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  1. There is a mod that makes zombies run at night it is very cool.
  2. I have already lived 4 months in the city West Point
  3. Yes, the best barricade. It would be nice if the zombies broke it .
  4. This furniture doesn't come up on one side and I'm stuck because I can't remove it now.
  5. Will the generator ever be visible during transport?
  6. Well they have already done that when selecting a corpse the character bends over perhaps they go to the animation of the selection of the corpse with a 3D model.
  7. Statistics after death. How many kilometers did I walk how many calories did I consume and drink liters of water etc.. Example
  8. I want to try to survive 1 year, someone did it already? Apocalypse Mode And at all who how many survived my record 6 months!
  9. Damano

    Looks different somehow

    The new site design is very convenient and visually pleasing
  10. There are a lot of such fences and I would like to take them apart to pump gas welding and get wire
  11. I bought the game in 2015 and still love it thank you for not abandoning the project and continue to develop it.
  12. Damano

    Man BangleZ

    Excellent 3D models. And will it be possible to interact with them, for example, to put coffee on the table?
  13. Will there be no tattoos?
  14. Examples Kill 2500 Zombies Live 3 months in the "Just not your day mode"
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