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  1. I was outside of a window, and I broke it, and little did I know, around the otherside of the house, there were about 7 zombies, who came through the window and, and about 2 in a closet that I opened first, so I was doomed. Death by ninja zombies.
  2. I put them around windows, and self-made walls. It makes a great barricade in layers.
  3. I joined last Saturday. Since then I've had 18 characters, and have 18 hours logged. The 18th is my record at 12 days. 18th time's the charm.
  4. Yes, I knew they go stale... But we need to keep the legend alive!
  5. Some TV commerical music for vacuum cleaners.
  6. We need Twinkies! They will never go rotten, or stale. Also I was disappointed when I found out eggs couldnt be cooked.
  7. Tell us if you recongize anyone in the game.
  8. Zombies seem to be the least of the problems in an alpoclyspe. That was something my 7th grade Reading teacher neverstood... Gave me an awful grade.
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