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  1. Enigma. "Hundreds of thousands we'll never even hear from" x14 USD each. It seems to me TIS got the means to hire extra coders based on the money we provided. I hope you realize everything revolves around time. When you hire someone to paint your house, you ask for a price then you ask for a time-frame. You go with your car to machine shop, you ask: "When is ready?". You order a pizza? "When will be delivered?". What would you do if the pizza-guy would tell you "I can't tell you when. Wait! I don't even want to tell you when. Because of reasons." We all paid for our damn pizzas. Deliver them already. (And no, what you delivered to far was some half-baked, half-burned piece of dough with no topping, not a pizza)
  2. You do realize ALL that "sticky" say is: "will be ready when it's ready", totally avoiding a time frame and generally keeping the things as obscure as possible. "Yeah, we work on your stuff. We are too few and is hard work. My dog ate my homework. " Some of us actually expect results, not promises or excuses.
  3. C'mon. giuys, No one? I have no Lua knowledge, all I can do is look at existing scripts and modify them. Maybe someone can point me in the right direction? Like "look in x mod, the method there should be similar with what you want".
  4. Guys, I have a bit of a garbage problem so to speak. I believe the image clarify my problem. Can't even fight zeds anymore because they are hard to see. In case you did not noticed, are living zeds down there... I use the Cremation Mod, but to carry and burn 6000+ corpses takes away the fun. Not to mention that there will always be more zeds spawning and moving towards my base. It becomes tedious very fast. Anyway, maybe someone can make a mod that makes the corpses to decay naturally after a while. I know I can add at properties of CorpseMale and CorpseFemale "DaysTotallyRotten", but I have no idea how to use that in Lua in order to make them vanish when are totally rotten. Of course that would also make the rotten food disappear, and that would be even better. Please, can anyone help? Thank you.
  5. Make 5 recipes to add Silencer to a Pistol / Shotgun / SawOff / Varmint / HuntingRifle. recipe Add Silencer{ destroy Pistol, Silencer keep Screwdriver, Result:Silenced Pistol,}Then create 5 new items with modified sound radius item Silenced Pistol{AmmoType = BerettaClip,ImpactSound = null,MaxRange = 10,WeaponSprite = Handgun,SoundVolume = 75,MinAngle = 0.95,Type = Weapon,MinimumSwingTime = 0.5,ToHitModifier = 1.5,NPCSoundBoost = 1.5,KnockBackOnNoDeath = TRUE,Ranged = TRUE,SwingAmountBeforeImpact = 0,ProjectileCount = 1,ConditionLowerChanceOneIn = 60,Weight = 0.02,SplatNumber = 3,PushBackMod = 0.3,MaxDamage = 1.6,SubCategory = Firearm,ConditionMax = 10,ShareDamage = FALSE,MaxHitCount = 1,IsAimedFirearm = TRUE,DoorDamage = 5,UseEndurance = FALSE,SwingAnim = Handgun,WeaponWeight = 2,DisplayName = SilencedPistol,MinRange = 0.61,SwingTime = 0.5,MultipleHitConditionAffected = FALSE,SwingSound = 9mmShot,SoundRadius = 15,MinDamage = 1,SplatSize = 3,KnockdownMod = 2,SplatBloodOnNoDeath = TRUE,Icon = HandGun,RunAnim = Run_Weapon2,CriticalChance = 20,AimingPerkCritModifier = 10,AimingPerkRangeModifier = 1.5,HitChance = 45,AimingPerkHitChanceModifier = 15,AimingPerkMinAngleModifier = 0.05,RecoilDelay = 20,SoundGain = 1.5,ClipSize = 15,ReloadTime = 10,AimingTime = 40,BreakSound = PZ_MetalSnap,} If you want you can also remove Silencer recipe Remove Silencer{ destroy SilencedPistol, Silencer keep Screwdriver, Result:Pistol,}Is not elegant, but it does the job,.
