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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNEO0IWL-Ss&feature=youtu.be
  2. the randomized maps always fun because you start fresh and you don't know what you facing Correct me if I am wrong, but I think the items that you find in the game are random So I think in the future we get random maps.. Maybe about the idea, glad you like it
  3. The idea is multiple maps separated by a loading screen When you exit from one map to another, a map will appear only for the roadtrip . this map will be limited. It will only be a long road that contains zombies and some petrol stations until you reach the new main map Before leaving the previous map, you must be equipped with all the need to survive from food and drink. of course, you must have a good car for this trip. This will make the adventure great The new maps will be different from the previous ones, for example, you will travel to a desert map, or to a deserted big city etc.
  4. naif


    An idea for the future, DLC Maybe. The boat will be the base for the survivora, the map consisting of different islands and regions, after landing on land you will trying to collect food and tools to survival. You can upgrade your boat with the tools you find on land. Zombies may be more violent at night in this mod, You most return to the boat before dark In the boat you will sleep, fish or craft useful tools. Also, if the boat breaks, you will have small lifeboat. You can go back and get tools to repair the boat.
  5. i just started doing pixel art about a month, and i realy like it, and you should try it one day.. it's fun. i work in aseprite These are some of my work
  6. naif

    Dirty Boys

    I always enjoy Indie stone Devblog keep up the good work
  7. great work guys thanks
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