, with houses, buildings, gas stations, towns and other areas covered by greenery and ransacked. Scarce resources, high value areas with items such as nails, saws, car pieces or even guns. Car spawns are extremely rare and most of them are broken and require skills to repair them. Your chance to rebuilt society to an extent and make it yours. Most likely the c) map I would work on but I don't mind ideas, I can very well implement all of the maps into one, or compromise. Please share your ideas for buildings, areas and maps you would like to see.
  12. Hello survivors, my name is Filip and last year I was working together with Neutz to make a large city map. We both had to stale due to me having exams and getting into university, and also breaking all of my facial bones on my right side and forgetting a month's worth of things. I am happy to announce that as of now I am thinking of starting a map, while using the over 300+ buildings that I have made in the last year, plus hundreds more to come. I don't know the basics of map making or what my map will be off, just know that it will contain both rural , hills, towns and some cities. Alongside that I will be adding things such as a monorail and other assets that I think will make some people happy when exploring cities ( no, the monorail won't be drivable, but you can climb on the tracks, jump through the emergency openings and maybe find some valuable, random loot to check and stay safe in the air from the hordes of zombies below. Stores will be gated, broken down cars, checkpoints, contained areas and much more will be available in the cities, while the rural areas will be either picked clean or swarming with the moving hordes of the undead. You will be able to find an airport that you can explore, bunkers, cabins deeply burrowed in the woods, burnt down suburbs, a factory sewer system and much more. It will take time, sure, but I will do my best to see it done. Any ideas are welcomed for this project and I will take them into account. If you want any poi's to be added, anything special included and so on I will try my best to do so. Waiting for your ideas and responses!
  13. Hello, I am speaking for both the community and the Dev's, could you please add an Official Test Map for your latest updates ? For example a large parking lot with all vehicles having a place to spawn and such, different types of roads, terrain, etc. Zombies to roam a side of it, and a bunch more. Would love to see that kind of a test map. You could get a lot of information out of it and we could test all kinds of bugs and, fps decrease and other issues that pz needs fixed and as such I think it would be a good idea to be able to test the new features on a such said map. We could have trees to crash in or to chop, a mechanic shop filled with the parts you need to test out anything else and so on. That way it would be easier to test and see where problems arise. Below is a really poor example (really poor) but I think that everyone gets the idea. We can test houses, how the rendering will affect buildings and such and vehicles. We can have a dense area with a bunch of houses, a bunch of two story buildings and then just normal country road. Tight curves, intersections, etc. We could basically do a lot of stuff on it and it would be a fun way for everyone to test out new features before playing or if they are willing to make the game better and report anything unusual. This is just a suggestion but I hope it will come true. A cell or four at max would probably be enough for the car to accelerate, do leaps and anything like that. Please think it through and share your opinions with me and anyone else.
  14. As we all can see, every house in pz has mostly canned food at the kitchen, and sometimes a small amout of other food. I think there should be less canned food, and more other, healty food, for example: fruits and vegetables, cereals, different sweets ( cuz now only place where i can find sweets is a trash can for some reason) So, its not realistic, when in every kitchen in every desk there are about 5 cans of food, and nothing else, no variety i mean
  15. Hi all. I was playing pz today, and this idea came to me. Cell phone. As i know, cell phones are now aviable in the game, but thay dont have any use, you can only disassemble it to get some electronic parts. But what im suggesting: give all cell phones a number, so we can use it for communication and other cases. So, how it should look like. Cell phone has it own number, that displays when you place cursor on phone in your inventory. Also it has rechengable battery, if you are not using your phone, battery works for 2-3 days, but if you are making calls, it gets discharged preaty fast. Cell pnone should have ability to mute the sound. Also cell phone should be the thing, that easy to find. Maybie there should be a chance to spawn with it in the begining of the game. Phones and faxes should be placed in homes and offices too, and also has it unique number. About usage. Preaty good for multiplayer, if you cant find walkie-talkie, ( which should be harder to find, ) you can make a phone call to communicate with someone. For singleplayer (can be used in mp too ) you probably can make a trap whis this thing. You just put it on the ground, run away, than take another one, and call the first one, it will ring preaty loud, and zombies sure will be interested about this sound. Also you can call from your cell phone on someone home number, and zombies will rush to that house to figure out what is going on. Hope you will like it.
