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  1. Hello and thanks for reading this post (My english skill is really weak, sorry for that) Thats my problem -> I'm trying to add "1% chance drop a "Goldcoin" " to zombies, (goldcoin is a new item already created by myself) I finish the Goldcoin script, but still I have no idea about how to modify the zombie drop rate list... maybe i need modify something in.... ProceduralDistributions or SuburbsDistributions but I dont know how to exactly do that... if some hero could helpme I will be really gratefull (also I dont know how to set the percent chance to 1% ProcedualDistributions use numbers like 0.05 im really confuse about that.) Have a good day and thanks for your time!
  2. Hellow, im trying to create a little mod, but im having big troubles. is there a way to display something like : " You killed 103 zombies on this server" whenever a player type "/kills" can a cop server store this info like: Plaayer_SteamID6655656_Zombie_killed = 25 Player_SteamID23423443_Zombie_Killed = 45 Player_SteamID3412111123_Zombie_Killed = 34 Does Some cool guy know how to do this?
  3. Hellow, and thanks for your time. someone know if is possible instantly move a fridge (or any other furniture)to a specific X,Y map point? something like that... game start then ( Move instantly any furniture placed in (x,y) to = 123 , 400 ) or..... exist some way to spawn a furniture (like a chair or a wood box) in a specific map point? thats all. sorry for my poor english, and have a good day
  4. thanks Sky_Orc_Mm you are a rockstar
  5. greetings everyone i'd like to know if there is a way to increase or reduce the body weight of the character when he eats something like a banana? somethink like.... function Itemcool() if getPlayer():HasBodyWeight() > 10 then -- Does something like this even exists -> HasBodyweight? SetBodyWeight? or getBodyWeight ? getPlayer():SetBodyWeight = ( getPlayer():getBodyWeight - 5 ) -- i really have troubles understanding that :I end end thanks again for reading, and sorry for my bad english. SOLVED: (Thanks to Sky_Orc_Mm)
  6. Work perfectly thanks! RoboMat.
  7. Hellow, thanks for read, thats the problem... i was trying to do something like that. any idea about how to do that? function Itemcool() local inv = getPlayer():getInventory(); it = inv:FindAndReturn("Base.Apple"); if it then inv:Remove("Apple"); A = random number between (0 to 100) -- Roll a number between 0 and 100 if A <= 30 then { Player Hunger-10} else {Player Hunger -20} -- 30% chance of lose 10 of hunger and 70% chance of lose 20 Hunger end end Events.OnPlayerUpdate.Add(Itemcool); Solution ---> function Itemcool() local inv = getPlayer():getInventory(); local player = getPlayer(); it = inv:FindAndReturn("Base.Apple"); if it then inv:Remove("Apple"); if ZombRand( 100 ) <= 30 then player:getStats():setThirst (player:getStats():getThirst() + 0.05); else player:getStats():setThirst (player:getStats():getThirst() + 0.15); end end end --// 30% chance of get 0.05 thirst and 70% of get 0.15% Events.OnPlayerUpdate.Add(Itemcool);
  8. well... for be honest, i was trying to learn how to edit the Weight of any sceneario item, Like dinner chair, Toilet, Fridge, and the container storage capacity then i choose the toilet example because sounds funny xD...
  9. hellow to all is possible change the Weight of a Toilet? , i cant found the archive with the info of scenario stuff like Toilet or Chair.... i check all the .txt and nothing. thanks for read o_รณ!
  10. Hellow to all example-> if X player have Shoes on bakpack , then Player Lose Shoes and obtan Milk and Honey. i try something like that, but it dont work -> function Itemcool() if getPlayer():getInventory():contains("Shoes") == true then getPlayer():getInventory():removeItem("Base.Shoes"); getPlayer():getInventory():AddItem("Base.Honey"); getPlayer():getInventory():AddItem("Base.Milk"); end end Events.Every 1 sec.Add(Itemcool); thanks for read >_< Update Solution: function Itemcool() local inv = getPlayer():getInventory(); it = inv:FindAndReturn("Base.Shoes"); if it then inv:Remove("Shoes"); inv:AddItem("Base.Honey"); inv:AddItem("Base.Milk"); end end Events.OnPlayerUpdate.Add(Itemcool); solved by: Sky_Orc_Mm
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