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  1. As you can see, in the inventory, the helmet is depicted with a flashlight, but it does not work. At the same time, the helmet itself is displayed without a headlamp.
  2. Hello and thanks for reading this post (My english skill is really weak, sorry for that) Thats my problem -> I'm trying to add "1% chance drop a "Goldcoin" " to zombies, (goldcoin is a new item already created by myself) I finish the Goldcoin script, but still I have no idea about how to modify the zombie drop rate list... maybe i need modify something in.... ProceduralDistributions or SuburbsDistributions but I dont know how to exactly do that... if some hero could helpme I will be really gratefull (also I dont know how to set the percent chance to 1% ProcedualDistributions use numbers like 0.05 im really confuse about that.) Have a good day and thanks for your time!
  3. I already wrote about this in discord, but probably the message was missed. When new Bucket Hat appears in the world (you drop it on floor or zombie knocks it off your head) - this causes a lot of repeated errors: ERROR: General, 1592632584064> RenderThread.logGLException> OpenGLException thrown: Invalid operation (1282) ERROR: General, 1592632584064> RenderThread.logGLException> Stack trace: ERROR: General, 1592632584064> org.lwjgl.opengl.OpenGLException: Invalid operation (1282) ERROR: General, 1592632584064> at org.lwjgl.opengl.Util.checkGLError(Util.java:59) ERROR: General, 1592632584064> at zombie.core.opengl.PZGLUtil.checkGLError(PZGLUtil.java:42) ERROR: General, 1592632584064> at zombie.core.skinnedmodel.shader.Shader.setLight(Shader.java:406) ERROR: General, 1592632584064> at zombie.core.skinnedmodel.model.WorldItemModelDrawer.render(WorldItemModelDrawer.java:213) ERROR: General, 1592632584065> at zombie.core.textures.TextureDraw.run(TextureDraw.java:326) ERROR: General, 1592632584065> at zombie.core.SpriteRenderer$RingBuffer$StateRun.render(SpriteRenderer.java:1157) ERROR: General, 1592632584065> at zombie.core.SpriteRenderer$RingBuffer.render(SpriteRenderer.java:1098) ERROR: General, 1592632584065> at zombie.core.SpriteRenderer.lambda$buildStateDrawBuffer$0(SpriteRenderer.java:342) ERROR: General, 1592632584065> at zombie.GameProfiler.invokeAndMeasure(GameProfiler.java:135) ERROR: General, 1592632584065> at zombie.core.SpriteRenderer.buildStateDrawBuffer(SpriteRenderer.java:341) ERROR: General, 1592632584065> at zombie.util.lambda.Invokers$Params1$CallbackStackItem.run(Invokers.java:37) ERROR: General, 1592632584065> at zombie.GameProfiler.invokeAndMeasure(GameProfiler.java:135) ERROR: General, 1592632584065> at zombie.GameProfiler.lambda$invokeAndMeasure$0(GameProfiler.java:165) ERROR: General, 1592632584065> at zombie.util.lambda.Stacks$Params4$CallbackStackItem.invoke(Stacks.java:286) ERROR: General, 1592632584065> at zombie.util.lambda.Stacks$GenericStack.invokeAndRelease(Stacks.java:26) ERROR: General, 1592632584065> at zombie.util.Lambda.capture(Lambda.java:121) ERROR: General, 1592632584065> at zombie.GameProfiler.invokeAndMeasure(GameProfiler.java:163) ERROR: General, 1592632584065> at zombie.core.SpriteRenderer.postRender(SpriteRenderer.java:322) ERROR: General, 1592632584065> at zombie.core.opengl.RenderThread.lambda$lockStepRenderStep$2(RenderThread.java:300) ERROR: General, 1592632584065> at zombie.core.profiling.AbstractPerformanceProfileProbe.invokeAndMeasure(AbstractPerformanceProfileProbe.java:71) ERROR: General, 1592632584065> at zombie.core.opengl.RenderThread.lockStepRenderStep(RenderThread.java:300) ERROR: General, 1592632584065> at zombie.core.opengl.RenderThread.renderStep(RenderThread.java:270) ERROR: General, 1592632584065> at zombie.core.profiling.AbstractPerformanceProfileProbe.invokeAndMeasure(AbstractPerformanceProfileProbe.java:71) ERROR: General, 1592632584065> at zombie.core.opengl.RenderThread.renderLoop(RenderThread.java:138) ERROR: General, 1592632584065> at zombie.gameStates.MainScreenState.main(MainScreenState.java:220) In this case, the Bucket Hat visually remains hanging at the level of the character's head. Sometimes during the battle this is accompanied by strong graphic bugs, which can be fatal for the hat owner. BucketHat-bug console.txt
  4. Hello, I would like to suggest 'wire clamps' to be added to the game. It is a simple tool which consumes wire, and be used to reinforce your weapons or tools to increase its durability. A wire clamp works by threading and twisting wire around any object which you would like to secure. The result is a coil of wire which has a really tight grip around the object. I know I probably did a bad job explaining how it works but I found a video which shows how it can be used clearly: Thank you and I would like to hear you thoughts.
