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  1. Hello, I would like to suggest 'wire clamps' to be added to the game. It is a simple tool which consumes wire, and be used to reinforce your weapons or tools to increase its durability. A wire clamp works by threading and twisting wire around any object which you would like to secure. The result is a coil of wire which has a really tight grip around the object. I know I probably did a bad job explaining how it works but I found a video which shows how it can be used clearly: Thank you and I would like to hear you thoughts.
  2. Anyone.....? Still having this problem and it is kinda ruining my experience after all the hours I put in to build my base...
  3. Hey I got the same problem too.. Have you found away to fix it? Sorry if you haven't , I don't know what causes it unfortunately
  4. Hi, I've recently acquired the game and I'm addicted to it especially when it comes to building my own base. However, I'm facing a problem where walls would not show properly when my character enters an enclosed room. In other words, some walls were occasionally 'cut-away' and I am able to see what is behind them eventhough it should not be possible as there is no direct line of sight to what's behind the wall. Here are a few examples: https://imgur.com/KJgQeCJ https://imgur.com/v34icny As you can see, the game cuts away the walls allowing me to see what is on the other side, which make it feel like I'm not indoors even if I am. The entire room is enclosed, roof, walls etc, are all in place without any gaps. This does not happen in other non player-built structures. The missing walls will only reappear when my character walks over and touch it. So why is this happening? Any help would be appreciated . Btw, I'm playing on Build 41 IWBUMS Thank you.
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