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  1. I am currently in the process of retaining all the material created thus far for this project as I no longer have access to the machine I created it on. However if you want to check out the mansion I suggest you play Bedford Falls as it is in there
  2. It's in Raccoon City. I've been keeping an eye on the map tools progress here and will try to get a playable section of the map out once the game has been updated a bit more.
  3. Japer

    The Walking Dead

    This might come in handy https://www.humblebundle.com/thewalkingdead (3 free comics). Also TWD barn + farm house (from season 2/3) was the first thing I mapped for PZ (Back in the first mapping tools years back). If you like I could re-create it in 5-10mins in the new PZ map tools. However it was just a rendition from the show, looked alright but not accurate. Even at that you could use it as a neighboring farm house if you like. PM me if you're interested.
  4. Japer

    Mega Mall

    I replied on steam but i'll reply here to for the benefit of others Im not sure if you can create a server with last stand yet, as far as im aware you cannot but someone may have figured it out. I know bedford falls works on MP with zombies, but perhaps that is because it's tied to the base map? Unless the other map Dreadwood works then im not really sure, but I will look into it
  5. Just spawn a few spawnpoints in the middle of your map, then write the spawnpoints.lua file, include that and it should work fine.
  6. Are you creating a spawnpoints.lua file for your map? You need to put one of those in the folder with the map, it could be that.
  7. Japer

    Mega Mall

    Added a new version of the map to download, I played it for a bit on MP so it will work on any server. Fixed all the buildings where the stairs were broken and made it so that you need a sledgehammer to get into the gunstore and reduced loot spawns inside the gun store. Some buildings were re-arranged and moved around, reduced the amount of long grass in areas, the lower city end should be more dense now too. Still needs a lot of detailing, some of the road/parking markings aren't showing up and vegetation needs to be added but it is now in a playable state. Will continue working on this unti
  8. Lets see how long that frame of mind lasts. That was supposed to be a semi-ironic phrase as it's bloody useless, but it gets the job done
  9. Notepad... Sometimes simplicity is easier
  10. When the aspect of 'No's' come into play, those are Dev plans. That does not mean you cannot do that yourself, for example they said no cure for infection, there is a mod called 'the cure' and I created one too. So as I take it, it doesn't mean your not allowed, it just means they won't do it. Now, for your ideas, the sprites we currently cannot edit (we should be able to soon). And say you wanted to have a weapon that you can upgrade. Well you can have said weapon e,g AK47. Then you can find an item called 'extended mags' And you can combine that to your AK47, and it will create a rifle sim
  11. Japer

    Item IDs

    Im not sure about server stuff, but here you can find item ID's Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\media\scripts\items.txt If you want people to spawn with items, It's in the server files and it's spawn items= base.baseballbat You need to use the base. reference as far as im aware, some use the camping. reference also Hope that helps!
  12. If you join hit tab to chat and say you want to play so we can restart the game
  13. If you mean by loading multiple mods with multiple features together, then yes it IS possible, as long as they don't conflict (i.e. use the same item in 2 different functions) but most mods are written so that they don't mess up with others so it is possible as long as they are updated. Some mods like the item spawner and crafting mod etc have issues because they aren't written with all other mods in mind
  14. This is where the base recipes are stored (items.txt is in the same folder); Steam\steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\media\scriptsrecipes.txt You will then see a recipe like this; recipe Open Canned Soup { TinnedSoup, keep TinOpener, Result:TinnedSoupOpen, Time:10.0, }However, if you wish to create the same recipe but with the packaging as an extra result, you will need to revert to the answer here Further note, to get this to work with base items/recipes including the lua file I recommend searching for the post by the user psykikk He/she has a 'boxing' mod cr
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