  6. I was wondering if is possible to make the fridges / stoves working with the generator. Edit:. Sorry, I figured out, they must have a roof for that. Also microwave must be placed on a counter - that makes it unusable in a player-built home.
  7. You can't just mess with the extreme cold / heat mechanics without giving the players means to counter that. It I wear sweater, pants and shoes, stay next tile to fire and still have "cold" icon there... something is wrong. Same for heat. I was frustrated back then, when I discovered the wet mechanics and found no umbrellas or raincoats in game. But you can counter that with towels and / or staying indoors when raining. Like I said, extreme temperatures cannot be implemented without giving players means to fight against it. But... how will this affect the crops? Will I lose all my harvest because of cold? Or extreme heat... do I have to expect forest fires like in Don't Starve (btw, the heat mechanics were always modded - read "removed" - in my DS games, I play for fun and I consider those annoying and poor implemented) Back to PZ a lot of things can be introduced to amp the difficulty, and not just for the sake of doing it: - Weight mechanics could be tweaked - eg right now the weight of a ring is the same with the weight of a soap or a paper clip. Better and more realistic weights should be considered. - Running, tree cutting, fighting - basically actions producing exertion should produce hunger / thirst as well. - Portioning (eating 1/2 or 1/4 from food) should be reduced to certain foods. Eating 1/4 from a strawberry does not make sense to me for example. - Nutritional values for almost all foods should be reduced drastically (If you eat 1 potato then you are able to run, fight, cut trees and carry logs home, then you probably solved the world food problems) - You should require way, way more food to function properly. - Bad moods should be something you should avoid, not something you can ignore and keep playing (harsher stat loss, and maybe synergy between moods - constant state of "hunger" or "thirst" should bring unhappiness, etc) - Disposing of dead bodies should become a priority (what kind of person keeps a rotting corpse in the backyard, really now...). Making corpses rise after say... 12 game hours should make the players more careful. - Walking around with huge loads of loot should have consequences. Not only in walking speed, but in player health. In my opinion, just making hunger and thirst a real issue would have a huge impact on game-play. Make every player to have an eating meter ranging from -100 to +100. 2 game days without food would kill a player, maybe 3 with light eater. Divide each food value by 10.. and there you go. Just my 2 nails
  8. I'd love to join a RP server, but not one with PVP enabled. I do enjoy a PvP environment as much as the other guy, but right now you die from 2 shotgun shots with no chance to retaliate. Real story: I'm new, I just lotted an axe from a zed, and here comes the guy RPing a robber/mugger with 5 days in game, holding a shottie and tells me to drop my stuff. I drop some chicken and my golf club, he tells me to drop more. I drop a bottle of water, he keeps asking for more. I drop a sheet, and he shots me. I click on axe in inventory to equip it, he shots me again and kills me. I'm not complaining, I make another guy and join again, and in less than a hour, same guy is near me, asking again for free stuff. And, of course he shots me again. I make the 3rd guy, I start playing again, then I find out the "mugger" have admin privileges there. I am not going to give names or point fingers. Suffice to say that I'm not going to join a PvP server anytime soon So if any of you is willing to make a RP server, 24/7, without PvP enabled, but with lots of zeds (similar to insane sandbox), fast respawn times (1-4 hours), lot rare/extremely rare (maybe 12-24 hours respawn), I would be very interested to join.
  9. Just a suggestion (for false_chicken) How about remove "usedelta" from battery and torch items in items.txt? The lamp post would still use a battery and a flashlight, but they will never be exhausted (i think).
