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  1. I will say about this that, despite some devs recently confirming that they aren't being worked on, that a lot of people are convinced that underground levels are a confirmed forthcoming features. Really, that could be on people for not being more critical about what they hear and see to a large degree, but there seems to be a lot of misinformation about this going around.
  2. There's a saying, "Pray, but keep rowing for shore"
  3. Not that answer that you want, but that is absolutely mod-able.. That's how I have the vehicle gun racks mod I made working.
  4. This would be absolutely superb for tracking down where other players have hidden in bases for PVP/raiding.
  5. Since we have blood textures being applied to the models, it would be neat if soot textures were applied to clothing and skin when a player/zed has been burned.
  6. Ah, pretty much as it says in the title. When using pipebomb, moltovs, etc vs zeds, and I used the OnWeaponTypeHitCharacter event in combination with getType() on the weapon, I get "Axe", whereas it returns the proper weapon type when using melee/guns. Sorry, I know this is really niche for a bug report.
  7. The idea being that if either the water is still running, or that a shower is attached to a rain barrel, that one could, if undressed, use a shower to wash themselves faster than by using a sink or water from their inventory.
  8. ie some drop of drop down interface that allows me to save and load sets of mod configurations.
  9. No mods. - some of the bags, such as schoolbags and alicebags, for the scripts for the L & R-hand items, still have AttachmentReplacement = Bag, in their script blocks - BloodLocation = Bag, is also inconsistent across bag in back/bag in hand scripts - ALICEpacks, when equipped in the Primary hand, render ingame as so:
  10. From clothing_bags.txt: item Bag_Schoolbag_LHand { WeightReduction = 60, Weight = 1, Type = Container, Capacity = 15, DisplayName = R School Bag, IconsForTexture = Backpack_Black;Backpack_Blue;Backpack_Spiffo, CanBeEquipped = Back, OpenSound = OpenBag, CloseSound = CloseBag, PutInSound = PutItemInBag, ClothingItem = Bag_SchoolBag_LHand, BodyLocation = LeftHand, RunSpeedModifier = 0.97, AttachmentReplacement = Bag, primaryAnimMask = holdingbagright, secondaryAnimMask = holdingbagleft, ReplaceWhenUnequip = Bag_Schoolbag, StaticModel = SchoolBag, }
  11. White eyeshadow is causing game crashes for me.
  12. recipe Dismantle Flashlight { destroy Torch, keep Screwdriver, Result:ElectronicsScrap, Time:30.0, OnTest:TorchBatteryInsert_TestIsValid, OnGiveXP:DismantleElectronics_OnGiveXP, OnCreate:TorchDismantle_OnCreate, Category:Electrical, AnimNode:Disassemble, Prop1:Screwdriver, Prop2:CDplayer, }
  13. Well, this one is kinda hard to replicated without mods But when kill() is used on zombies, their clothes are removed. Here's an example pic, using the Blindcoder's Gravity mod (patched); it uses the kill function on zombies in it's AOE
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