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  1. Hello everyone, I haven't visited the Forums properly for quite some time. But, I have recently updated the game and found the addition of "Safehouse" and "Faction" creation to be really interesting. Sadly though there is one thing I dislike about said "Safehouse" creation, it doesn't work on non-residential buildings. It also doesn't work when you have zombies set to "0", in an attempt to setup a Faction stronghold for possible Roleplay. Anyway, I thought to myself that there wouldn't be a better place than the Forums to ask for such a Modification. Any help is appreciated, thank you for your time.
  2. You could've created a better lookin' graphic, I'll probably join sometime this week and have a look around.
  3. Considering the person hasn't been around for a while... I don't think this is an incredibly active thing as of right now. I have been inactive but i am looking for a Server/Server Host that we can use to play on
  4. -snip- -snip- No, I'm aware, was hoping to RP with you lot in game. XD I just thought I'd be creative, apologies if there was any confusion. All good man plus your background and what not was epic !
  5. Wow dudeman, give yourself a proper name like John or Bob or something. Everything else is fine
  6. Burning the bodies of the damned.

  7. Herro Militia, MP has been announced(Aww Yiss)! I will be editing and fixing this thread in the next week or so(Busy with IRL stuff) Thread so far looks really good, a heap of new applicants and what not. I'm not sure if Wheel of Time is a book but i played a mod about it for a game once Amazing background ! Also a bit of an announcement, the RP will mostly be In Game but you can RP on the Thread if you like, up to the poster.
  8. I think Bandages should show on your player as a little white patch around a limb that is wounded but they can be covered up with a sweater or pants etc. I would like to see more clothing for example, Sheriff/Police uniforms, Military gear, Sports gear(Hockey mask etc.) and more stuff. I'll add more later, I don't know if there are any other Clothing threads so yeah my bad if there is.
  9. Nah, it should simply be that you have to use your wits and sense to survive the zeds and bandits. Same goes for bandits like me. I have to survive stealing from people and survive the zombies. What if I get into a gunfight with a group I'm raiding? That'll draw zombies to us, and sure it could distract my targets... Or get me eaten. k12314
  10. That zombie setup is more or less 2-4 years after the first outbreak. They would weaken and decompose after a few years.
  11. Added a new section to the OP - "Strangers" Any chance you could throw mine on the list after #15 as an "Ally"? It's partway down pg. 2. You are part of the Strangers section, Strangers can be either Allies or Randoms. I cannot read it currently and obviously not
  12. Gud. Have you hunted a Boar with a Crossbow !?
  13. Has anyone here heard of the STALKER based MMO ? Looks alright i guess :/
  14. Back everyone Hmm, I didn't know about that. Link me. ( If they are not continuing it then w/e ) EDIT - The "Original" threads creator should contribute to this one.
  15. I hadn't even thought of the eventual steam members Yeah well sadly the Steam community consists of a lot of younger more annoying kids, Gmod for example shows how annoying they are.
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