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  1. lonchez

    Kraków replica map

    me gustaría hacer parte de el!
  2. vale también hay otros países latinos que están al tanto de la comunidad, no creo que la jerga argentina cambie mucho a comparación de otras en américa latina. xD solo en algunos casos. muchas gracias por la traduccion .
  3. pardon my English so limited, I'm from latin america. Police Station. Today I share another structure that I managed to finish and a few minutes ago. it is a police station, worked with a little more detail comparison of the current in the original maps. contains: * 4 floors * cells * Waiting * offices * bathroom * fourth weapon * interrogation room. * surprise for survivors. * viewpoint * parking I leave no more pictures. 3rd floor. 2nd floor. 1st floor. entries. (only possible down the front) parking. full view. coffee shop structure in more detail in terms of impairment, giving the feeling that the structure was already inhabited by other survivors or suffered a zombie attack. This time create a small modern cafe. with 2 floors and a parking lot completely neglected over time. please give their opinions and some ideas for future buildings more. 1st floor. 2st floor. full view.
  4. As of this moment, i have no clue on how to do that, and I just enjoy making these buildings, maybe in the near future? disculpa la pregunta y es algo fuera de base, como colocas una imagen en la caja de spam? muchas gracias.
  5. thank you very much! but I think a full complete housing complex of this type before anything else. and then share it with the community.
  6. lonchez

    Petrol station

    as the roof did it have this peculiar style? you give me the files? or atleast the roof?
  7. hello guys indie stone is a pleasure for me to publish some of my work. first of all I apologize for my English, I'm Latin-Colombian. I have been designing something I like mucus and construction of large architectural structures and have noticed that tilezed is an excellent tool for this. therefore decided to create a large mansion .. pictures below. greetings and until next time, bye ... first floor: http://nsae01.casimages.net/img/2014/03/19/140319020154257284.png http://nsae01.casimages.net/img/2014/03/19/140319020208649788.png http://nsae01.casimages.net/img/2014/03/19/140319020220898558.png http://nsae01.casimages.net/img/2014/03/19/140319020237237423.png http://nsae01.casimages.net/img/2014/03/19/14031902023083254.png second floor: http://nsae01.casimages.net/img/2014/03/19/140319020256203592.png completed design: http://nsae01.casimages.net/img/2014/03/19/140319020307249050.png I'm correcting some details this week.
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