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  1. I just bought a server from gameservers.com and am confused on how to mod it as i cant find the mod folder for the dedicated server.
  2. This is a post where you can share your safehouse I just started a new game and am 10 days in holding up the cortman medical, I am about to go get an axe and start really fortyfiying it. post a picture of you base or show where its at using the pz map like I am. http://pzmap.crash-override.net/#0.5048980087133115,0.21854356234800767,115.97392896154051 cortman medical. If other people could use the same method as me and show where your base Is that would be nice cus I kinda wanna find a better spot.
  3. how did you safely build that when I go to the sunstar hotel there are hordes of zombies and whenever I open a door there an alarm goes off.
  4. Can someone tell me I am in the motion of building a fortress right now.
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