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Found 2 results

  1. This exploit allows the player to cheese boredom, stress, and sadness, removing the depth these functions add to the game. If you run while smoking a cigarette as a smoker, you can interrupt the process while still getting stress and sadness reduction. This can be abused over 5 times per cigarette. Imagine living off worms and never getting sad. Update Below photos show, before and after, half of a cigarette eliminating severe depression. The caveat is the lighter/matches will be the limiting factor since they are used after each interruption. Stress however becomes insanely easy to manage since it disappears after each occurance. The "smoker" becomes a positive trait with free points and eliminates the value given by antidepressants. I imagine a decent solution is to delay the positive mood buff until after the cigarette is finished. This should balance this exploit.
  2. Playing version 41.45 I generated a new sandbox game and I found I am unable to open any of my canned food (other than the corned beef for some reason), anyway this is quite annoying as it should not require any level of skill to use a can opener on a can, and I have no "fresh" food around to eat. None of the methods of opening cans work, right clicking the can opener shows the options: "Drop", "Equip" & "Favorite" and the same for the canned foods (besides equip). Going into the crafting menu I found I could open a can of corned beef, however none of the other cans showed that I had any to open.
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