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  1. WAFFLES. pancakes w/o syrup are not pancakes.
  2. Lucky and Strong Man am I a hoarder lol, I like to have plenty of supplies at all times and some backup supplies and backup for the backup.
  3. Nice! The Crafting UI is like Crafthelper, except without the ability to see all recipes where a particular item is used. The search function is cool, but it only searches the names of the items itself, not the ingredients required to make it, which goes back to my first point. Maybe add a different search mode for the ingredients? plz. The general tab takes an eternity to scroll through and without an idea of the final item's name, it's kinda hard to know what to do with a certain item, especially with mods like Hydrocraft lol
  4. Ankhr

    Hydrocraft Mod

    wat. got it on my 10th-ish zombie kill and and its been eluding me for the next 300+ zeds... ...in which time my sturdy katana broke lol
  5. Ankhr

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Is there a difference between items that are actually usable and items that are just for show in terms of spawning? Like, are they in the same table? Does having more non-usable items impede the chances of usable items spawning in containers?
  6. Ankhr

    Named Weapons

    Hi, was wondering, if I have a baseball bat (or plank) that has both a prefix and suffix already, then I craft a nailed baseball bat from that bat, should the prefix and suffix be transferred to the nailed bat or is it intended that it just simply becomes a nailed baseball bat without any pre/suffix? Seemed kinda counterproductive
  7. Ankhr

    Named Weapons

    this is really nice! adds a small touch of RPG haha Is it completely random which weapon gets which stats? if so, then making a specialized weapon is out of the question?
  8. oh, thanks! got it now, so epic haha. also, are the invisible crossbows able to shoot crawlers? I tried and got bitten lolz... Update: well, apparently with enough pillows, you're unstoppable.. o.o
  9. tried this and it was awesome , could only make the wooden bow though, my carpentry's 9 and electrician 0 and had all materials in inventory.
  10. It'a either the nailed bat or the axe.
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