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Found 16 results

  1. I'm trying to alter player XP using a table with this code: for i, k in pairs(Perks) do getPlayer():getXp():AddXP(Perks.k, 10); end ...and it's not working. When I print Perks.k it comes up nil, but if I print k alone it prints as the userdata from the Perks table, Sprinting as an example. And to check to see if this is the same data as Perks.Sprinting I did a quick "if k == Perks.Sprinting" and it came out true. Any insight on this would be appreciated. @RoboMat if you're still around I figure the issue is probably apparent to you.
  2. UPDATE 24/10/2019: build 41.16 fixed the issue. Thanks Devs, now the game is totally playable on macOS Hi there! I'm trying to play Build 41 on a MacBook pro early 2015, OSX 10.13, 16GB RAM, i5 3.1GHz CPU. I disabled all the mods I installed for build 40, and started a new game. Things are fine at the spawn point, but as some zombies show up on the screen the game starts to freeze for about 10 seconds. This happens 2 to 3 times until the game finally crashes to the desktop. I tried 3 times and it always happened with zombies on screen, the starting house is fine. Any clue?
  3. Hey all! Was wondering if by placing the bare branched version of certain trees, if Zomboid will auto-correct their state when loading up the game? Or will they remain as bare dead/winter trees?
  4. Ok, I managed to get through the tutorial, but now, I have gotten all the way to the the point that I can go in-game, select my map from the mod selection, choose my spawn selection on my map, the game goes to load , quits, and says to check the console text file. I got this exception: java.lang.RuntimeException: can't create player at x,y,z=11643,6696,0 because the square is null at zombie.iso.IsoWorld.init(IsoWorld.java:2373) 1557992584373 LuaEventManager: adding unknown event "OnPreUIDraw" 1557992584374 LuaEventManager: adding unknown event "OnPostUIDraw" at zombie.gameStates.GameLoadingState$1.runInner(GameLoadingState.java:259) at zombie.gameStates.GameLoadingState$1.run(GameLoadingState.java:235) at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745). any ideas? I got all excited, only to have my hopes and dreams dashed by a runtime exception.
  5. player:getPrimaryHandItem():LoadGun() I want to give the gun ammo, whether its reloading the gun from ammo in inventory or just setting the current bullet count to 999, I don't care which I just need to give ammo to a gun in the players primary hand. Help please
  6. Anyone know of a way to transfer items from your inventory to a bag in your inventory instantly? I have this: if item:getType() ~= "KeyRing" and item:getType() ~= "IDCard" then ISTimedActionQueue.add(ISInventoryTransferAction:new(getPlayer(), item, item:getContainer(), idBag2, 0)); end But this isn't instant. I would like something that skips over it being a timed action.
  7. How does one map the buttons on a Controller through coding? Would it be something like A = {} function A.Pressed(_keyPressed) if _keyPressed == DPadDown then --Code end end --Or function A.Pressed(_keyPressed) if _keyPressed == "DPadDown" then --Code end end --Or is it a number? Events.OnKeyPressed.Add(A.Pressed) Edit------- Looked at PZ/media/lua/shared/JoyPad/JoyPadSertup.lua
  8. I've looked at http://lua-users.org/wiki/MetatableEvents and some other tutorial websites but can't seem to understand it. Currently I'm getting an issue that pops up as "Object table 0x1060508076 did not have __call metatable set" and cannot seem to find a solution to my issue. I know the __call event allows for the table to be used as a function but can't seem to quite understand it. If anyone has a way to explain it a bit more in-depth that would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
  9. local leftUpperLeg = getPlayer():getBodyDamage():getBodyPart(BodyPartType.FromIndex(BodyPartType.ToIndex(BodyPartType.UpperLeg_L))); leftUpperLeg:setBleeding(false); getPlayer():getBodyDamage():SetScratched(getPlayer():getBodyDamage():getBodyPart(BodyPartType.Hand_R), false); I have tried both of these functions, but none of them does not work... I need to heal a scratch on the character body and stop the bleeding.
