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  1. I shall say the most important question of all... ARE YOU ADDIN' COOKIES?
  2. Nice Bus Stops, especially the Urban Bus Stop, might use it on my map and give you credit for it... and don't worry, my map is super hidden... and ONLY ONE PERSON OTHER THAN ME KNOWS IT. >
  3. Y'know, i could give you my replica of the Muldraugh Barn and Chicken Coop so you don't have to work on it... thing is... i don't even know what to add inside the chicken coop, heh... and the Barn is just filled with crates.
  4. yes i agree being realistic is good, i mean if there is zombie, then the other wildlife may also have evolution after infected by the virus.so basically there maybe a big room for us to imagine the changes of the world in the zombie Apocalypse. Maybe in the Zombie Apocalypse, we already using some plasma guns, laser sword, or maybe there is a military level device can be installed in our arms to shoot plasma ammo, etc. i mean we shouldn't let the current world to limit our imagination, right? Please read this friendly topic right here! http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/192-commonly-suggested-suggestions-read-before-posting/ One of them are: [n] Overpowered weapons/specific firearms Now, you may say that it doesn't have to be OP. But PZ is going the more 'realistic' path and Romero lore of zombehz. ... unfortunately, my effort of making this post was for nothing. :<
  5. Keep in mind, I'm still going to update the buildings over time and add more detail and blending to the map. Do rain barrels placed from tilezed fill from rainwater though?
  6. DoctahWong

    Mega Mall

    You can use it freely in any map you wish, just save a space for it on your map and i'll get a release version after some more testing. 1978 Dawn of the Dead was my main reason for making this, now we just need zombies on bikes... NOH. 3:< (angreh puppeh faic) NPC Bikers who kill you for your loot is more like it. EDIT: Ninja'd.
  7. I couldn't watch it, since twitch randomly paused the video and caused by browser to crash. :< I need a new lappy...
  8. Come to think of it, i think you're secretly one of the devs giving us a sign that vehicles are near! .O.
  9. Holey Moley, great work! Love how you aim to make sure that every little detail is there, i'm impressed!
  10. Hate to break it to you, but... Twinkies... do go stale. The urban legend may not be true, but there's no telling that the devs will add it as a extremely rare food that's non-perishable and fills your hunger... TO THE MAAAAAAAAAAAX.
  11. Holy crap, that car. Nice building skills just like the Trailer Park map you're working on(Unless you gave up, but i'm sure you didn't! ). Can't wait to see how it turns out!, also liking that sewage thingy in the car photo.
  12. DoctahWong

    Newtown (WIP)

    *Pops out of ground* Now those are some names i could use too... because GREAT ARTISTS STEAL! *Steals all the names*
  13. At least i'm an entitled member... now give me a sexy member title which is about noodles.
  14. Yeah... except your 'junk'... Should I show MY stuff?
  15. That's one big projector. Maybe you just resized it to make it look big.
  16. I had a lot, the worst one was my cat leading a bunch of other cats into taking over the world and i became my cat's bitch. It was a terrifying experience. Y-U-No-Luv-Me?
  17. DoctahWong


    Did you make sure to make the spawn points of the professions?, i'm sure there are options somewhere in there for it.
  18. Oook, now I get the german humor.... So... do you french guys and gals have a sense of humor? Aaaaand... did you guys create the french fries... OR WAS IT ZE AMERICANOS?!
  19. *Comes back to life* Wow, you have no heart... because you're an alien from mars. D:<
  20. No. They're basically too big, they need to be smaller... and smaller... and smaller. Did you miss me during my absence?
  21. ... What... *Sad violin plays* B-but, the cartoons!, cartoons never lie... it can't be!, HOW COULD THIS POSSIBLY BE?! *Puts hand on my chest*, GAH!... my heart. MY CHILDHOOD! CALL 911. YOU RUINED MY CHILDHOOD, YOU MONSTER. *death*
  22. I know that feeling. Hate my mom for what she's done to me. You got a point though, why not let us choose(or create a character just like we create ours but a NPC who you could have relations with) and have the following options: Wife, Girlfriend, Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Uncle(pete), Aunt, Cousin... and all those other crappy family relationships i don't know about.
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