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  1. strategiry

    Trucking On

    As worded, a MP player is locked to one computer, specific OS install, and a specific hard drive. Is this correct.
  2. strategiry

    Trucking On

    Can we get some clarification on this, will a character be 'locked' to a single computer?
  3. 208. Reduce/Diminishing Returns to Recoildelaymodifier bonus per aiming level. Currently it gives +2 per level, giving a +20 bonus at aim 10. Base.Pistol has a RecoilDelay of 20. With aim 10, it shoots like an automatic. 209. (MP specific) Adding a method to discourage players emptying loot containers to force full loot respawn. The result is massive piles of junk lying on the ground next to high value loot containers all throughout the maps.
  4. strategiry

    Bedford Falls V3 (Steam Workshop)

    Have you tried terraforming or delete tool to get rid of the problem buildings and keep the rest of the map? Could you share the locations of buildings that cause stall counts?
  5. strategiry

    California, Ky

    25, 23 Many of the small buildings near the factory are unfinished. 4 walls, no windows/doors, and grass floors 26, 24 Buildings at NW of this cell also unfinished 26, 23 Black road tiles at E part of cell, and nearby tents don't render 28, 24 Military tent at N part of cell has black floor 28,20 House is all black tiles I think the wall collection at 27, 23 is supposed to be a patchwork barricade Nice map, lots of unique buildings and designs!
  6. strategiry

    Player Traps Mod

    Not sure if redboid updated the fix, but now its lines 176 and 190 that come with the same error spam.
  7. strategiry

    Armor Mod

    There is a bug when removing/applying a fresh bandage on an existing wound, the armor % chance will apply. If it procs, the wound is 'blocked' and it dissapears
  8. strategiry

    Player Traps Mod

    I get a lot of errors at: function: CheckFortrap -- file: traps.lua line #171 function:TrapupdateThePlayer -- file: traps.lua line # 190 attempted index get mod table of non-table: null
  9. strategiry

    Hydrocraft Mod

  10. strategiry

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Searching through the files, it looks like the Fire suit spawns in 'mechanic wardrobes'. Although you can get partial protection from a combo of Firefighter Jacket/BlacksmithApron + Firefighter Helmet/Welding Mask
  11. strategiry

    Re-Animator Mondoid discussion thread

    It's unacceptable that GTX 900's + rigs are struggling this much with graphics of such (relatively) low fidelity. My MP saves balloon up to nearly 2GB, I have to tweak zomboid to use up to 4GB of RAM to stop FPS freezes, and deal with black walls - even in SP. It's safe to say this game is not even close to being 'optimized.'
  12. strategiry

    Hotbar for quick item access - v0.7.2

    Is it possible to enable this on a MP server?
  13. strategiry

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Great work Hydro, the metal barrel/empty metal barrel issue had me stumped... Also, removing/adding bags from a pack dog is a great renewable way to destroy trash