  10. I dare say we also need a hunger / thirst / happiness / boredom / temperature meter. Hunger / thirst. After you play for a while, you learn how much food you need to eat to mitigate a certain amount of hunger. A new player, when he sees the pink indicator in the right... he will probably panic and eat the most nutritive thing he have, even is only peckish. Yeah, he will be well fed, but for no reason. Waste of food. Ah, and by the way... but that's just me, in real life: if I get hungry in the night, I wake up and raid the fridge. But I guess I have "hearty appetite" trait. . Maybe should be an option to wake up for certain needs? Temperature. I'm in summer, in a house, with sweater, pants and shoes, in a bed... and got the nippy or even cold warning. Put some thermometers in game please. We have so many useless items, maybe is time for something that actually have an use? Happiness / boredom. I get it. As long you don't have a warning, you are fine. But what if I'm not just fine, I'm happy? Being happy makes me noisy, maybe reckless (like "I'm invincible, nothing bad can happen to me"). Being bored makes you more aware of the surroundings (makes sense, when you are bored you look around with more care, just to find something to focus your mind on) Just my 2 cents.
  11. Thank you. See the crate near the stairs? Not the one from the ground, that one is for trash. The one upstairs. Contains a sledgehammer, 1 nail and 1 plank. If things gets hairy, I destroy the floor that links the stairs with the rest of house and make faces at z's from above. Anyway, this is a sandbox with insane zombies and very rare loot. I wanted to see if I could do it. And it appears is possible, as long I don't try to bite more than I could chew. If I manage to find enough garbage bags for completing the water barrel line on the top, next goal would be 10000 zed kills (like the sniper guy in Z nation). Ah, if I wanted to make my own nails, is easy... Here: recipe make Nails { keep KitchenKnife/ButterKnife/HuntingKnife, Plank=2, Result:Nails=10, Time:40.0, } Copy that and paste in your recipes.txt file. Is in your media/scripts folder. But that would kinda be useless, the point of the game is to survive with what you find, and make do with what you have. If you mod the game to be easy, you turn it into a construction game. Next step would be to mod some auto-targeting defense turrets to kill the zeds for you. And an auto-looter, to stop clicking every dead body.
  12. Here is my work-in-progress base. So far is the cheapest (nail-wise), largest and the most effective I've built. Those floors are not made from wood, just by "spill sand" over an empty tile. There are 3 pieces of wall that are not really needed (near the bed/bookcase), but I've built them before I could find the barbed wire. Right now I'm searching for more nails, I need 10-20 pieces for placing a roof on top of certain crops... and I'm very angry because I've used 9 nails for those unneeded walls Also I need to make longer trips to bring sand home... and is hard with only 2 bags. Anyway if a horde hits me, they are taken out with shotgun as they walk on what I like to call "the shooting range". Later edit. I have NO idea where you guys find the all the nails you need to build such structures. After I raid the trail park and the warehouses I usually have under 100 nails. The bases shown in previous pictures probably costed more than 1000 nails each...
  13. taha

    [MOD] Zombie spawner

    Z's are precious. I'm not kidding. You need a lot of them in order to improve your skills to max. More than that, usually when you finish your fort / base / HQ, all the Z's around it are dead. So after a while, there is nothing serious that can test your defenses. In-game they don't re-spawn. Or at least not at a decent rate. At start they are too many, and after two weeks you need to hunt for them in order to get loot or experience. Bottom line, we need more biters mid-game. So I inspired from FishToastie mod, and managed to come up with this: when you kill a zombie, if you press Insert key in the next 5 minutes, two more will spawn near the killed one. Installation: 1. Unpack the archive in your mods folder 2. Activate it in game 3. Restart the game and play. Note: Do NOT get fooled. Their numbers are escalating very fast, especially when you use the shotguns. I advice you to use any corpse removal mod (like Kalistor's cremation) and maybe a blood removal mod (DragonBahn Censor Mod) if you want to keep your base and streets clean. Here. It started from a single z Download link: Mediafire Have fun.
  14. A big THANK YOU. I don't mind the blood, but I like things clean. So I remove the corpses every time I can (using mods, of course) but the blood was allways been a problem for me.
  15. I call them in many ways using 4 letter words.
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