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  1. New update: - Now you can perform injection to other players (Need to be tested) Next update: - New functions for useless items - Blood transfusion to other player
  2. You can take as a basis basicFarming.lua (..\media\lua\server\Farming)
  3. i think you can try getModData() to save current stats to item if item:getModData().cool == nil then item:getModData().cool = 0; else item:getModData().cool = currentCool; end
  4. This month there should be an update with the addition of new mechanics ver 2.0
  5. But we are with you on the English-language site, so it will be more correct to communicate in their language. Yes, I authorize you to use my mod for your purposes, but with one condition. Please indicate authorship. I didn't stop the development of the mod. Just took a break
  6. Compatibility with ver. 36.4 Update v. 1.1.6:
  7. 1. Ill try to do this 2. If i will have more time i will add empty blister 3. Im already fix this 4. Unfortunatly, mechanics of the game does not allow to do this 5. All is OK. Powder stop the bleeding and cauterize the wound 6. I fix this in new update
  8. Okay... Im russian, so lets speak on russian under spoiler. I tried to write in simple lang so that it can be translated by google
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