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  1. А что за модель? What kind of model?
  2. Вставляешь в проводник %USERPROFILE%/Zomboid Там будет файл options.ini, открой его блокнотом. Измени строки: width на 1280, height на 1024 и framerate на 60 или 165, моник я так понял 170 поддерживает. Сохрани файл сочетанием ctrl + s. Закрой его и открой опять что бы проверить что все сохранилось. Запускай игру. Вроде должно помочь You insert into the explorer% USERPROFILE% / Zomboid There will be an options.ini file, open it with notepad. Change the lines: width to 1280, height to 1024 and framerate to 60 or 165, as I understand it, monik supports 170.
  3. Miss "Saliva only" (Только слюна/укус) on Ru translation.
  4. I would like to see in the game advanced zombie settings for the time of day, for example, an increase in movement speed (customizable), strength and other parameters for one period of time (also with setting time ranges, or when sunrise / sunset).
  5. Lope

    It's Coming to Roam

    It's monsday my dudes, when the update will be?
  6. Lope

    Really Useful

    In fact, it really sounds something like this
  7. Lope

    heater car

    The heater works strangely, it is very rare, I notice it for the second time in all the time. The first image shows that it is turned off and the temperature of the cabin rises, in the second it is turned on for heating, but the temperature decreases.
  8. the bag looks dirty, compared to the new one it is very noticeable. To be honest, I have never seen the status bar of the bag. Simply put, visually dirty and clean bags differ quite a lot, but there is no way to wash them.
  9. There is definitely no dirty status bar, I don’t know about the bloody one
  10. I can't wash the dirt off the bags, are these my problems or is there simply no such opportunity yet?
  11. Not far from the Riverside, the character has a lucky trait.
  12. No matter how much I take this mirror (Small wide mirror), it does not disappear from the wall, restarting does not change anything.
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