  10. I have problem with setSickenss() function player:getStats():setSickness(player:getStats():getSickness()+ 0.5); or player:getStats():setSickness(0.5); When this function was started, poison level wasnt changed, but if i use Bleach the level of sickenss is changing. For debugging i use print("Sickness: " ..player:getStats():getSickness()); Can someone help me with it?
  11. I'm unsure if this is a new bug with the game, or if something related to mouse coordinates were changed in the game (and thus breaking my mod), but ever since Build 34 the mouse coordinates returned from getMouseYScaled() and getMouseXScaled() are off. CheatCoreCM.DoFireNow = function() if CheatCoreCM.FireBrushEnabled == true then local mx = getMouseXScaled(); local my = getMouseYScaled(); local player = getPlayer(); local wz = math.floor(player:getZ()); local wx, wy = ISCoordConversion.ToWorld(mx, my, wz); wx = math.floor(wx); wy = math.floor(wy); local cell = getWorld():getCell(); local GridToBurn = cell:getGridSquare(wx, wy, wz) GridToBurn:StartFire(); end end I hook a function to OnMouseDown. The function runs a simple variable check, gets the mouse coordinates with getMouseYScaled() and getMouseXScaled() , and assigns two variables with the results returned from ISCoordConversion.ToWorld(). It then gets the cell, and gets the grid square with said coordinates, and lights it the hell up. It's simple, and it worked for ages. However, it stopped working correctly on B34. It now creates a fire several tiles away. It's like playing Russian roulette, but you're god and you just accidentally lit Smokey the Bear on fire. I am running this on a school laptop running on 32bit. The resolution is 1366x760. Changing the in-game resolution does not affect where the fire lands at all. This happens on fullscreen, fullscreen borderless, and windowed. This issue stretches to all of the mouse-related square-editing functions I use in Cheat Menu. At first I thought it was just this laptop, but a user of my Cheat Menu mod reported the same issue - all mouse-related functions are editing a square a dozen or so tiles from the target. We both tried turning off all map mods, all mods other than Cheat Menu, and making a new save. None of these worked. I'm posting this in Help first since I'm not certain this is a bug with B34. My question is this: what went wrong and how can I fix it?
  12. Hello everyone. I have a problem with changing of character health I need to change character health to 50% or decrement it on 50% player:getBodyDamage():AddDamage(BodyDamage:ToIndex(BodyPartType.Hand_R), 0.5) This script dont work and print an error in console
  13. Hi everyone. Please, can you help me with the context menu for my custom pills? I cant understad how work a "Take Pill" action for vanilla Painkillers... This is code of my item item AspirinBottle { Weight = 0.1, Type = Drainable, UseDelta = 0.02, DisplayName = Bottle of aspirin pills, Icon = OZMoreMeds_Aspirin500mg, Tooltip = Tooltip_Painkillers, UseWhileEquipped = FALSE, } I tried to make a custom context menu but my lua script still not working...
  14. Hello fellow survivors, I'm seeking some assistance on how to spawn items in world from a mod. So far I've read that it's the SuburbsDistribution module which spawn stuff. So I made a script in my mods/media/scripts folder with the module below. module Extra_SuburbsDistribution{ imports { SuburbsDistribution, ModItemsModule } containeritemdistribution { Room = shed, Containers = counter, ModItem = 2, }}The problem I am facing is that the item does not seem to spawn. I have not yet found any of if. So I have a few questions. First: What does the number to the right of the item mean? Second: Is this the correct way to add items to the spawning of items in world? Thanks in advance. -Sejemus
  15. Heya fellow survivors. My question is, how do I make an item load a icon from the mods folder instead of the game dir? I've tried everything, at least it feels like it. What I have tried: 1. Put textures in texture folder 2. Put textures in ui folder 3. Put textures in the mods folder (the one with the media folder and mod info file) 4. Put textures in the lua folder with the lua files. 5. Loaded textures with the getTextures function. (How do you properly use this?) Loading the textures with the getTextures function doesn't seem to solve the problem as the textures load without it from the game dir. I'm moding for build 25+ btw.
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