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  1. Lua Method "loadSkinnedZomboidModel"

    I think it will be much more then 2 or 3 month
  2. Map of Normandy, France

  3. (SHOWCASE) Pleasant Valley Barn

    project farmoid
  4. Union City

    Waiting for it more than animations from devs
  5. Life : Another survivor mod

    Yeah, how its going?
  6. Something in the Air

    Nice one. Also, any news about TURBO's devices? Vhs tapes and other?
  7. More Defenses

    Realy like your ideas. Hope to see some of it in game in future
  8. Dashdoid

    Its all good news, but i think everybody is interested about anims, it wasn't any info about it for long time. Also guys, if vehicle build id on testing now. pleeeaaaseee make big craftable gates for vehicles, so players will be aviable to store cars on the own bases/forts.
  9. Rules of Attraction

    Lags and de-sync in mp is gone? Is it playable now?
  10. Thursday (now Friday--oops!) Quickie

    Hope too see some info about opening doors/hoods/trunks this week. Also i have a question about hood and engine. Will we be able to remove engine and hood not only in context mechanic menu, but on visual level too?
  11. Police Cruiser Textures

    Thank you! Yeah, when devs will make modding possible, it will be cool to change models of vehicles for IRL cars. Butt the question is when it will be real
  12. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 29

    Great suggestions! Realy like your ideas and would like to see them all in game
  13. Vehicle showroom

    Hmmm, in game its ok, just because its standart color of police car, i think it seems like its too bright, because screenshot resolution is low, thats why
  14. Life : Another survivor mod

    Hope you will be faster then devs