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  1. Just a random list of things who I want to see if you modders can do or just for something else -Possible to use knifes, spoons and forks for better consuming. . Also, consuming with only hands could open a chance of food poisoning. -Wash hands on sinks and rivers and needing to dry them using towels of any class (even dirty). Using soap can increase the cleaning. -Possible to use toilets and showers when your character needs it. Mostly, you could poop in a random area, and collect the poop for makeshift fertilizer.Showers when your character is dirty from exploring in places like forests, and killing zombies. - Visible percentages of infection and other sources of diseases. Also, if the infection percentage stays neutral and doesn't continue, that means the wound passed the infection. Objects dropped on the ground, like for example: Ripped sheets, sheets, bandages, towels, food items can get dirty if they stay much time inside a container, grass lands, dirt, and roads. Fresh food will need to be washed using sinks, and optionally rivers; with a probability of infection. -Crafting, and reading books times are increased. Like for example: A log wall will require one minute in real life to be crafted (this could be changed by the sandbox settings). Reading a skill book depending the kind could also include new sections, like for example thr Farming; Better plant management, How to harvest a full crop, and etc. This won't affect at all the skill leveling system. -Make it possible to jump more objects, and add the majority of them collision. Rework on the building system. Measures on certain objects, such as nails, planks, ribbons and other objects that are related to the construction in the game. Also, you can build stuff like small, medium and large walls, pillars, and supports for the walls. This is my request and idea for you modders, or PZ developers aswell. Anyways, thank you for reading this. -William Mackenzie
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