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  1. I do not see the point in blocking the context menu, if it is possible to use this.
  2. • 41.61 • Multiplayer. • Host. • Yes if you took over the house as a safehouse then others cannot use the context menu to disassemble furniture. But there is one thing but, they can disassemble and move everything through the menu on the left "Move furniture".
  3. Can anyone create a mod with a visible holster to make it look decent and have multiple colors to choose from?
  4. maybe they will rework food in the next build, which is related to hunting, if I'm not mistaken.
  5. If my memory serves me, my problem was here: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.47783946622702805,0.12188293072775364,696.7422680412373
  6. The Paw low loot mod adds quite useful front and back belt bags and a vest to the game.
  7. For a long time I had something similar, it seems to me it has not been fixed. https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/33789-endless-item-taking-4150/
  8. What is this new village? is it on the pzmap?
  9. Yes, you can set the activity for different times of the day, but this function is pretty crude. For example, by setting the speed of the zombies to maximum and setting the night zombies, your zeds will get slow during the day and very fast at night, there is no fine tuning of the speed. For example, I would like to see zombies during the day with a normal movement speed, but less tenacious, and at night so that they run a little slower than through "shift" and have a large supply of health and increased strength.
  10. Maybe zombies standing on the stairs are considered to be on the first floor and can only hear, not see the player? I doubt very much of course
  11. Even with level 10 and stealth perks, they notice from a distance of two cars about
  12. in fact most worrisome is that stamina is wasted even if you can't sprint. It was a long time ago
  13. Lope

    Open the window

    it seemed to me that you can open anything from the inside with a 100% chance, even if it didn't work out from the outside, apparently not
  14. Lope

    Sprite Mismatch

    In the inventory there are 3 containers - two cabinet doors and a bedside table. All of them have the same sprites. It is not logical that the bedside table has vertically opening doors
  15. As seen in the first half of the image, the dark bedside table in the inventory is depicted as a wardrobe.
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