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  1. Hi all the community! I have a Project Zomboid multiplayer online server, but due to the high cost of maintaining a VPS I am considering donating. Are there any mods or functions that make us administrators grant advantages to those who help the server with $$? Because keeping the server without any help is virtually impossible.
  2. Looking forward to the release of multiplayer mode. Especially for us who have online servers and our players are crazy!
  3. Kincy


    Hello everyone, it's a pleasure to be around again. After a long pause, I returned to Project Zomboid, and my biggest interest is in Multiplayer. I wonder if there is already a VIP system for players, because it is very difficult to keep a server online without help, and the benefits system is interesting as it helps the server to continue online and offer fun for everyone. Thank you
  4. Server Name: Dead Pixel Status: Online 24/7 Zombies: Normal PVP: Active Hello everyone, I hereby present my Project Zomboid Online server, which already has three weeks of life, we have 20 to 30 simultaneous players. Server made in good style without any MOD or any change, but very dynamic. Staff active every day, daily maintenance order to correct any problems, support via chat / facebook / official forum and in the game. We provide support in Portuguese, Spanish and English USA. Come playing with us and face not only zombies, but also clans that already play in our server. also bring your clan to be able to create a base and confront all enemies. We have events every weekend with prizes. Images: Join us! IP: PORT: 16361 Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/deadpixelbrasil/ Forum: www.propixelforum.com
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