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  1. Just hang in there.. The animations are definitely coming. Just like the vehicles.. Oh.. And don't forget the roaming animals! Yeah! And the NPC's! Oh yeah! There's gonna be so many NPC's! Don't worry! It's all in the next update!
  2. Right, so I'll take it from the top and I'll elaborate on my opinions. Graphics - I don't care about them - still. It can be 2D. I'm here for the gameplay, not looks. I don't care how pixelated it looks. Map - The map is already gigantic. In my opinion, there is absolutely no need to expand it further, before core mechanics has been taken care of. Let the modding community add extra parts for that if necessary. It takes 20-30 minutes to run/walk between the two cities. Even if you start to put things in between, it'll just suffer from the same problem as Skyrim, seeing that a la
  3. Threads like these are a result of fans wanting answers due to lack of statement and updates from the developers. NPC's are still used as a part of the advertisement, both of the main site and the Steam-page.
  4. I wouldn't go this far, though. I think the product delivered so far is very nice. However, the analogy about the time-frame is definitely valid.
  5. Listen here - you don't get to condescend to people, treat other supporters like kids with down syndrome, and then play it off like you didn't have it coming. You knew exactly what you were doing, and you thought you sounded cool doing it. Whatever that tells you about me, I don't care - you could have avoided that completely, if you hadn't responded like an immature sixteen year old trying to sound superior - And you clearly seem to agree with me on that, seeing that you've changed your tune completely. And now that you're already speaking for the company (I don't know by
  6. Alright, so first of; if you're unable to respond nothing but sarcasm; go fuck yourself. Secondly; TIS is a company, a business, and I bought a product from their company because of their advertisement based on promises that claimed NPC's and vehicles in their online world. A promise that has not yet been even close to being delivered, MANY years after advertising with it. So if you can't understand why I might have questions about how a product I invested in is doing in its developement; then go fuck yourself. Thirdly; if you've heard this many times before, there might be a reason for
  7. In the early 2014, I posted a topic (which has now been deleted) regarding when the NPC's and vehicles would be implemented, and it's now been two and a half years without any progress on that front at all. Instead, you've focused on graphical updates, VOIP - both of which seems completely unnecessary to me, and expanding the map - last part being something that the modding community was already doing. So, I come to ask you now; why are we not getting any progress on the two core mechanics you sold the game on in the beginning? [EDIT: It has been deleted]
  8. Is there mod support for the multiplayer in this build?
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