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  1. Vehicle/sapling interaction

    The same with the white small fences, c"mon guys, why car crushes on them? Its wooden! It can be destroyed!
  2. I think, that this two items can be used not only for vehicle repairs, they are common and heavy and could do a good work in smashing zeds heads off. Just like screwdriver, it can be a weapon and a tool, why not?
  3. Driver proffesion and skill.

    Hi all. I thought that driver proffesion could be a good adittion to the game and make it little harder. First, about driving skill. While driving a vehicle you gathering experience, the more experience you have, of it depends driving style, for example faster braking, acceleration, faster engine start, and of cource driving on different surfaces, including off-road, asphalt, and snow and ice, if the last one is planned. Also turnig, if driving skill is low it requies more space and taking more time, and if you have advanced driving skill, it should be faster. This can also have an impact on gear switching, and engine stalls. Shortly to say, just like in real life, more you drive you feel more confident on the road. And the last one, unexperinenced drivers can feal panic when driving at high speed in contrast to the more experienced persons.
  4. standing on the cars

    i think this should be real, when anims finaly come out
  5. Off road driving

    And what about slippy roads? After and during the rain, i mean, and on the snow and ice also It can be nice feature, harder car handling and breaking can play a bad joke to survivors
  6. Hi all. As you all know, whis new animation system devs announced new firearms. To add more realystic feeling of guns I think this features should be added. Arms condition and weapon parts. Exploring map you can find different weapon parts, and as you find all you can assemble arms by yourself. Also this allows you to repair firearms after long usage. Cleaning your gun. All guns needs cleaning, to keep them in good condition. Gun brush kit like in ORGM will be good adition to vanilla game. Also used guns that you find can be in different condition, and cleaning it should improve it a bit. Target practice to improve your shooting skills. Making targets from empty cans and bottles and shooting them can improve your skills or or teach you to shoot before the meeting zeds outdors.
  7. A Question/Suggestion on Cars

    Good idea. This will bring to metall working process more interest. Also building metall walls and fences will be much easier. Another point, that for customizing cars and adding deffences to it, we will need this thing in game.
  8. Hunt for the Wilderdoid

    thursdoids are more like: "ok guys wait another 5 years and all features will be done but we dont promise"
  9. Like it. Great idea!
  10. Pump it up

    Are you guys planning to add different sound when driving without muffler?
  11. Test Track

    Plz take sounds from gta san andreas, it would be better then making it in fl studio ( or what you use )
  12. round the corners of out of towns roads

    minecraft roads
  13. Maul Rats

    No anims but hold on (c)
  14. Lua Method "loadSkinnedZomboidModel"

    I think it will be much more then 2 or 3 month
  15. Map of Normandy, France