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  1. oh i thought they are the same thing, i mean create a file first, and then writelines inside the created file without leaving the game
  2. for example, use the mod to create new item(not crafting item) just inside game
  3. this is really good! thanks for the information, i was wondering the reason for the mods being not working i hope this information will be useful for the other guys: ProjectZomboid\media\lua\client
  4. ok thanks for the reply, this is a nice discussion though, could you move this thread to modding suggestion please?
  5. Wat. I dont even... This game is about avarge Bob trying to survive a zombie apocalypse, not about shooting plasma balls towards zombies. For me, the game looks like it aint even set in present times, more like a bit in the past. And a honest question - if zombie apocalypse happened right now, whats the chance You yourself will find unmanned aircraft, exoskeleton, ANYTHING that You mentioned in your neighborhood? Im not this games developer, but im pretty sure answers to Your 2nd and 3rd posts are like NO no no Nonononono No. that could appear in the university laboratory, but only those elites can survive in Zombie Apocalypse, right?
  6. Ps. the player ability should be limited by the equipment that the player is equipping, for example, Powered exoskeleton provides incredible strength to the player, use unmanned small aircraft remote controller to provide small scale close air support, etc
  7. yes i agree being realistic is good, i mean if there is zombie, then the other wildlife may also have evolution after infected by the virus.so basically there maybe a big room for us to imagine the changes of the world in the zombie Apocalypse. Maybe in the Zombie Apocalypse, we already using some plasma guns, laser sword, or maybe there is a military level device can be installed in our arms to shoot plasma ammo, etc. i mean we shouldn't let the current world to limit our imagination, right?
  8. Hi guys, this is my first post, i'm a gamer that likes RPG and also like the idea of Zombie Apocalypse, there is something come up in my mind that maybe making PZ more fun, more exciting. 1. giving more different stats to the equipment, attack effects, damage, speed, range, etc. and make the zombies to drop equipment after death, give some abilities to zombies so that they are hard to be killed(but rewarding), In the other hand, add abilities for players so that they can deal with the tough zombie, just like the NOTD:Aftermath, i don't if anybody have played NOTD:Aftermath before but it is a warcraft3 cutom mission. So does anyone like this idea?
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