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  1. elseif random > 95 then data.zombieType = "runner"
  2. in the latest IWBUMS, only a couple of the steam workshop mods are displaying in my mod selection interface? I looks like all the mods I have in my my User/Name/Zomboid/Workshop are displaying, but only a couple of the downloaded mods in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\108600 are showing up? Nevermind, not sure what happened but after playing a bit, quitting, and checking the mod interface, all the mods are displaying again. I guess it just took the game a while to populate the list?
  3. At Rosewood prison I can see through the cell doors, but not the actual barred cell walls.
  4. I know you used to be able to send say() and sayShout() to zombies, but subsequent builds removed that. It would be nice to have that back in, in that there's a bunchf different things that could be used for in mods, such as - action descriptors - having Evil Dead/Return of the Living Dead style talking zombies
  5. To enable fakedead zombies: zombie:setFakeDead(true) To make sure a zombie isn't a crawler before toggling crawler: if zombie:getSeppedMod() >= 0.55 then zombie:toggleCrawling() end Note that fakedead and crawlers zombies are persistent, so between moving between to cells, and loading saves, the population of them will accumulate. I find that I have to redo, and possibly reset the zombie speed when moving between cells. So I do this at then end of the equivalent function I use to do what you do: if data.SpecialZedType == "Shambler" then if ZombRand(999) == 0 zombie:changeSpeed(3) zombie:DoZombieStats() end end if data.SpecialZedType == "Runner" then if ZombRand(999) == 0 then zombie:changeSpeed(1); zombie:DoZombieStats() end end
  6. Sounds like you have a promising future as a modder with all these great ideas you want to implement!
  7. I believe that it just sends the global chat to a discord channel and also sends post in that discord channel to global chat? Redboid uses it.
  8. Anyone know how can I point a sounds script entry at a file that isn't in the sound .packs?
  9. I noticed that HAM Radios are working properly again? Thank you very much devs, for implementing that!
  10. I would second the request for this feature.
  11. Sorry for the necro, but I've been having no luck making broadcasts that actually loop? I'd like to make a station with hints for my MP server, and have it loop indefinitely.
  12. Well, the playerbase for Monghell has just exploded recently. So if you're interested in a Hardcore server, heavily modified with lots of custom features, check it out.
  13. The problem I'm having is that if a player has a vehicle and gas it's functions as an "I win button" vs hordes. If you're patient you can pretty much pulp thousands of zombies w/o any risk to the player. I tried finding a way to mod in a way of nerfing this, but have had no luck finding a way to do it. It would be if there were some server options to reduce the effectiveness, and increase the risk, of this tactic.
  14. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1834093446 Made for the Monghell Server, but should work for all games that use ORGM and Hydrocraft. Introduces two new items: Bullet Puller to disassemble ammunition, and a Hand Press to assemble ammunition. These should spawn at appropriate places in the map. Requires the Reloading skill, at various levels for various ammunition. Assembling ammunition requires the cases, gunpowder, a hand press, and bullet tips, or buckshot for shotgun ammunition. FMJ ammunition also requires a ball been hammer and a small copper sheet.
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