  5. Dr_Cox1911

    Coxis Shop

    Greetings, I was looking into the Last Stand shop system the last couple of hours and "built" a version for SP/MP. It´s not really a mod written by me, mora straight copy from RJ´s code. Hope it´s OK RJ What´s the mod for? Coxis Shop gives you money for each zed killed. With said money you can then buy gear/skills. Quick look: Does this work in MP/Splitscreen? I´ve tested it with dedicated server and it worked, hosting through the main game is not support currently. I didn´t had the chance to test it in splitscreen, but it should give both players money when one of them kills a zombie. What language is supported? The mod currently supports german and english. Can I configure the items/skills available? As of version 1.2.0 yes, you can! Atleast for the items, skills are not configurable just now. Apart from the items you can set the amount a player receives and on what probability. If you use the mod in MP the settings made on the server will be transmitted to the client upon connecting. After you have changed something you need to restart the server. Here is a short description on how to configure the mod: Can I improve the mod? Of course you can! The mod is available on Github, please feel free to extend the mod, just keep in mind to share the changes with everyone. Changelog: Link to Github) DOWNLOAD WORKSHOP DOWNLOAD (CoxisUtil)
  6. This is weird, sometimes sound playing and sometimes not... it's a cooldown feature or bug? i remember builds ago sound playing ever when select another itemcontainer. This happen on SP, not tested in MP.
  7. So i made a mod that adds a torch to the game. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1542069453 Its is basically a torch that emits light around you in a circle and it depletes overtime, now I want to be able to trow it to start a fire. Problem is I can't because it is a "drainable" item, when I change it to a "weapon" it is trowable but it doesnt get depleted anymore? how can I make it trowable and still get drained when its being used. In the picture you can see how i tried to resolve it and how its currently set up. by giving it 2 item types it turns into blooo
  8. Cooking an item that has both ReplaceOnUse and ReplaceOnCooked item values closes the game and goes back to the main menu. In my opinion ReplaceOnUse should simply be ignored for this case. As an example you fill a cooking pot with food, and you want it to turn into a separate item when cooked, both the original and the resulting item should have ReplaceOnUse = Pot but right now if the original item has that line it causes the bug.
  9. Can we have that map item functionality for other items, but without the mark system? It would be nice for immersion, like newspapers and magazines maybe other things. I'm sure modders would find interesting ways to use this mechanic.
  10. The idea is to mod the base campfire so that it cannot be walked over. I want to have a campfire down in use with the survivors mod but without them walking into it and burning to death. Ideally, when the campfire itself is placed on the ground, you can toggle the protection on or off. I can do graphics, just not the coding. I was thinking the base campfire and a tall campfire; like in the walking dead when they build it up with stones to hide the light. Same effect, but it protects the survivors from burning down my camp / safehouse / map. Some advice on where to look maybe or how to make it happen, I can do the graphics.
  11. we all know 'suicide' is an option in a zombie apocalypse. and since the game devs add some corpse with guns and ammo(which seems like they suicide by their guns), how about the mod that add some more hanged-corpse? might be need some new 3d-model i guess. it'll be more 'apocalypse like' i think. and if 'everyone infected' option is on, the hanged one will turn into a zed. so, how's that?
