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  1. Alternative Unlocking Methods

    As i know, there are a mod in the steam workshop for lockpicking and opening doors with a crowbar. Also, like a game feature, I'd like to see lockpicking in thief's profession, not only house doors, also locked vehicles.
  2. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 23

    I have an intresting question, looks like nobody asked it before, so will cars take damage from firearms?
  3. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 23

    Same shit. Game simply closed near the riverside junkyard. When i reopened the game, i was far away from the point where i was before, and my car dissapeared.
  4. As we all can see, every house in pz has mostly canned food at the kitchen, and sometimes a small amout of other food. I think there should be less canned food, and more other, healty food, for example: fruits and vegetables, cereals, different sweets ( cuz now only place where i can find sweets is a trash can for some reason) So, its not realistic, when in every kitchen in every desk there are about 5 cans of food, and nothing else, no variety i mean
  5. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 23

    Adding engine parts is good idea. I played veh test 23, and didnt see any car whose condition is lower than 100%. My sugestion is: make engine removable (cuz now its dont) and add some engine parts, to repair engine, you need to disassemble it, then you get engine parts (not so much like in IRL but some basics like: engine block, pistons, cylinder head, different gaskets, camshaft, oil pan ) all of this parts should have their own condition, and to repair an engine you should to tryhard (find or repair it, then assemble, and install back) to make yor car run
  6. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 23

    So you dont agree that its bug? While tires are in inventory, their air capacity is almost filled. When im instaling them on this car, it becomes 0. You can see it on 2nd. vid. Corect me if i'm wrong
  7. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 23

    Okay, chek it out. I think the problem is in air capacity. When tires are in inventory, their air capacity is ok but when you install it on the vehicle, capacity becomes 0, no matter how much it was before. So, maybie thats why tires dissapears when i'm trying to drive. Are there any way to fill them with air?
  8. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 23

    I've tried it 3 times, first one all tires was with 100% cond, and it happened too, then i tried with lower cond. tires (about 40-50%) and other time on the vid. Can try to find 100% tires, install it, film this and proove it
  9. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 23

    Here it is, when im instaling wheels on this car, and start driving it, a few seconds later all wheels disapearing. Also engine, gas tank and glove box are 100% cond. but car starts hardly. Hope it will help you.
  10. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 23

    Just spotted ineresting bug with modern car in junkyard, i'll try to repeat it, and make a video of it.
  11. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 23

    Devs, was this two sedans added to the game? Cant find them anywhere.
  12. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 23

    Still no sounds
  13. New Model

    Hopefully not later than animations=)))
  14. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    Also, maybie you guys add manual transmission? It will be cool, if some cars has manual shifting, and some automatic
  15. Hi all. I was playing pz today, and this idea came to me. Cell phone. As i know, cell phones are now aviable in the game, but thay dont have any use, you can only disassemble it to get some electronic parts. But what im suggesting: give all cell phones a number, so we can use it for communication and other cases. So, how it should look like. Cell phone has it own number, that displays when you place cursor on phone in your inventory. Also it has rechengable battery, if you are not using your phone, battery works for 2-3 days, but if you are making calls, it gets discharged preaty fast. Cell pnone should have ability to mute the sound. Also cell phone should be the thing, that easy to find. Maybie there should be a chance to spawn with it in the begining of the game. Phones and faxes should be placed in homes and offices too, and also has it unique number. About usage. Preaty good for multiplayer, if you cant find walkie-talkie, ( which should be harder to find, ) you can make a phone call to communicate with someone. For singleplayer (can be used in mp too ) you probably can make a trap whis this thing. You just put it on the ground, run away, than take another one, and call the first one, it will ring preaty loud, and zombies sure will be interested about this sound. Also you can call from your cell phone on someone home number, and zombies will rush to that house to figure out what is going on. Hope you will like it.