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  1. I've done reading online and found that I'm not the only one who thinks the thunder during a lighting storm is excessive. Most lightning storms I've experienced in north america, the lightning strikes are at least 30 seconds apart, not back to back to back as represented in the game. If you accelerate time during a lightning storm, it practically blows your speakers. This is the definitive zombie survival game, and I know I'm splitting hairs here. But to fix this would only improve upon perfection. Currently sitting at close to 300 hours on this game, so I'm not just being butthurt about a tiny issue. It's been around for a while.
  2. Spectre


    I don't know how many games I've had completely scrapped by bad beats. Stupid moments like opening a door you know there's a zombie behind, then swinging in the complete wrong direction and getting bitten. In a life or death situation, there is a certain amount of self defense that happens automatically (and I know because I've been in a couple in real life). My suggestion is having a passive skill that wrestles with a single zombie that is trying to attack you so you have time to react. A skill that scales up with use with an increase in the delay before you get bitten or scratched. I'm talking from a quarter of a second to start with maybe one or two seconds at max level. Something. Anything to give a passive fighting chance instead of standing there with immersion crushing apathy while you have your life taken by a diseased rotting corpse. Just a side note, I have over 200 hours on the game, so this is not something new to me or something that's going to stop me from playing. It's just something that has INFURIATED me from time to time. Sometimes I deserve my death. Other times, you can hear me scream profanity from across the street.
  3. It just seems like a bug. As SOON as I pressed E there was a scratch noise
  4. I was inside a car and a zombie was outside of the car. When I pressed E to get out, I was instantly scratched before actually getting out of the car.
  5. Start a new game and disable the sleep events
  6. Barricade the outside also. And put sheets over the windows.
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