  12. Lewd Literature Mod Renames all skill books and magazines with sexual innuendos and double entendres. I thought that the descriptions like "Fishing for Beginners" and "Intermediate Electricity" were very boring. So I renamed all the book titles to something more... interesting. This mod renames every skill book and skill magazine with a suggestive title, as well as renaming the newspaper, magazine, and comic book. All of the skill books, as well as the newspaper, magazine, and comic book have a mouseover text (tooltip) added as well (but not to skill magazines). Obvious warning for sexual content. Also objectification (of males and females, that's fine, right?) Please let me know if you find any mistakes, if you have suggestions for alternative titles / tooltip text, or if my mod becomes out of date with the latest version of Zomboid. If you have a mod that adds skill-books, I would also be happy to work with you to create a version of this mod that works with yours / incorporate this into your mod. (This is my first mod submitted here! Let me know if I've done things the right way) ---------------- Download Directly: LewdLiteratureMod.zip Download on PZ-Mods: Lewd Literature Link EDIT: New logo (this or something similar will probably be used as the logo in later versions of the mod):
  13. There could be added a small use for those two items - first it always got me curious why can I rip sheet underwear, but not socks... It should be usable just like all the other clothing items for that small use (it shouldn't make any major difference gameplay-wise, seeing how rare socks are and the cloths for rip sheets are widely available on zombies in the first place, but it would give this item some use, who knows, maybe saving someone's wound in a pinch . The second thing is crayons, which I think can not be used as a writing tool (correct me if I'm wrong, I don't have a journal to check on my save game). Obviously, they wouldn't make any kind of improvised weapon like pen and pencil, but they certainly could serve as a writing tool for those who feel the need to write some journals - and also giving a use to yet another item :). Both the requests should be easy enough to implement too, as there is no need to add any new graphic, model or recipe - just add them as another item that can do things already implemented.
  14. Greetings all! I'm trying to upload a mod which involves adding new items and recipes to the game system, but I'm having troubles making it run. Here is a description of all the mod. The mod folder is located in: UserName>Zomboid>mods>DriedFruits DriedFruits folder contains: -media (folder) -Driedfruitspic.png -mod.lua name=Dried fruit Food poster=Driedfruitpic.png id=none description=test --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- media (folder) contains: -lua (folder): >server (folder): Loading.lua require "Items/SuburbsDistributions" require "Items/ItemPicker" DFSprites = {} --Ensures exisance of graphics. DFSprites.getSprites = function() -- Food getTexture("Item_DF_BakingTrayFruit.png"); getTexture("Item_DF_DriedFruit.png"); end -- Add items for kitchen SuburbsDistributions["kitchen"] = { { locker ={ rolls = 1, items = { "Base.Base.BakingTray", 25, "Base.Base.BakingTray", 25, "Base.DriedFruit", 25, "Base.DriedFruit", 25, }, }, smallbox ={ rolls = 1, items = { "Base.DriedFruit", 25, "Base.DriedFruit", 25, "Base.DriedFruit", 25, } }, }, }, Events.OnPreMapLoad.Add(DFSprites.getSprites); print("DriedFood: SuburbsDistributions added. "); --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -scripts (folder) items.txt module Base { item BakingTrayFruit { HungerChange = -5, Weight = 0.6, Type = Food, DisplayName = Baking Tray With Fruit, Icon = CF_BakingTrayFruit, UnhappyChange = -5, ReplaceOnUse = BakingTray, ReplaceOnCooked = Base.BakingTray;Base.DriedFruit, IsCookable = TRUE, MinutesToCook = 20, MinutesToBurn = 40, BoredomChange = -5, DaysTotallyRotten = 8, DaysFresh = 5, Carbohydrates = 40, Proteins = 2, Lipids = 0, Calories = 168, } item DriedFruit { HungerChange = -5, Weight = 0.3, Type = Food, UnhappyChange = -10, DisplayName = Dried Fruit, Icon = CF_DriedFruit, FoodType = NoExplicit, Carbohydrates = 40, Proteins = 2, Lipids = 0, Calories = 168, Packaged = TRUE, } } -recipes.txt module Base { recipe Make Baking Tray With Chopped Fruit { keep KitchenKnife/ButterKnife/HuntingKnife, Cherry/Orange/Apple/Peach/Pineapple/Strewberrie/Banana, destroy BakingTray, Result:BakingTrayFruit, Time:50.0, Category:Cooking, } recipe Empty Baking Tray With Chopped Fruit { destroy BakingTrayFruit, Result:BakingTray, OnGiveXP:NoXP_OnGiveXP, Time:10.0, Category:Cooking, } -textures (folder) -Item_CF_BakingTrayFruit.png -Item_CF_DriedFruit.png This is all what my mod have, but when I activate it at the menu, the game crashes then I have to erase the original folder to make the game run again. If someone could please tell me what I'm doing wrong... My apologises if I commit any mistake posting, this is the first time I do a post. Also I think I made a mistake posting this on mods>items>help so I'm posting this again.