  16. Not sure if this one was already suggested, but here goes. When a player dies, they drop their weapons, I think. Correct? ( Haven't really died enough to be 100% sure. ^_^' ) Anyways, what if there's also a chance that, upon dying, they wind up KEEPING that weapon in their hand(s)? Doesn't necessarily mean that the zombie will be able to USE it, though, as... y'know... ZOMBIES. No "Learning". Only "Eating". (Though a pistol-holding zombie's finger pulling the trigger COULD be a threat, though mostly because guns are freakin' LOUD...) But what if y'all made it where, instead of dropping their weapons, survivors' zombie forms hold onto said weapons, at least until they start "Reaching" after the living survivors when close enough, to which they THEN drop the items, instead? This way, we could easily spot the "Dead Survivors" who may very well have valuable loot, as well as add a bit more variety to the zombie hordes, without necessarily making things that much more difficult to deal with, and yet, also make things simpler for "Loot Priorities" when it comes to looting a dead horde. Perhaps in addition to that, the zombies that DO spawn with weapons could also be holding onto them, so that we don't "Magically pull an Axe out of a zombie's arse" when looting the dead bodies... and besides that, it could also add a bit of variety to the "Survivor Zeds" whenever the backpack updates roll out, so we see a bit MORE variety between the "Bag Carriers" as well. Anyways, just a small idea I had. Didn't see it in the "Common Suggested" thing, so figured I'd throw it out there.
  17. Hello to anyone who's reading this. I'm working with Neutz on the Union City map. We'll release a part of it once the Suburban Area is done. What I need from each one of you is an idea for buildings, it can be a shop, a gas station, (no more house ideas, please, unless you made some and want to share them, my brain is mush as this moment from making 200+ houses already) warehouses, small clinics, pet shops, you name it. I just need building ideas. If you want to give some buildings for the upcoming map you're more than welcome to do so. If you want to give ideas, give a small description or a list of the buildings, if you can, provide a picture if you want something custom which I could try and make. Thanks to anyone who'll be writing below, be sure to check the Union City thread, we'll keep you posted weekly (if we don't forget from time to time ._.) on the upcoming map progress.
  18. Hello community. I just got off Project Zomboid playing the Endless Winter Challenge map, and I was thinking about some stuff. The game is great as it is, but I see a few flaws in it... Safty in the woods: Lets say you take a walk through the woods and find a nice opening where you can construct a base. Fast forward a few days, and you manage to self sustain youself. Zombies cant get to you, and the game ultimately ends up being boring after 2 in-game months of tending to plants and existing. So here's the idea: what if their was wildlife. (Yes, i know that their basically already is wildlife, but keep reading...) For example, wildlife like Bears can knock down your walls and caus a commotion. The bear could then consume your plants, and then go for you. This would be a pain in the neck, but such events would be rare. Perhaps a pack of wolves, wandering through the forest would stumble across your compound in the middle of the night. They would be scripted to howl - which would attract hordes of zombies toward you location. No End: Yeah, yeah, yeah. We've all heard it. "Whats the point in playing the game if you cant win it.". I propose a new gamemode: "Story Mode". In this mode, you get two characters to choose from (one female, one male) with two differant starting points. One in West point, the other in the second city. The story is that the two characters are ingaged, and are for some reason seperated. Blah blah blah, the infection hits, and the military come to help. As one of the characters, your goal is to try to reach your loved one. Since the two locations are very far away, it would take a few in-game weeks to reach the targeted city. First few days, your town is occupied by the military. After two days, zombies are scripted to overun the military in your city. Thats when all the civilian, and military NPC's slowly start turning into zombies one by one, until your the only one left by day 7. Erosion would be very fast. After two weeks, most roads would be cracked and covered in grass, shrubs, etc. The game would end with you finding out your loved one has been looking for you too, and is back where you started. Idk, along the way, you would encounter military forts and bases setup. Some hostile, others abandoned. The game would start out as something easy, and then drastically escalate into the "6 months later" difficulty. Its a pretty cool idea. No Seasons: Well, yeah. Theirs not much to emphasize on this. Perhaps a looping system of seasons that go from summer, to fall to winter. Trees and shrubs would alternate from one texture to another according to the seasons. Boats: We know that cars are soon coming, but what about sea-based vehicles? The concept is that their would be boats floating around near the shore. You can wade into the