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  1. Accidents - self inflicted wounds

    I also think that accident can happen too, if you do things improperly or in some situations. Running while rainning can make you fall and injure yourself, walking backward can make you trip and fall, etc.
  2. Items that open images

    Examining a food and drink packages to see complete information about them (expiration date, ingredients, nutritional facts, etc).
  3. Players are allowed to pass chairs/counters/tables by consuming some time.
  4. Full list of current Room Definitions

    What room definitions that spawn generator?
  5. Clothing

    Zombies with gas mask= can't bite A military location with many zeds wearing gas mask= easier looting
  6. Full list of current Room Definitions

    What room definition used by the fire station?

    How big is the Megamall?
  8. Throwing Everything as a Weapon

    yup. Also some small furnitures.
  9. Throwing Everything as a Weapon

    Throwing items can knockdown or kill somebody if it's hard enough and hit certain parts. There are also knives, axes, stones, hammers that you can throw in the game.
  10. The player allows to use every item in the game as a weapon by throwing them. It's similiar to the throwable alarm clock. Throwing skill is needed to throw harder and more accurate. The trait baseball player increases the throwing skill.

    Nice. What buildings do you need?
  12. California, Ky

    A hospital with 6 floors.
  13. Illusion in PZ Building Editor

    As far as I make buildings in PZ building editor, I found some illusion. Here is some of the illusion that I found: 1. 2.Rope for my golden gate bridge in srandiny building collection2. 3.Infinity triangle That's all thank you.
  14. California, Ky

    I have made a factory.
  15. California, Ky I have fixed an issue in the warehouse with small maze. Here is the new link.