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  1. elseif random > 95 then data.zombieType = "runner"
  2. in the latest IWBUMS, only a couple of the steam workshop mods are displaying in my mod selection interface? I looks like all the mods I have in my my User/Name/Zomboid/Workshop are displaying, but only a couple of the downloaded mods in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\108600 are showing up? Nevermind, not sure what happened but after playing a bit, quitting, and checking the mod interface, all the mods are displaying again. I guess it just took the game a while to populate the list?
  3. At Rosewood prison I can see through the cell doors, but not the actual barred cell walls.
  4. I know you used to be able to send say() and sayShout() to zombies, but subsequent builds removed that. It would be nice to have that back in, in that there's a bunchf different things that could be used for in mods, such as - action descriptors - having Evil Dead/Return of the Living Dead style talking zombies
  5. To enable fakedead zombies: zombie:setFakeDead(true) To make sure a zombie isn't a crawler before toggling crawler: if zombie:getSeppedMod() >= 0.55 then zombie:toggleCrawling() end Note that fakedead and crawlers zombies are persistent, so between moving between to cells, and loading saves, the population of them will accumulate. I find that I have to redo, and possibly reset the zombie speed when moving between cells. So I do this at then end of the equivalent function I use to do what you do: if data.SpecialZedType == "Shambler" then if ZombRand(999) == 0 zombie:changeSpeed(3) zombie:DoZombieStats() end end if data.SpecialZedType == "Runner" then if ZombRand(999) == 0 then zombie:changeSpeed(1); zombie:DoZombieStats() end end
  6. Sounds like you have a promising future as a modder with all these great ideas you want to implement!
  7. I believe that it just sends the global chat to a discord channel and also sends post in that discord channel to global chat? Redboid uses it.
  8. Anyone know how can I point a sounds script entry at a file that isn't in the sound .packs?
  9. I noticed that HAM Radios are working properly again? Thank you very much devs, for implementing that!
  10. I would second the request for this feature.
  11. Sorry for the necro, but I've been having no luck making broadcasts that actually loop? I'd like to make a station with hints for my MP server, and have it loop indefinitely.
  12. Well, the playerbase for Monghell has just exploded recently. So if you're interested in a Hardcore server, heavily modified with lots of custom features, check it out.
  13. The problem I'm having is that if a player has a vehicle and gas it's functions as an "I win button" vs hordes. If you're patient you can pretty much pulp thousands of zombies w/o any risk to the player. I tried finding a way to mod in a way of nerfing this, but have had no luck finding a way to do it. It would be if there were some server options to reduce the effectiveness, and increase the risk, of this tactic.
  14. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1834093446 Made for the Monghell Server, but should work for all games that use ORGM and Hydrocraft. Introduces two new items: Bullet Puller to disassemble ammunition, and a Hand Press to assemble ammunition. These should spawn at appropriate places in the map. Requires the Reloading skill, at various levels for various ammunition. Assembling ammunition requires the cases, gunpowder, a hand press, and bullet tips, or buckshot for shotgun ammunition. FMJ ammunition also requires a ball been hammer and a small copper sheet.
  15. So I made this fast travel mod that uses helicopters: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1833104574 And I was wondering if there was any way to implement a feature where using it triggers a Helicopter Event that follows the Player?
  16. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1833104574 This is Fast Travel via Helicopter mod, utilizing Hydrocraft, and the Bedford, Hashima, Midway, Odintsovo and Slocan Lake maps. You can fast travel, via an admin-placed Helicopter, but it requires the following: - A Passport - 2 full Cans of Gasoline - $1000 in one-hundred-dollar bills - And either a GPS, or a Compass and a Map Although I made this for the Monghell Server, it should be a simple matter to adjust this mod, and upload a modifiied version, for other servers. Planned additions: - being able to use gold coins, or possibly a credit card, instead of $1000 cash - triggering the Helicopter event so it follows whomever travels with this
  17. New server, very hardcore settings, for PVP/PVE/RP, all styles. Safezones, including one with a spawn point. Monghell : 16261 https://discord.gg/r9VuPs4
  18. I was experimenting with them, on a couple of servers, modded, and un-modded, and I found that: 1) Walkie Talkies will broadcast radio only when equipped. 2) Ham Radios will not broadcast, whether they are equipped or if they are placed and adjacent. I tested this with multiple radios; made sure they were tuned in; etc. But, it appears that, for me, and my friend who was also trying, you are unable to broadcast with Ham Radios?
  19. So I have some ideas for some multiplayer server mods that I would like to see, and am willing to try coding, but from what I gather, modding has limited scope to effect the base game? If anyone has any opinions of whether these are feasible or not, please lemme know? Mod Ideas: 1) A mod that makes safehouse owners able to individually set their safehouse settings to allow tresspassers and/or looters. For guests, businesses, rp. 2) A mod that allows, for servers that don't display usernames, faction members to see the usernames of fellow faction members. 2a) Additionally, if the mod allowed two faction owners to mutually set it to that their member faction names or tags display to members of both factions. For alliances and declared warfare. 3) A mod that allows admin to lay down zones, similar to PVP exclusion zones, that disallow hotwiring, vehicle window breaking, and accessing the mechanics interface unless the character ha sthe key for the vehicle on them. This is to allow people to use safezones, trade hubs, w/o getting their cars stolen or messed with. 4) A mod that would would integrate with a discord bot so that a discord channel would be broadcast on on eof the radio stations; and that player broadcasts on the same radio channel would appear in the discord channel. This is to allow immersive integration of discord with an in-game interface while also making radios more useful. 4b) Ideally, being able to integrate multiple discord channels with multiple radio channels. I've started looking at the java and lua code, but if anyone know if any of the ideas are impossible OR knows of any examples to help me write them please lemme know? thanks!
  20. I was wondering if anyone knew how feasible it would be to make a mod that would take selected discord channels and output them as in-game PZ radio channels, and vice-versa?
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