  15. is there a way to get a texture object from a .png file without adding that item to the script/ .txt files? I sort of thought thats what getTexture() was for but that didnt work for me. what i am doing now is just creating an item object, then getting the texture from that object. but thats messy and means i have to add an item declaration for every texture i want to use even if i wont ever use that item
  16. Some textures are looking very unnatural on the ground, like pan, bucket, etc. it is good to change those textures to look more natural on the ground. here is some changes i made and the difference is noticeable.
  17. A new mod, remind me a idea : I saw empty bleach bottle and broken doors, but more items on ground seems more "apocalyptic". Useless items for ambiance, but usefull items (rare). Some Houses could be "tagged" devastated with many objects on the floor (rush move, Z's attack). some parts of neighborwoods could undergo the same destiny. This could be related with broken windows/doors, empty container place, barricaded houses, etc.. We could find : On streets: knife (close to broke), bag, cloth, paper, hygiene items. In woods : log, twig Houses : knife, cloth, paper, all house objects. Special building : with their related objects (usefull or not). And certainly many others, are you inspired ? What do you think about that ?
  18. I don't find a post on this, so if there is, redirect me... this is related with some of idea i talk about, and certainly could affect other's. Loots on ground seems to be very less quality than in inventory. Best quality items could give a good ambiance on the map and allow to display them on opened container such as bookshelves or allowed on table.
  19. Many Different People Using my mod have often complained that the item does not spawn. I also found that it is not working often. The only times I was able to actually find the item from the mod spawned was when I used the code: table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["gunstore"]["locker"].items, 30); Even though I have many other spawn locations declared as you see below. The only place I was able to ever find a silencer was in the gunstore in westpoint. And that was only when I spesified "locker" as the container . Using "all" as a container or room name has never worked. Never found one anywhere else. So I was hoping someone could show me what is wrong with the spawn code or the mod in question. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=639909479 here is the item spawn lua file: require "Items/SuburbsDistributions" require "Items/ItemPicker" SSilencer = {} SSilencer.getSprites = function() getTexture("Item_Silencer.png"); print("Textures and Sprites Loaded."); end -- Add items for Gun Store all table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["gunstore"]["all"].items, "Silencer.Silencer"); table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["gunstore"]["all"].items, 15); -- Add items for Police Storage table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["policestorage"]["all"].items, "Silencer.Silencer"); table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["policestorage"]["all"].items, 15); table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["hunting"]["all"].items, "Silencer.Silencer"); table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["hunting"]["all"].items, 15); table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["storageunit"]["crate"].items, "Silencer.Silencer"); table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["storageunit"]["crate"].items, 8); -- Avery rare in crates table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["all"]["crate"].items, "Silencer.Silencer"); table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["all"]["crate"].items, 4); table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["all"]["metal_shelves"].items, "Silencer.Silencer"); table.insert(SuburbsDistributions["all"]["metal_shelves"].items, 4); print("SuburbsDistributions added. "); Events.OnPreMapLoad.Add(SSilencer.getSprites); Thank you for your time.
  20. I think cartons of cigarettes should be possible to make with 100 cigarettes, similar to how nails or paperclips work. This would make managing my 2000+ cigarettes a lot easier.
