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  1. It's already an existing option in the server settings.
  2. Interestingly enough, Kentucky is generally warm enough year round that the last time the river on the map froze was 1977. I think the mild winters in the game's location sometimes confuses people, but I also believe that the dev's intent is that the river also serve as a definite barrier to the players?
  3. You're probably using a mod that overwrote the script for the Can Opener item, making it incompatible with recent improvements to the item system that the devs implemented. Why someone would overwrite the Can Opener script for a mod is beyond me, but oftentimes people just have the entire item script files in their mods with the changes they made to a few items in it, so that's probably the case here.
  4. I haven't reported this, because I've found this when working on modding, but reloading is damn weird right now. With some reload action types, say shotgun, it seems to get randomly locked into the beginning of the reload process. And when reloading the game seems to read the mouse location as a aiming location, when you aren't aiming, and the screen center jumps to the mouse pointer location, which is jarring when reloading from inventory or hotbar.
  5. I will say about this that, despite some devs recently confirming that they aren't being worked on, that a lot of people are convinced that underground levels are a confirmed forthcoming features. Really, that could be on people for not being more critical about what they hear and see to a large degree, but there seems to be a lot of misinformation about this going around.
  6. Not that answer that you want, but that is absolutely mod-able.. That's how I have the vehicle gun racks mod I made working.
  7. This would be absolutely superb for tracking down where other players have hidden in bases for PVP/raiding.
  8. Since we have blood textures being applied to the models, it would be neat if soot textures were applied to clothing and skin when a player/zed has been burned.
  9. Ah, pretty much as it says in the title. When using pipebomb, moltovs, etc vs zeds, and I used the OnWeaponTypeHitCharacter event in combination with getType() on the weapon, I get "Axe", whereas it returns the proper weapon type when using melee/guns. Sorry, I know this is really niche for a bug report.
  10. The idea being that if either the water is still running, or that a shower is attached to a rain barrel, that one could, if undressed, use a shower to wash themselves faster than by using a sink or water from their inventory.
  11. ie some drop of drop down interface that allows me to save and load sets of mod configurations.
  12. No mods. - some of the bags, such as schoolbags and alicebags, for the scripts for the L & R-hand items, still have AttachmentReplacement = Bag, in their script blocks - BloodLocation = Bag, is also inconsistent across bag in back/bag in hand scripts - ALICEpacks, when equipped in the Primary hand, render ingame as so:
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