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  1. Cold temp, Zombies should freeze too.. slower/ stiffness
  2. Cory

    Bandage Club

    Nice work but If I get bit and scratched, I am not worried about the hole in my shirt. I am dead in 30 sec anyway. Any word or info on MP or admin roll changes
  3. Not sure what your now trying to do now, but to change the weight of an item, as you asked is as per above. Simply change the weight value.
  4. Was so looking for ward to 41.20 being bug fix or MP as per https://projectzomboid.com/blog/2019/10/build-41-iwbums-out/
  5. Cory

    Dupeitem report

    Would anyone have more information on the 'Dupeitem' log - The only reference I could find was back in 2016 build 35 (The mega Test), when it was mentioned that we would have access to the log, but nothing came of it. Has anyone been able to access these logs and willing to pass on the how to. All I can see via the admin panel - database - userlog is that a player has 4000+ Dupeitem reports.
  6. Possibly, there is a file reference for motorcycles in b41
  7. Cory

    Runners Return

    Any update on Admin powers as mentioned back in 2016 ?
  8. Yes the full script would be something like.. module Base { /***********Normal************* item Eraser { Weight = 0.05, <-- change 0.05 to another amount. eg 0.01 Type = Normal, DisplayName = Eraser, Icon = Eraser, } }
  9. You will need to include Type/ DisplayName and Icon as they give ref to the object and allow it to be classed. item Eraser { Weight = 0.05, <-- change 0.05 to another amount. eg 0.01 Type = Normal, DisplayName = Eraser, Icon = Eraser, }
  10. Little bump, hoping RobertJohnson or a Dev turns their head this way. Orig post
  11. Hay Kincy, With the terms of service and Mod Rules turning PZ into a monetary gain is not allowed. link Terms of service My only suggestion is create a server budget, to some extent a small business plan. This way you can research and forecast possible growth based on predicted game development and the expected cost for the server. I think there are a few free business plan pdf's or sites that have how to if your unsure on developing a long term plan/budget.
  12. Cory


    Not sure what your Idea is ? You may need to elaborate on your new skill idea, How it may work and fit into the game mechanic. There is a passive action used in defense via space-bar (windows). It pushed back the Z so you can get a swing. It levels up with the strength skill, is it an extension to that.?
  13. For those that don’t know, there are currently 5 server mod rolls. (Observer, GM, Overseer, Moderator, Admin) The Observer roll (lowest) has the following permissions: Toggle invisible (on himself only) Toggle god mod (on himself only) See players connected (/players) Teleport to a player (can't teleport a player elsewhere) Can toggle noclip (on himself only) Teleport to coordinates See server options Can open locked doors Can go inside safehouses Can't be kicked if too laggy Can always join server (even if full) Can talk even being invisible Sees invisible players Can't be hit by players Log directly invisible/invincible Can see players stats (name, skill, traits...) with click on player -> Check Stats (but can't modify them) I would like to raise the idea to remove the following permissions. Making the roll a more Helper roll. This would allow server owners to assign rolls that general players can use and still play with. Having the extra permissions (below) makes the player over powered. Can open locked doors - (remove) Can go inside safehouses – (remove) Can toggle noclip (on himself only) - (remove) Can't be hit by players – (Change to toggle) or (Remove and just use the PvP toggle option) Add permission: View And reply to tickets
  14. I thought keeping the 2 chats separate as some other games do, lessens the confusion and allows immersion. Having 1 stream with one person talking about his day at school and within the same, 2 players trying to RP would be better option. But I don't RP in this game so you could be right.
  15. I would like to offer the idea to add an optional second local chat channel (visible), a role-play channel. This channel could be named Role-Play, coded /rp to fit with existing game structure (a,s,y,w..). Why not just use local! * Yes we have local, but an optional second stream allows those that role-play the opportunity to remain in character in one and then speak freely within the other. * This option may help to keep the immersion and allows those that are taking a quick break from in-character actions a chance to still be in the game. * Local linked to Discord and the 2nd stream only in-game.
  16. I read on Reddit that someone was able to hook into there server and have death's linked to discord chat. Not sure how but yes, documentation on integration would be awesome.
  17. Why so many, so open to cheating and server bashing ?? With all the power given, waiting to see how many post up in later time that there server was taken over/ shut down by an angry Mod/player. (Manipulate whitelist, Change access level, See server options - Nope, just nope) Why not something easy: Helper/Observer: Basic use, kick, mute Answer tickets, Teleport to player Toggle- Can't be hit by players MoD: As above+, Can modify player stats in the player stats UI, Ban, Unban Can always join server (even if full) , Admin: Full power. can not be kicked, banned
  18. ~ Fixed player not starting without clothes in AReallyCDDAy. There goes my female character
  19. WOW super fast, well done. Hope the team got pizza
  20. Issue fixed, I am an idiot. Been searching for different folder locations, files, running local searches, even ftp to server and looked in nearly every folder. Fix: ...... At the top of the Favorite screen "Favorite Name:' just change that and you can save a new favorite.
  21. Hi All, I recently did a wipe on our server, Server is up and fine. I deleted my favorites in server listing in game and removed any reference from ..user\zomboid\Saves\Multiplayer. I was able to re add the admin log on character, but it will not allow me to create a 2nd, the 'save' option is greyed out. I have rechecked the Multiplayer folder and server.ini (MaxAccountsPerUser=3) Has anyone else experienced this?
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