  21. When playing single player there's almost an excess of items, but as soon as I go multiplayer, the items get stupid hard to find. The warehouse had 120 cigarettes and NOTHING ELSE. Empty shelves in the spawn location where in every single player game they were full. We've tried changing this servertest_SandboxVars.lua with Notepad++ , and there was no difference. Changes to temperature and locks worked, but item frequency did not noticeably change. If anyone knows how to balance this, I would greatly appreciate the help.
  22. http://www.aggressivegaming.org/newdawn/wiki/ We now have a page where you can look up all the information on any Item, weapon, craft, recipe on Project Zomboid including anything added from the Hydrocraft Mod! From the list of items or crafts click on any item or recipe name to see all the info on it. The Item page will show all the info, attributes and values of the item. And below that it will show any Recopies that require the item as an ingredient. And any Recopies / Crafts that can create said Item. The Recipe page will show all the info, required ingredients, skills and tools for any recipe. And even what book must be read to learn that recipe if needed. Hydro and The whole Dev Team at Aggressive Gaming's Newdawn helped to build this for you guys! So enjoy! http://www.aggressivegaming.org/newdawn/wiki/
  23. Topic says it. Couldn't find a similar suggestion. Also, maybe a package of tent pegs...
  24. 1-Air drops :Caixotes de itens que serão jogados por helicopteros(se opoe a sugestão de nukes) 2-supply items, realistic-this is not my suggestion I saw the skirt of steam suggestions in the community but did not have many views. I think in many ways this game makes it harder to survive a zombie nightmare than it would be in real life. If I could loot my IRL home in Project Zombiod I'd walk away with hundreds of nails/screws, any tool that I was missing, as much canned food as I could carry, a well stocked first aid kit, and a gun WITH ammo. I don't think I stock my home much different than most people. Everyone has these things in their home to some extent. Sure, some people have no self reliance, but it seems that literally every home in PZ belonged to those kind of people. You could say, 'Well, when things started going south there was a lot of panic and looting. You get to pick through the random things that no one else took.' I'm mostly cool with that idea, but if that were the case then where did all that loot go? Poof into thin air? I'd expect to find stashes from time to time. I'd expect to find items in the zombies pockets. A pocket knife, a pack of smokes, some chewing gum, car keys.. Something.. Remember that guy with the backpack that got bit? Well you just blew his head off, but his backpack is no where to be seen. I bet it had cool things in it. Here is a list of things that should be changed: Nails - made much more common. MUCH more. Tools - made more common. What are the odds that five random houses don't have a hammer? Trash bags - who keeps one trash bag??? I'd say 99% of homes have a whole box of them IRL Trash cans - I bet it has a trash bag in it! Maybe if I just dump it out I can use it.. Nails - made much more common. Beds - I bet that bed has a sheet on it! Maybe if I just tugged on the corner.. Trash cans - If I take the lid off maybe some water from the sky might get in there. Maybe.. Nails - everything made with nails should yield a few if you destroy it. Seeds - should have no weight. I have a pack of onion seeds here. 1.8 grams. That's .004 lbs. Cooking - don't think it could make less sense Grills - I can pick my grill up off the porch and move it. I do it for fun sometimes. Trash cans - Go get a trash can -> carry it home -> take the lid off -> +magic -> water catch Here is a list of things that should be added: Bent nails - I know for a fact that they can be reused. Right click -> straighten nails. Burn cream - burns exist in the game, so why doesn't this? Powertools - ? Chainsaw - ?? Remember driving by that trailer park the other day and seeing that kid with the mullet swinging around a katana? I do, and I think it'd be just great against zombies. He also had a machete.. Other things but I'm tired of wasting my time on this.. by:Google translatorBrazil's embrace
  25. Hello everyone, I created an old mod when I used to play this. I could load individual .png image files and they loaded in the game perfectly fine, but after re-working my mod (took several hours this morning) to apply it to and include all of the latest changes in the game, none of the custom images work anymore. Everything else works but the images. They are mostly Item_ icons, and one Objects_ file. Previously I used this code in a random lua for it to work: function TestItemIcons.loadTextures() getTexture("Item_Cigar.png"); end Events.OnGameBoot.Add(TestItemIcons.loadTextures); ---- Please can someone help me get my custom images to be loaded by the game again? My friend and I are eager to get back into the game and we're just waiting on this last bit of info, thanks everyone.
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