water about waist deep and board the boats, not as a vehicle, but almost as a movable structure. Its only when you activate the boat and pilot it, does it act like a vehicle and move. Driving a boat slowly consumes gas (Which cannot be replenished), and if you run out of fuel in the middle of the lake, you better hope the boat drifts close enough to land. Also, if you were to walk off the edge of the boat, your character would drown. You can only be in water at a certian distance from the shore. Differant types of Zombies: Gameplay would be much better if their were more types of zombies. Think of military personnel that would have been converted. They would wear armor and helmets, making them really hard to take down with pistols and shotguns. For these types of zombies, you would have to get up close and personnel to stick an axe into that helmet. Fat zombies, that can take a few more shots and bashes then the regular old zombies. Could be found in diners and malls, where their was lots of meat to eat... Fire that spreads: Ever have a zombie chase you through a burning building, and then you had thst zombie catch on fire? If that zombie stops chasing you, and then walks over a few corpses, or through a bush, those corpses and bushes dont catch fire. I believe fire should spread. If the forest catches fire, then the fire would spread a few dozen cells, and then stop. Fire shouldnt be OP, but it should be taken into consideration as a larger threat. Cannibalism: Yeah... Having the option to eat other healthy people may sound wrong, but it can help you survive in multiplayer and the proposed "Story Mode" gamemodes. Well, those are my thoughts. Tell me what you think should be in the game. Do you agree with me? Should their be a mod with all of this in it?
  19. Hi, recently started playing again. Trying to sleep I lay pondering. Let me see if I can remember it all. Real time. How come this isn't default? There is the speed up buttons for those moment where it takes a long time. Item transfer delay would make more sense as well. (supported in sandbox) Not being able to carry almost anything without a container of sort. It would also be nice if you could use certain items from your backpack without the item appearing on you. Taking a pill for example. This includes fridges. More positive traits possible. Somewhere around the general guy would be nice. Whenever I make characters based off my friends, it usually ends up with them having too many positive traits to be able to play. Your body turns more food into fat when you sleep. Do you gain more weight if you go to sleep on a full stomach in the game? Temporarily feeling sleepy after decent meals. Decreased stamina after large meals. More strength makes sense. Feeling tired rather than sleepy after digging. Watering is such a bore. Garden hoses would be such a relief. At least when there is still water. Rotating sprinkler. (needs garden hose) Tall and short body perk. Metabolism. Your body will save more calories if you are not getting enough food. Extreme weight loss also turns down your body's metabolism for many years regardless of the amount of food eaten after. To be able to drop worn backpacks to the floor. (right clicking) Being hungry should decrease your ability to learn. Same goes with being tired. It feels like being full goes away too quickly. The ability to use spoiled and rotten food as fertilizer. I know you guys have said no regarding bathroom business, but have the topic regarding watering and fertilizing the fields with your wastes been brought up? Activity takes more calories, but you feel less hungry while in the midst of it. You feel more hungry after, though. Food after activity helps build muscles. Some food are more effective than others at this. Swinging melee weapons indoors would be unwieldy in rl. Buildings may be more suited for firearms. Buildings would also reduce the distance of the sound being heard. Weapon magazines. Useful for handling and maintaining weapons. The weak trait penalty is too great. It should be worse to be frail imo. I would consider myself weak because I have little upper body strength. Doesn't reduce my ability to carry heavy backpacks that much, though. Upper and lower body strength traits. Body type muscles traits such as strong and endurance. Most food should reduce thirst. The body absorbs a good amount of water from food. Allergies. Ash from biologic sources, such as wood, make fine fertilizer. Night owls and morning bird traits. I really miss seeing the ability to sterilize rags by cooking them. Filling pots or pans with certain liquids. If you for example put alcohol or disinfection on a bowl, then you could put rags and bandages in them multiple times. Staying warm by sleeping in bed. Keeping food cool by digging it down. Symptoms such as nausea and fever helps your body combat diseases. Being able to survive the zombie plague. This doesn't mean you are immune as the plague can create new strains over time like the flue. Cannibalism. Zombie meat might even be safe if you prepare it properly. However, prolonged cannibalism gives you brain damage. Weapon traps against invading survivors. Shotgun tied to door for example. Risking death by eating too much after starvation. More suggestions may follow.
