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  1. KevK


    I suggest we add the ability to create a compost heap, which you might want near yoursafe house. You could add rotten food to it instead of throwing it away and when it's matured enough you could fertilize your plants/vegetables. This would be easier than ytying to find fertlizer or adding code allowing you to make it. Thumbs up for compost heap...
  2. What they said. Fertilizer can only be found but it would be nice to be able to make it.
  3. Quench - Dreams (Original Mi) (1995)
  4. This may be bearing my soul but these are my first attempts at edm from around the late 90's. https://archive.org/details/iuma-suavekev Edit: I've moved on.... needless to say... but I refuse to plug. 2nd edit: I was amazed somebody kept track of iuma... I lost a lot of my productions betweeen now and then due to stupidity, i.e not backing shit up, but lesson learned. 3rd edit, I met a lot of people who produced some stellar 90's music and I learned "not a lot" as they wouldn't tell me shit and they taught me that no one else would, even if they knew. EDM, or trance or techno is a "black art". Imagine how frustrating that is to learn. That you can't learn unless you already know someone... So I became a sound engineer and practiced for about 3 years until the anti-social hours caught up with me. Then I quit and got into IT. I still make music. btw, i'm still learning... 4th edit, my son and I are now producing music. I have been learning for years now how to master a track. Which is more than just recording or engineering. Mastering is soooo much more. I now wonder how much this process has in common with the video game creation process. 5th edit, Bob Katz is a good starting place: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Mastering-Audio-The-Art-Science/dp/0240808371 6th edit, fuck visuals, a zombie has goudged out your eyeballs...
  5. I could only remember the river riddle but that card has been played. But just now a remix of a classic track I love came on the di.fm prog psy channel and reminded me that I was the only person I knew (since 1995), who knew what the name of the track was referencing until earlier this year when I played a remix in a friends house and someone was like, HAHAHA... I was like wooow, someone else got it. Maybe not so much a riddle as a play on words but see let's see if anyone can get it. The track was written and produced by a collaboration named Union Jack and is called "Two Full Moons & A Trout". So what is "two full moons and a trout" a reference to?
  6. Wait for the new I7s coming soon. Haswells were all about less power consumption but the new I7s look awesome. I've had an I7 920 since release in 2008 when I also bought the first ATI DX11 card the HD5870. I've only upgraded the motherboard, cooler and GPU since then. Has served me well and i'm sure this new I7 will last as long if not longer.
  7. http://www.di.fm/progressivepsy LONG LIVE DI.FM Edit: and lo and behold, a new remix of one of my all time favourite tracks comes on. Union Jack - Two Full Moons & A Trout. Fun fact. I knew about the reference the name of this track was making since 1995 but no one else I knew did until just this year. Can you guess what "Two Full Moons & A Trout" is?
  8. 90% of the time i've spent playing this game so far, (since not long before 0.2.0q) i've stuck with construction worker, light drinker, short-tempered, brave and resilient. Call me unadventurous, boring, whatever, i've had a lot of success with just them. I usually concentrate on leveling carpentry and running first, along with blunt or blade, whichever weapon i find first, and farming asap. Only recently i've been trying out lucky which seems to be working well.
  9. I can live with that, as long as I get to poke his eye out...
  10. You obviously forgot rule #3, beware of bathrooms... What are the first 2? Cardio and double tap
  11. In general discussion topic is fine but general PZ discussion I see no views. Maybe the mods just haven't removed it yet.
  12. Edit: Removed comment as what I pointed out is no longer there. Must have been a browser glitch.
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