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  1. I feel like zombies should never lay flat and clip through a wall, and lately in the new build I've seen zombies sitting against them. It's hard to see their head to stomp them properly and it looks bad, to see half their body clipping through or something. What if when we knocked a zombie down at a wall, they fell on their butt and sat against it? Or if when we knocked them down, they'd fly backward, hit the wall, then lay down sideways in front of it instead of through it? There's already an animation for sitting. Sure, you wouldn't be able to stomp them, but it'd look way better and also take a second for them to stand up again. This could apply to corpses and death animations also, potentially making it more satisfying to kill them by the wall if they slam into it and fall over.
  2. I like the idea of saving presets for appearance and having that tied into profiles. I don't see why this wouldn't be planned to happen in the future.
  3. I'm not sure of the quality or quantity of content like this back in the nineties, with concern for finding these as common household items. I imagine they'd be few and far between, and even then some might suck or not be that helpful? The idea is good, just something I was thinking about. You would probably be better off finding stuff like this in a high school, though, so there's a risk and reward. Listening to lessons on the go while you go for a stroll or do boring chores around your base is fine by me.
  4. It would be nice to be able to knock on walls as well, or to have it be a specific sound rather than a generic thud for the reasons I mentioned with players.
  5. I've literally never seen this happen.
  6. A stealth-oriented mechanic, with the thought coming to me from Metal Gear Solid 2/3. The idea is that you knock on a wall or door to attract nearby zombies to that specific area. Something much quieter than a shout, but still loud enough to manipulate nearby zombies. If you knock on a door, and there are zombies on the other side, this could let you know if the room is occupied or not when they start banging in return to your noise. If zombies hear a knock, they come specifically to where they heard the sound and investigate. They will not immediately aggro to you unless you're spotted. If you knock on a door, this creates an audible sound. Players could hear this and know it's another human being, rather than a zombie.
  7. Basically if a zombie sees you from the second or third floor of a building, and you're on the ground level(outside), they start banging on the window. After they smash the window, they could climb through and fall out to have a chance at reaching you instead of intelligently pathfinding to the bottom floor. This could result in two or three things happening, with their odds of survival decreasing depending on the height from which they fell. If they're lucky, they'll get back up just fine and start walking towards you as usual. If they're unlucky, they could potentially die on impact with the ground. If they're still alive, they can play dead by lying still or become crippled, crawling towards you. Imagine how horrifying it would be to see a small horde spill out of the second story of a building, some dying on the ground as they recover and begin shambling, crawling towards you? Thoughts? Oh, and what if they fall directly on you?
  8. Yes, I did. My feet were deeply wounded, but bandaged. Sneak-run should be slower than moving as fast as you can without sneaking. Even if it were slower than normal, it's still faster than if I were limping as fast as I could without sneaking.
  9. I cut both my feet deeply and was injured. Couldn't walk at normal speed, reduced to a limp. However if I sneak and hold shift to sneak faster, I can get around the speed penalty.
  10. I put my cursor directly on a zombie's head and tried swinging with a lead pipe. I charged the attack prior for a few seconds, and didn't move my mouse anywhere but exactly on their face. And then I swung to the side of me instead of in front of me, and got scratched.
  11. I found this shotgun and a box of shotgun shells. Whenever I pressed R to reload it, I unloaded all the shells. I pressed R again to try and reload it, but an error popped up and nothing happened with me spamming the animation and hearing the reload sound. I right-clicked and tried "insert shells", same result. If it helps, I found the shotgun on a dead survivor, who was wearing a suit.
  12. Dust could be kicked up behind as you move over certain surfaces. For instance, grass blades and dirt when running over grassy terrain and water splashes/mud in puddles. Perhaps you could kick up generic dust clouds on wood or concrete while you sprint outdoors? Nothing too dramatic, but semi-realistic when applicable. Something to further make you feel the texture of the world as you move through it, without being distracting or too gamey indoors. Perhaps add a toggle. EDIT Size of clouds and splashes increase depending on speed.
  13. Though the first stage of grogginess does nothing to you, the second stage is supposed to happen the second night you've done it in a row. It's meant to get worse as it drags on, until you really need to find a better place to sleep.
  14. If you have a sleeping bag or something, a tent can be halfway comfortable or very, depending on that. But if it's just a haphazardly constructed sheet tent with pegs...you're essentially laying on the ground.
  15. This is just a thought I had, and I wanted to discuss it here. To my knowledge, there's no difference between sleeping on a couch, bed, tent, or chair. What if there were drawbacks to sleeping on an uncomfortable object? There could be perks that negate or worsen these effects. Add a pillow to your chair or tent to lessen the chance of this happening, if you've got one. This could tie in as well with insomnia, giving you this moodle when you wake up in the middle of the night. How you get it, and every stage of grogginess. (GROGGY) Slept in a chair, or tent? After a rough night of sleep, you wake up feeling groggy. Your back aches and you're pretty sure there's a crick in your neck. It'll take you a couple of hours before you shrug that off, that or a nice cup of java or tea. Going to have to blink the sleep out of those eyes. Maybe tomorrow you'll rest somewhere softer. (HEADACHE) Those zombies just won't give you a break. You've got no bed to lay in, and this chair is your only place to rest. This morning, you've got a pounding headache. Too many nights crumpled up against wooden furniture has ruined this morning. It's hard to concentrate on what you're doing, but some painkillers might knock the edge off. (Lasts as long as STAGE1, with a hit to your vision. Similar to being shortsighted and hard of hearing, but not as bad. Acquired through repeated sleep on either a chair or inside a tent.) (MIGRAINE) How long have you been sleeping like this, a week or two? Your head's in a vice, and all you can do is obsess about your migraine every time it throbs. You need painkillers. Maybe some coffee or tea, too. will dull this horrible sensation pulsating in your skull. Without that, this could go on for hours. (Just like being shortsighted and also hard of hearing at the same time. If treated with painkillers, will still take an hour to go away. If treated with coffee AND painkillers, the moodle will go away in less than an hour. (MISERABLE) Welp, you're the zombie this time around. You've got a migraine, your body is sore, and you can't think of anything other than how horribly you slept. How miserable you are. (This is the most severe part. You can only get this if you don't sleep anywhere halfway decent for more than a week. If migraines are uncommon, this one is rare. You were asking for it, by not heeding the warning. It's like a migraine, but cannot be cured completely. Taking medication and drinking coffee will only regress its severity for an hour or two, back to the headache state. It will disappear the next time you sleep.)
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