  20. Good day everyone! First off I want to say that I know this has been recommended in the past however please hear me out as I think it would be possible thanks to the work done by BigJK with PZTracker. I have been playing Project Zomboid on and off for a while and recently started playing with a group of friends. One thing we have always wanted in game is positional voice chat. This would help with immersion, roleplay, and overall gameplay. I wasn't even sure if this was possible to do until I saw PZTracker by BigJK My idea is to use a similar system of getting player position from the game and allowing Mumble (or another voice chat program) to read it and place the player appropriately. This could possibly be done using mumbles link plugin https://wiki.mumble.info/wiki/Link If done properly this could pull data from an application like BigJK uses for PZTracker and set the players position on mumble. I would also like to see if it would be possible to setup radios in a similar way. Check to see if player has a powered radio -> check frequency of radio -> whisper to all players who are also on the frequency This could be done using the Identity section of mumbles link plugin This could possibly be done for Ham radios / placed radios as well by setting the players identity if they are close enough to a radio but handheld radios would be easier. Let me know what you guys think! Is there any other ideas for voice you would like to see? Do you think you could help make this a reality?
  21. Okay, so for starters, sorry for suggesting this on a Saturday. The odds are, if someone already posted this idea, I'm probably just repeating something already answered, and for that, I apologize. Okay, so now that the apologies are out of the way, here's a couple thoughts I had while viewing the Mondoid. _____________________________________ First of all, what fascinated me was the fact that we will be crouching down and browsing through the backpacks and stuff, like we would in real life... but I couldn't help but notice that the character was unarmed and sorting through the stuff, as opposed to observing the environment. My thought is, what if y'all made it possible to just look up and around, while crouched like that, in order to view approaching zombies/survivors, but when sorting through the stuff, your character's visual distance briefly disappears/shrinks to a barely noticeable size, at least until he/she finishes going through the bag, or when that character looks up/around? Some people can multitask, but barely anyone can do things blindly, and there's even more of a chance that, should that bag have sharp objects/if that item has (a) sharp object(s) around it, then should the player not be paying attention to the bag due to him/her looking out and about, he/she could potentially cut himself/herself in the hands/lower arms. Clumsy characters could also gain an extra risk in that department... and at high panic, it could make it happen regardless of where you look, due to shakiness and whatnot. While holding items in your hands, you can't honestly expect to go through a bag like that. As such, why not also make the character temporarily place the item/weapon on the ground next to the bag? That could lead up to a few additional things to concern one's self with. For example: I'm carrying a baseball bat around. I think it's time to grab a bite to eat from my bag. As such, I would take a little longer to get to the food in my bag because I have to place the bat on the ground to get the bag off of my back. I then proceed to lower the bag and go through my stuff. My perception around the world fades, and I'm left with just myself, my bat, and my backpack. I hear something ahead of me and lift my head up as I continue scooping around for that last bag of chips I had on me. To my relief, I only spot a single zed shambling from a distant building; TOO far away for it to be a threat, and with a chance that it hasn't even spotted me... yet. I'm about to look back into the bag when a sharp pain fills my hand. I wince as I look down and, to my annoyance, I've cut my hand on a steak knife I had on me! I'd have to buy more time and grab my bandages afterwards. The zombie moans. I look up, and now it's THREE zombies... and they're looking RIGHT AT ME! Screw the chips, then! I need to just CANCEL MY CURRENT ACTION, AND GRAB THE LAST THING I GRABBED, since it would be ABOVE THE ITEMS I'VE PLACED IN THE BAG OVER TIME. I get the bandages just in time before noticing that the zombies are just a few meters away from me! I am now filled with extreme panic. I ditch my bag, AND my bat, and just hurry away, right as