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  1. Pearl is my favourite sea whale. Do you think the world is about to go into a full scale war?
  2. Although to some extend i do agree with VamyreLord's opinion on how the questions can be a bit trivial, its hard not to cross that "personal" line when asking a person over the internet a serious question. Please try to keep the hogwash to a minimum, and i suppose ill give the thread a kick in the bum by asking a new question. How often do you update your twitter/facebook feed?
  3. If you're not going to answer it then why not let someone else who will? I mean, there have already been some very, very personal questions that were asked and answered with no problem. Let's not start changing the rules. Btw *too What did you eat today? I haven't seen any other personal posts, as I don't go on this thread often. Read the first post. I said "nothing too personal", so it'd be changing the rules if I didn't point out posts that I find too personal or which people may find uncomfortable answering. Sorry if I don't see these posts people that people might feel exposed when answering, but if you see one feel free to remind them of the rules. I just don't want people's full names being google'd, so on, as they wouldn't probably be too happy with it. Also, I type too fast, so sometimes I miss letters x) With that out the way... ; Drowned. Favourite song?
  4. "Nothing to personal" Do you still have a teddy bear?
  5. I want an axe Pls give me all your stuff this isnt a haiku idec skrebs
  6. Shut up and take my money. How do i get in?
  7. I play piano. My mother forced me to take lessons when i was a kid, and i dont think i will ever appreciat ebeing able to play fur elise when i really want to be able to play Misery Business on a guitar. What is the best thing you own?
  8. y u maek no qweschin What is the longest have you survived on pz?
  9. I would go to Morpheus then take the red pill then go fight alien monster robots whilst occasionally visiting this world and use telekinesis to stop bullets and magically spawn in some bazookas and stuff. Have you ever stepped into the dark side of the internet before?
  10. I am really happy with my life, as i have the best family a guy could ask for, but not so much with myself. Thats why im having a branflake only diet! Only branflakes. And milk. For every meal. Every. Single. One.(No more choccaberry muffins for me) Do you still watch any cartoons? Which ones?
  11. Thanks for sharing. Got it now- strangely was interested in making a Binding of Isaac style game. Must be a sign o.O
  12. I made the game therefore i can contradict the title. >:} I have went 2 days without sleeping. Have you ever accidentaly spent over $100/£100?
  13. http://i3.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/608/147/05a.jpg KITTEN or Sweg?
  14. I took those things to the next level. Creepiest thing you've seen?
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