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  1. Sleeeep...... *moans like a zombie*

  2. Sooo... somehow in trying to rework the 'fence climbing' stuff... I may have made the dogs master the power of no-clipping. Fun times!..... In other news, most systems (along with the fence climbing) are waiting for me to fully code the new pathfinding system... which I keep postponing to do as it's such a big thing... I know how I want to do it, but it's going to take a ton of testing and researching. But yeh... I kinda have to start on it now... So wish me luck!
  3. Fun with pathfindfinding: https://gyazo.com/2c1708a711ed171a095551455ceb852f
  4. try rotating it with R, it might be that it doesn't have sprites for 2 of it's sides. Let me know if it works.
  5. if testItem:getCategory() ~= "Literature" or testItem:getCategory() ~= "Drainable" or testItem:canBeWrite() then isAllLiterature = false;end^ this is your problem. this means: if the item is not literature or not drainable then. if the item is a drainable, it's not a literature, so doesn't get through. same vica versa. also, try doing: if ( testItem:getCategory() == "Literature" or testItem:getCategory() == "Drainable" ) and testItem:canBeWrite() then canBeWrite = testItem; endinstead of if testItem:getCategory() == "Literature" or testItem:getCategory()
  6. I know that for lua (mods) it's located at "ProjectZomboid\media\lua\server\Seasons\" maybe you can find something there?
  7. A pupil of mine, who I play zomboid with and teach basic scripting, is actually making a mod with me to give hugs ingame Coincidence? I think not!
  8. Does "java.lang.ClassCastException: zombie.inventory.types.InventoryContainer cannot be cast to zombie.inventory.types.Clothing" mean it's currently impossible? There is no such thing as impossible in coding. "Impossible" is a term used to describe a situation where "something takes more effort and time than it's worth". Your error means the item type "Clothing" is the only 'java object class' that can be equiped on the torso etc in the way your code currently works.
  9. The problem is we dont have a lot of nature as right now (until your mod fixes that) to actually pose a threat in PZ, the only threat at the moment are zombies (and with the whole low population, that will go down fast) and cold that you pretty much have to play with clothes until you find the max stats for those. Also water and food, cant see a way to keep it up in a cold environment. Boil snow.
  10. I'd love an alaska map! Low population density, lots of nature <3 Have you ever seen/played the game "The Long Dark"?
  11. Okay. First of all, testItem shouldn't be at line 330, line 330 is a different function that doesn't have that variable. it should be at line 140.
  12. Well, it might be usefull to explain what it is that does go wrong, and in what way it isn't working. Error, crash, not doing anything, only working sometimes, it's not showing x on y, etc. If it gives an error, show us what error is in your log.
  13. Yes, lua isn't module based, if 2 mods have the same scriptname, it'll overwrite one even. but, items are all loaded in for lua to use, and lua can do anything with all items from all modules
  14. The fun way to learn the basics of lua or other coding languages is http://codecombat.com Make sure to put it on lua when you create a character. Once you're though the forest level, you should understand the basics enough to get into the lua of PZ modding
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