the now TEN zombies pile over where I was just a second ago. I decide to mark that spot mentally. I can get that stuff later. But for now, I need to get these zeds away from my stuff lying there, before someone else grabs it! As we could see, this didn't go too well, simply because I had to spend those extra few seconds putting that weapon I had in my hands down. Had I either not been holding that bat OR AT LEAST HAD IT HOLSTERED SOMEWHEREI, I probably would've at least gotten away with my bat in time. Furthermore, I was left with a challenge of looking ahead, but alas, my ADD got me cut, and forced me to skip on a meal to, instead, get a box of bandages out that I just got done looting five minutes ago. Now, here's an alternative approach. I'm hungry for some chips. Since my bat is holstered in my BELT, I don't even need to put it away. I lower to the floor and take my bag off before sorting through my stuff. I hear a groan, and look up quickly, BUT DECIDE TO PAUSE MY SORTING PROGRESS, since I know I have a few sharp things in my bag. I spot a single zed in the distance, shambling my way. It doesn't look like it spotted me, though, so I decide to continue going through my stuff, LOOKING BACK INTO MY BAG AS I DO SO. Finally, with that bag of chips at hand, I open it up to take a few scoops of it out. I hear a growl, and look up. To my horror, there's now FIVE zombies just a few meters away from me! I immediately drop the chips on the ground and spring into action! Seeing that the zombies are so close, I ditch my backpack and pull my bat from my belt, then lead them away from my stuff, taking a few quick swings as I do. With four down, and one only crawling, I run back to the bag, HOLSTER MY BAT IN MY BELT, kneel back down, and move the chips back into the bag before picking it up with my hands and getting to a safe enough distance to put it on my back again. Not only did having my bat holstered speed up my looting time, pausing from going through the stuff allowed me to avoid getting cut, and in turn, I got to keep my chips and my stuff! I have a few more ideas to throw y'alls way, but these are just some of the basic scenarios that could be made in addition to the current progress on the looting system. Again, if it's already been suggested, then please forgive me, as I'm kinda a late poster.
  22. I have never seen any Asian maps in PZ. So I made these buildings just for idea. Houses: Japanese House https://www.dropbox.com/s/kw0qfjaf4php270/japanese%20House.tbx?dl=0 Chinese Restaurant https://www.dropbox.com/s/r0a07szahv8geim/chinese%20house.tbx?dl=0 Middle Eastern House https://www.dropbox.com/s/slaooyt36qzqwlg/oriental%20house.tbx?dl=0
  23. So when NPC's release I suggest we use a similar system to what State of Decay does as far as safe house tagging goes. You say 'our place' and boom everyone moves. It's complicated and might mean some internal grouping but I think that'll be the easiest way to do it. Maybe right click and "mark as safe house" or something and everyone in your 'group' will just know it is the safe house. But only the leader can do it. Meaning if you aren't the leader you can't. Sometimes I hate responsibility and if it was up to me every time it would suck. Unless the leader ordered you to of course but then I'd just tell him to go fall off a bridge cause frankly I'm not doing it. lol
  24. Hello, kind of new here c: ( I'm not whining, just a big fan ) I think the game should have a mechanic skill added, so you could scavenge parts from broken down cars in order to repair a car that you want to use. As you level up on your mechanic skill, you can repair better cars ( level 0 - bicycle; level 1- small motorbike; level 2 - subcompact car; etc ) as they will all have stats, like fuel capacity, consumption, noise etc. Some examples of cars from the smalles to the biggest: http://www.carsonelove.com/uploads/2014/01/Car-Body-Types-1.jpg Of course not all cars should be functional, most of them should be broken beyond repair and you could only scavenge them for supplies, weapons, gas and parts. I think some of them should be unlocked, like in a real life crysis, while others should be locked and you'd have to break a window to get in, the only danger being the alarm system (if they have one). Once your finnish your car, you can have the option to reinforce it with metal sheets and a blowtorch (found in warehouses, vehicles, gas stations, garages etc), and you could even add defensive items like spikes or a snow plow maybe Anyway, I hope at least some of these ideas can be added ^^ Keep up the good work, it's paying off.
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