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  1. OZ More Medicine [ver. 1.1.6] — NEW UPDATE

    But we are with you on the English-language site, so it will be more correct to communicate in their language. Yes, I authorize you to use my mod for your purposes, but with one condition. Please indicate authorship. I didn't stop the development of the mod. Just took a break
  2. OZ More Medicine [ver. 1.1.6] — NEW UPDATE

    Compatibility with ver. 36.4 Update v. 1.1.6:
  3. OZ More Medicine [ver. 1.1.6] — NEW UPDATE

    1. Ill try to do this 2. If i will have more time i will add empty blister 3. Im already fix this 4. Unfortunatly, mechanics of the game does not allow to do this 5. All is OK. Powder stop the bleeding and cauterize the wound 6. I fix this in new update
  4. OZ More Medicine [ver. 1.1.6] — NEW UPDATE

    Sounds great! Ill add this soon
  5. OZ More Medicine [ver. 1.1.6] — NEW UPDATE

    Ready! I finally made this sprite
  6. OZ More Medicine [ver. 1.1.6] — NEW UPDATE

    Okay... Im russian, so lets speak on russian under spoiler. I tried to write in simple lang so that it can be translated by google
  7. How "SetBleeding(boolean)" work?

    Thank you!
  8. This mod adds a lot of medicaments and medicinal items. Hello everyone. I want to introduce you this mod which add immersion medicine in vanilla Project Zomboid. Translations: English / Russian / Spanish Innovations System of blood types (ABO) Blood type is assigned to you randomly after game started. Each blood type have a unique features. To find out your blood group look into the console or apply a blood type test (Ready!) Blood types chances: System of blood transfusion System of blood transfusion allow you to do a blood donation. All you need is empty blood bag and refrigerator for storage. Also you can do a blood transfusion from blood bag to player. You need a I.V. and I.V. Starter Kit. But remember that you need to know the compatibility of blood groups. Otherwise, you will die System of advanced meds properties Each pills also have a unique features. Aspirin like painkillers, activated charcoal help you from poisoning, fluoxetine is a powerful anti-depressant, tetracycline help you from sickness and poisoning, nitroglycerine heals you a little. Overdose of drugs Each med. drug is very dangerous if you don't know measure. Be careful with your health. Otherwise, you will die Cautery Now you can cauterize your bleeding wounds with heated knives and gunpowder. Cautery stops your bleeding but it leaves burns. Pharmacology Now you can craft your own pills! You need to learn book of pharmacology for new recipies and find all required components. Ethnoscience Now you can make herbal tea! You need to have "Herbalist" or "Scout" traits (This traits give you a bonus to searching!) to find all required herbs for cooking. Also you can examine all ingame herbs. Basic information is avaliable for everyone. For advanced information you need "Herbalist" trait. v. 1.1.6: Here is the list of included meds SPECIAL THANKS DOWNLOADS
  9. How "SetBleeding(boolean)" work?

    local leftUpperLeg = getPlayer():getBodyDamage():getBodyPart(BodyPartType.FromIndex(BodyPartType.ToIndex(BodyPartType.UpperLeg_L))); leftUpperLeg:setBleeding(false); getPlayer():getBodyDamage():SetScratched(getPlayer():getBodyDamage():getBodyPart(BodyPartType.Hand_R), false); I have tried both of these functions, but none of them does not work... I need to heal a scratch on the character body and stop the bleeding.